Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hmmm, Inspiration Boards

Image Courtesy Beach Bungalow

Inspiration Boards - confession, I have never really been a big fan of them... I find most of them too messy and technicoloured for my ordered brain (actually they remind me of my early 80's teenage bedroom walls). I can't fathom how the really messy, busy ones out there can inspire. 

... but this one, I reckon, is perfection.. neat and ordered, with soft muted tones. I think it's the grey that does it for me and all the different textures and the fact that everything is lined up neatly.. sad? What do you think? Do you use an inspiration board? Is that what they're called these days? Should I get with the program?

The beautiful 'Beach Bungalow' blog did a post on them HERE.


  1. My inspiration board is inside my head - but I´d love to have that zebra! :-)

  2. Eu estava procurando algo do tipo e nao sabia o que fazer, voce me inspirou nesta ideia. Obrigado por compartilhar.

  3. Minha Flor prazer, obrigado por ter tomado a tempo para comentar! A M-xx

  4. I love the idea of the inspiration board ~ I'd never even heard of it before. I've seen people reproduce something similar with sticky notes filled with inspirational sayings.

    I've tried to do my own "inspirational" thing at work by plastering the walls of my cube with photos and cards of the people who mean the most to me.

    If you could do an inspirational board your way A-M what would it contain? Where would you put it?


  5. Well Andrea, if I had a desk (and not a couch or the kitchen bench) I would install it above my desk! ...I'd have texture... fabric, stationery, magazine clippings, photos, floor plans....and it would probably end up a collage of my boy's school art and 'Mummy love notes'. It would be ordered though... in some way... all lined up quite neatly.. not layered. Sad ...but most likely. A-M xx

  6. I would love a neat ordered one. Alas mine is covered with trip photos. Which now makes it a photo board not inspriation board. Maybe one day.

  7. I'd rather hold it in my head, so I can see it in 3-D.

    I was a bit unnerved to see the movie Temple Grandin (great!) in which one of her 'symptoms' of autism is that she thinks in pictures. I thought everyone did...

  8. My inspiration and research for the new house is contained in sleeves in a folder. No way could I fit it all on a board...too cluttered, would drive me nuts.
    Hubby has one on the go too.
    The folder is sectioned for all areas of the house.
    I store ideas in my head where I can visualise concepts, so if the folder disappeared I wouldn't panic.
    I do however use a magnetic board in the study to display select precious lovelies like beautiful postcards, family pics etc. I laminate the keepers for display. The magnets must be attractive.
    Yes it is very ordered and nothing overlaps but I do live dangerously by placing some stuff on an angle!
    Oh dear do I sound anal?

  9. A-Mi, sounds perfectly normal to me... must be the name thing! A-Me xx

  10. I'm with you 100 percent. Inspiration boards remind me of my 7th grade locker, and they never look like the magazine photos. I've actually been tempted to save scraps with a matching color scheme and post them on my bulletin boards when I have company coming. Is that a tiny bit sad?

  11. I appreciate the concept behind an Inspiration Board and in fact do have one of sorts in my office at work where I have laminated motivational/inspirational quotes and photos of completed projects (all in neat rows and spaced perfectly) neatly pinned with little white push pins (no multi coloured push pins for me!). However I never felt the need for one at home. Something about flapping/untidy bits of paper and more spots for geckos to hide behind - just doesn't do it for me! ;)Sharyne

  12. For years I had a large pinup board (covered in beautiful taupe and cream wide stripes) in my office. The idea was to create an Inspiration Board or I call them Mood Boards. I never put anything on there. I am always working on a couple of projects and they differ so much- it just didn't happen. I did recently discover Olioboards- which are Mood Boards you create online. It's so easy to do and to show clients. And I don't have to have a contemporary bathroom next to a traditional kitchen- which was just too cluttered for my little brain.
    I love the layout and the gray of this Moodboard- stunning.

  13. I love the idea of an inspiration board! Meaning... I have never had one, hmmmm. I'm a very visual person, so maybe it's about time!

  14. I love this board too - such a nice collection of bits and bobs and images. I don't have one as yet but was only thinking recently I should put one up to inspire me :)

  15. Hi AM. I love the idea of the inspiration board but not the aesthetic! Instead I have an enormous sketchbook where I draw, stick pics of and write my ideas, dreams and inspirations. This idea has worked for me for 15 houses! Can be put in a drawer and taken to bed for late night pondering! I call it my 'yellow book' after the origional cover colour on book 1; 25 years ago!!!!
    thanks for your input to my ideas file, i always enjoy your blog,
    x kl

  16. I have a folder with sections for each room in which I have collected pictures throughout the years. It is interesting to see how tastes change over the years!

    Now that our project is well and truly off the ground, I have a very ordered mood board with only a few select pics and tile samples of my final decisions. It helps keep me focused and also helps with choosing the finishing touches. I need to have the visual aspect to pull everything together in my mind.

    Oh, I also have 2 'toaster racks' with manila files on each individual room + a folder for each electrical, plumbing, windows, receipts, plans, etc. - these are our 'project management' files - mostly with more of the technical and detailed information. These have been invaluable throughout the project - especially now that we are managing it all ourselves!! (as of last week). Things seem to be flowing better and more quickly already - hooray!

  17. I have an inspiration board right in front of me, where I sit and type everyday. Mine has little things that bring a smile to my face: pictures made by my kids, some important cut outs from magazines and cards I have received. Comforting like coffee...

  18. Hi A-M. I have never used an inspiration board (maybe I should...may solve many problems-lol). This one is gorgeous!!! I have a HUGE inspiration folder, but nothing as orderly as this! Thanks for sharing, am off to follow your link~ Tina xx


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