Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Stalking

.. so on the weekend, I managed to wangle my way into a private viewing of the penthouse here in our apartment complex. It's for sale.... and apparently being auctioned at the Sydney Opera House as one of 'Australia's finest properties'!!! The exclamation marks are to exclaim my disbelief as 'it' (the penthouse) had the same traddies throw it together as those who did our place down here on level one. I had a morning tea guest yesterday who said our corridor reminded her of the YMCA. Keeping in mind, this is a brand new complex.

Anyway, ... look at the view! ..that must be the reason for the 'Australia's finest property' tag'. 360 degrees of flowering Jacaranda trees! ...tins roofs of old cottages, a smattering of Greek Revival edifices (multicultural here) ... and of course, the Brissie river at her muddy finest!

That lovely big expensive bit of bare dirt in the foreground was the demolition that my little one and I witnessed a few weekends ago. Another low rise apartment complex is going up on it. Oh and this is the view I (sort of) get if I stand on tippy toes on my son's bed and look out the top window of my boys bedroom.

Don't envy their power bill. These are all for the penthouse.

Quick coffee and then I'm off to do the 'Guitar Ensemble run'... early starts on Tuesdays.
Have a happy day!


  1. I think it's a fine enough view (I say that as I watch the sleet/snow continue to fall outside my office window).

    Let me know how much that penthouse goes for!


  2. Oh, maybe they are going to sell it with sparkly night photos ? The Jacarandas are pretty for the few weeks that they flower.....Im clutching at straws , right ?
    Karyn x

  3. I love the jacarandas, really the only thing that is appealing - hope they include them in the brochure for Australia's finest property!

  4. Great views and aren't those Jacaranda trees beautiful. Anything with the slightest view of water and you can expect big dollars. I wonder if they will get what they are asking? Good luck with the Guitar ensemble. ;-)

  5. Are they air-con units? Unbelievable.
    I'm afraid I regard all RE descriptions with a healthy dose of 'yeah right'!

  6. That's some creative licence they're taking there - Australia's finest property? Don't think so. Wouldn't be my choice, I'd be hightailing it to 'Bandongrove' in Byron instead. I did love yesterdays house though, what a lovely example of traditional Brissie architecture. If only there were more like that still around. K xx

  7. Those jacaranda trees look amazing - how about a closer view. Some of us have never seen one. I have to agree the view is mixed at best.

  8. for $6 miilion I'd want to have my own private front door and elevator. And not with sloppy trademen's work; nor with inferior tiles etc.
    The Y Dub doesn't cut it for that amount of dough.
    Also I'd want clean windows and no deafening sounds when it rains.

    It goes without saying I wouldn't want the sewage problems that the ground floor residents deal with.

    Finally I would not like to have to seal my front door, from sounds and odors by using thick stickytape.
    We await the sale price. And the name of the buyer...
    Jane of Australia
    (blogger doesn't give enough options re ID)

  9. Those Jacarandas are just so wonderful, lucky you to check out that spot xx Katherine

  10. yikes! and those ac units..... scarry!



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