Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oh Dear...

Tabatha and Jacki

... I am falling in love with my new neighbourhood. This was not meant to happen. This was meant to be temporary.... but now I am asking myself, where else would I want to live? It's wonderful. I am embracing it with open arms and it is giving so much back. It's like Byron Bay used to be (in the 80's) in the middle of the city!

The 'oh dear' bit is that it is frightfully expensive to secure any 'dirt' here. Never used to be that way. I went to high school in this suburb and used to say my 'safety prayers', when walking down to the spooky Southbank area to catch my bus.... back in the days of abandoned warehouses and noisy printing factories. I used to secretly feel sorry for any of my friends who lived here as it was old and dirty and noisy and 'factory-ish'.

Now I feel like I have come home... even though it was never my home. To sum it all up? This place is alive. It's where I believe you can be your authentic self.... no airs and graces.  It's like the people here 'get' what life is all about... and they smile.

Just yesterday afternoon, the boys and I went for a wander, close to sunset. We heard this gorgeous music coming from a little house, a really groovy version of 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' on a ukulele. The boys stopped in their tracks, "do you hear that Mum?"
We stopped and chatted. Meet Tabatha and Jacki.... my neighbours... living in the moment.

I am going to do a regular little segment on my bloggy: "Interesting People In My Neighbourhood".
What do you think?... would you be interested in getting to know my neighbours?  I've met some amazing people. I had the thought when a guy on a unicycle rode past us yesterday while we were sitting in our local coffee shop!
PS Little one is positively joyous this morning. One of his stick insect eggs hatched! He is literally jumping up and down. He can't stop smiling his toothless grin.  Oh it is wonderful to watch. Thank you Deb, for sending us the eggs.. seems they are over their 'jet lag'!


  1. Yes, it would be hard to leave once you're there. x

  2. Thrilled for you that you are enjoying your neighbors!
    As always thanks for your kind comments.

  3. Glass of wine in hand too - what a neighbourhood full of treasures! KG

  4. Ah A-M! You are so "in-touch" with your inner Hippie! How wonderful however to walk around the neighbourhood and hear people singing (and smiling!) Restores one's faith in humanity. ;)Sharyne

  5. Oh, I love your suburb too. We have lunch or breakfast there every weekend and go for a wander. We looked for so long to buy a house there, but just couldn't afford a big enough space that we could afford. I am sure you'll stumble across something fabulous, and do something even more wonderful with it xx

  6. Oh I am so relieved that finally one has hatched. Big boy here says "phew" and Miss B says, "yes finally". and Master B says " that's good but one of ours is dead".
    I think it is lovely that kids at the other end of the country can do a happy dance for kids they have never met upon such a momentous occasion.
    The power of the Stick insect!
    I love to read the stories about interesting characters in your area. I am a stickybeak I love to know about people and how they live.

  7. Nothing more important than neighbourhood/neighbours. There are enough soulless McSuburbs - remember the old hymn, 'every prospect pleases, only man is vile.'? Well, maybe not vile, but bled dry by devotion to false gods.

  8. They look like my kind of peole. Happy, relaxed and in the moment. This photo does make one think it's at the beach, so relaxed is the vibe. Kind of cool that you're so close to the CBD, and have that!

  9. Wonderful to have such a fun loving neighbourhood. Takes us back to the years we used to play in the streets with the other kids around. I can see why you won't want to relinquish your position. Enjoy it while you can.

    Jennifer XX

  10. Sounds like a wonderful little neighbourhood - I look forward to you sharing more. Hooray for the first egg hatching!! x

  11. Yes!! Do it sister. Already i'm intrigued. Great pic - the girls look so free spirited.

  12. Gorgeous post!
    It's as if you stumbled upon two woodland porch fairies. I think this new segment on interesting folk will be fascinating. Can't wait to see more.
    Congrats on the stick bug birth too ; )


  13. A-M was sad reading this post today... we moved from your new neighbourhood just over a year ago. Unfortunately living on Dornoch Tce got too busy for us and our four kids. The area is so vibrant and has a real community feel. A few of our favourite haunts are Mick's Nuts, Delta Deli, Liz and Charlie's fruit shop (best fruit and veg in Brisbane), Sakura, Quan Thanh (rice paper wraps are devine!), Lefkas and the wonderful Alberto's shot (say hello to Jeff or Chris for me!). Fortunately our daughter still goes to school in the area (Dutton Park) so whenever (everyday!) I'm back in West End I feel like we've never left. Enjoy!!!!!

  14. So glad a stick hatched and littleone is so happy :) Your neighbourhood sounds great, it's just like sydney, the old 'scary' areas are now the $$$ areas near the city. So glad you are enjoying your new area.

  15. Kate, we LIVE at Albertos, we walk there almost every day. It is the best coffee shop in Brisbane. Big statement but true. Will say hello for you!
    A-M xx

  16. When I was living in Brisbane, I was across the river from you.
    I had a room right next to The Wesley Centre.

    I loved it, and would go back tomorrow if someone offered me a good paying job.

    I have been to so many places across Canada, The USA, the Caribbean, and Australia. Brisbane is up in the top 5 of my favourite places.

    The Southbank area has so much going on, the festivals, theatres, open air market and shops, ooh, I miss my weekend walks with camera in hand.

  17. Hi A-M
    My dear great grandmother lived in the old house on corner of Jane & Thomas Sts - I think it is a physio now? My grandmother was born on the kitchen table in that house. I remember visiting my Great Grandmother and the local shops and buying those gorgeous little frog cakes from the bakery! Oh - how I would love to share those frog cakes with my two children!
    My Mum lived there too for a while but they moved to a "nicer area" at Carina!!
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
    Jojo xx

  18. Isn't it strange how you can have never heard of a blog and it's everywhere?! That's how it's been with yours this week! Several people have recommended it to me in the last two days so I've come to see...and I love it!

    You done amazing things to your gorgeous house.

    I'm your new follower!


  19. I hear you AM - We are feeling the same way about where we live. I think i was missing out on "life" back at the old place! xx

  20. Those two women look as though they lots of spirit and happiness in them. I'd love to hear more about your 'neighbours'. Lee :)

    P.S. Congratulations on the hatching of the stick insect!

  21. Hooray for the stick insects! What a great project for your little one.

    I LOVE your neighbours, they look so friendly and their love of music is a wonderful thing you have in common. I think you're on a winner :)

  22. Some places just leave you with that feeling. I hope you get to stay after all. I would love to hear all about your neighbours:)
    Have we named the stick insect yet:)?

  23. now they look like cool neighbours to have - and potential 5'sies company! crucial anywhere you go, no matter how short a stay it is! jxx

  24. I think it's a great idea to share the stories of your neighbourhood. I actually thought that the photo on this post was a shoot rather than "real" so it will be fascinating to read more. Glad to hear about the hatching eggs too. We did some stick insect egg collection at the museum in Sydney this weekend and they mentioned that some eggs take years to hatch!
    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. X

  25. It's been 25yrs, 10mths & 8 days since I had my last ciggie. After seeing this pic & the smiles on these girls faces, GOD I WANT ONE!!
    Millie ^_^


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