Saturday, October 16, 2010


Hubby's been away all week doing 'business stuff'. I took the opportunity to tidy up his almost tidy office (he had a marathon clean out last weekend... when you're busy building a business and so, so focussed....paperwork takes a backseat... even a 'declutterer' like me understands this and just gives him his messy space from time to time). I took the opportunity to source a desk lamp for him too (seeing as I have poached his beautiful desk lamps temporarily for use as our bedside lamps). I found this gorgeous lamp at Ikea... get out... and for only $59 ... GET OUT...fabulous quality... as heavy as a heavy rock. So impressed. As Faux Fuchsia would say, "Run, don't walk". I mean it. It's gorgeous. RDW.

I had to laugh, we had our morning 'absentee father skype session', yesterday morning, before school. Hubby had had a rather rough night. He arrived into Sydney, from Melbourne, at 10.30pm, thinking that he would just 'wing it' with accommodation, like he always does (we're a last minute family here). Hmmm, a House and Garden thingy is on in Sydney this weekend.... so do you think he could find a room? Well he did, a seedy one, in Kings Cross... and when he tried to explain what the word 'seedy' means (and the aesthetic of Kings Cross) to his sons, he summed it up by saying, "it's where all the drug dealers are"..... what else do you say to wide eyed innocents? Little one was mortified and exclaimed, " please don't have a drug Dad".... and big one said, "watch your drinks". Innocence for not much longer. Sometimes I hate the world I am sending them out into.

Happy Weekend all and thanks for visiting me this week... and for all your lovely comments and conversations. I am going to put in a concerted effort to visit you back this weekend..... coffee's I'll see you soon!
ADDENDUM: 'Restoring' has just left a comment on this post with a link to this great You Tube Ikea Lamp Ad......CLICK HERE - it's funny... you'll laugh... promise.


  1. I love that lamp...too bad Ikea is a few hours away...maybe if I start running right now I'll make it before they close?!

    And I'm sorry your hubby is in such undesirable digs! I hope he won't be there for long!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  2. What a beautiful blog you have! The lamp is so beautiful!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  3. AM you are right the lamp is beautiful, it sets hubby's desk off perfectly. Pity I live so far away from an Ikea store.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. You're right this light is a deceptive little number. Looks far more expensive, and I'm surprised it's from Ikea. Suits the desk, which is so free.
    I know what you mean about kids, I read this the other day -

    It really shocked and saddened me.
    Sorry to be so morose on a Saturday morning, I guess on a positive I liked the message from the Mum, as she is so right.

  5. What a stunning desk!!! I wish I could come across great finds like you do - thanks for sharing :)

  6. I'm going to Sydney today for the BHG event and a side trip to Ikea and we had trouble finding accommodation too...even wasn't all that helpful!

  7. That lamp is really nice. Very impressed that the alcohol is within reach of the desk.xx

  8. I feel like that sometimes..I want to protect my girls from all the nasties.. but surely there's more good than bad in the world! Isn't that Ikea lamp wonderful? I bought one for my stepdaughter and one for my husbands desk too. Amazing quality and good looks for the price. Have a great weekend..Rachael

  9. Love the lamp, IKEA come through every now and then. I definitely think they have improved over the years. Your poor hubby, my advice would be to always book when going to Sydney. There is so much going on there. My hubby was also there this week but staying out in the boonies in Ryde somewhere. He was complaining that there was nothing around in walking distance food wise. Aren't kids funny with their comments. Have a lovely weekend, looks like its going to be very windy! ;-)

  10. Love the lamp A-M. I will be off to Ikea on Monday to get one. The same style in a local shop I have had my eye on is $299. Lets hope Ikea have it in stock when I get there.
    We had innocence tested this week at school. This term they have started off with superheros (yes I did question this , apparently it is the fun way to lead into "Who are the real heros in our community") I guess it is good in theory but my daughter was in tears one night with her homework because the topic was write descriptive sentences about your favourite super hero.
    Well Miss.S didnt even know what one was until last week. So she dosent have a favourite one to write about (I think superhero tv shows are not age appropriate for 7 year olds) So by trying to prolong her innocence has back fired on us. She has also felt left out of play at lunchtime because her friends have joined the big groups that are playing Harry Potter & Twilight (she said I cant join in because I dont know the characters) Surely & year olds havent watched Twilight ?
    Sorry to prattle on A-M but it has been a sensitive week.
    Karyn x

  11. Love the lamp! Great score. Hope you have a not too lonely hubby free weekend x

  12. Watch this IKEA lamp video directed by Spike Jonze. You'll crack up!

  13. That lamp is gorgeous and I missed it when I was at IKEA the other day. I'll have to pay more attention when I'm in the lighting section next time.

    I did have to laugh at your younger son urging your hubby to do the right thing and just say no to drugs. I hope hubby's agony ends soon.

  14. Restoring - thank you! belly laughed! Brilliant! Everyone, click on the you tube link in the comment by 'Restoring'. A-M xx

  15. Great lamp - and loving the price!! Ive stayed in one of 'those' places before - no sleep! Had to laugh at your boys comments - so cute, yet they do grow up fast. Have a lovely weekend.
    Rebecca x

  16. Haaa!
    This is hilarious -- "please don't have a drug!"
    Oh boy that's good.
    Love that lamp, btw.
    Happy Weekend, Alcira

  17. What a lovely desk, and a great place for that lamp A-M. Enjoy your weekend.

  18. Beautiful desk A-M and the lamp sets it off. Enjoy your weekend. Mimi xx

  19. yes the lamp works well but its the liquor table that made me giggle...i can just see your hubby trying to decide over the mineral water or wild turkey? Bet the mineral water out lives the WT!

  20. Great lamp. I have severe Ikea envy. I have been drooling over Sarah at a beach cottage's Ikea curtains today and now you tease me with a fab lamp. I feel an 8 hour round trip to Ikea coming on very soon!

  21. Love that lamp!
    You've scored really high!

  22. What a great story, your poor husband.

    I've had my eye on that lamp too, looks great on the desk!

  23. Hahaha, you did make me laugh with that video. I love IKEA lamps...I always buy my lighting there (sconces to bedside tables to living room lighting).

    I feel your hubby's pain staying in Kings Cross. We had a couple of nights there when we first arrived in Sydney and I can attest it was definitely colourful!


  24. I bought two of these lamps a year ago for our office and mondo room. I love them too.
    Clare x


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