Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Tooth

Another beauty... NSW of course...images courtesy

Isn't it amazing how suddenly, on the 1st September every year, the weather changes and it really does feel like Spring... even here in Queensland, where we don't really even have 4 seasons. I ponder... how does it know to be Spring on the 1st?

It was such a beautiful 'first day of Spring' day yesterday. After school drop off, hubby and I strolled down to our local coffee shop for a 'morning coffee date'. We read the papers, sipped our coffees and chatted to the locals about our current lack of government and how we are being held to ransom by the independents ... as you do. It was a pity we both had stuff to do as we could have sat there all day...discussing Bob Katter and inhaling the jasmine in the air. If only it stayed Spring-ish here in Brisbane for longer... the weather is just glorious at the moment.

In 'Tooth News',  Master 'almost 8' has entered the 'wobbly tooth phase' of his life.. at last....late starter.....knew those whoppers waiting in the wings would get moving soon!

The whole 'it's almost out' process commenced with jubilant excitement .....which later in the day turned to 'gore'.....he was sent out of class to 'Sister' (in sick bay) after his hanging tooth and bloody grins made his classmates squeal in horror. Once 'Sister' put the rubber glove on, to examine his hanging tooth and help it on it's way, little one chickened out and announced that it was his tooth and if anyone was going to pull it out it was going to be him.

After school the situation then progressed to tears as the excitement was long gone and the reality, that he could actually accidentally swallow it, hit home.

Later in the evening, I found my 2 lads sitting cross legged together in front of a mirror, big one coaching little one in tooth twisting techniques... not for the faint hearted. How I ever worked in hospitals (before children) is beyond me... I get more squeamish as I get older. Tears ensued, as wayward tooth would not budge and then we were all entertained by some spectacular pre-bed melodramatics about how he would most certainly choke on it in his sleep.

Said tooth hung on through breakfast the next morning so I waved my boy off to school, knowing that I would most definitely see a different little grin at school pick-up that afternoon. Yep, I collected a lad with a big toothless smile!

He's not giving it up to the tooth fairy... he reckons it's worth so much more to him than the $2 the tooth fairy would cough up. He's waited a long time for a real wobbly tooth.
Love him.


  1. And it's only the first...

  2. Oh bless him. He must look adorable with his new toothless grin. I have been absent from blogland for a while, I think I need a whole week just to catch up on your beautiful blog :)

  3. My (at the time very young)daughter fainted into my arms upon realising she had swallowed a loose tooth.
    Quite traumatic it was for the little one....and her mother!

  4. Oh that's just precious. They'll probably all drop out one after the other now in quick succession. Too sweet. K xx

  5. Ah teeth - can be very traumatic! love those house shots by the way! KG

  6. My six year old swallowed her first tooth and was very excited about how the fairies would be able to 'x-ray her tummy and magic the tooth out'! These kind of moments are treasured memories.

  7. How funny! So exciting for him to be losing teeth!

    Would you believe, the guy I sit next to at work gave his son $20 for a lost tooth! Wow!

  8. I spied the new tooth that has finally broken the gum, pushing the baby top front tooth out of the way at a precarious angle any day now just this morning.(phew!) My boy looks like a circus clown at the moment with one tooth at a very funny angle. I expect him to come home today with it in his pocket.

  9. My oldest daughter bit into a rubber ball to help her first wobbly tooth out - she wasn't even 5, so I'm not sure why she was in such a hurry! She said it "needed to be out, but obviously needed help" ....being so young, I panicked that she had pulled out a tooth that wasn't ready - but, sure enough, there was the new little tooth under it! ...but I still get squeamish when I think about it!
    She is the same with things now (at 14) - matter-of-fact and not at all squeamish...maybe she will change when she gets older...
    Love the house shots - and love Spring...the birds here seem to somehow "know" it is September - I'm sure they started tweeting louder at dawn and dusk on September 1!

  10. Wish you could send some of that Brisbane sunshine down here. Only glimpses of Spring sunshine I have seen are through clouds!!
    Love the tooth story. My 8yo grandson was the same with his tooth. He has only in the last couple of months lost his first tooth. Thugh he cashed in with the tooth fairy

  11. What a sweet story (with a bit of gory fun). Remember those days when it was all exciting - now I panic if a tooth feels a little dodgy!!

  12. Thanks for keeping us up to speed with that pesky tooth, A-M! I had been wondering. I am learning through your blog about such things - already my nearly 5 year old is upset that his friends' teeth are starting to fall out and he wants to know when his will. The joys of life on Planet Baby, hey? Oh, and keep up the realstalking! J x

  13. Fantastic. The 'tooth fairy' needs to agree rates. First tooth here collected $1. Next tooth, there was a change in tooth fairy shift and the price went to $2. I told said tooth fairy that at that rate the mouth would cost about $40 - tooth fairy paled. But the standard was set. Remember when it was 20c?

  14. Oh how precious is that little boy of yours lol.
    I can just see you in this house A-M. We could have a spring garden party on the lawns. Let us know when you are moving in:)

  15. Yay for the tooth!!
    oh, and gorgeous house too!


  16. loving that house! my friend's boy is going thru the 2nd tooth to go today, my friend (single mum) can't stop talking about it - very cute!!!

  17. Hello A-M,
    we allso had a visit from the toothfairy last night, infact DD wrote a letter to both the tooth fairy and tooth mouse, telling them both how much she loved them, that they can pop some money in her pink "diamond fund" piggy...and that she specially brushed the little tooth with mint the fairy wrote a little "thank you" note on a leaf in gold kind is that! hugs Colette x (South Africa)

  18. Hi A-M, it's my first time commenting on your blog and I can't believe it's not about houses! I've been away for a couple of weeks and have been catching up on what's been happening and was relieved to see that my son is not alone in his quest for the illusive wobbly tooth! He is the only kid in his class not to have lost a tooth and I'm sure he'll be most reassured now that it will eventually happen! Enjoy your week away, our holidays start next week.
    Virginia x


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