Friday, October 22, 2010

Pet Update

Just when you thought it could not get any more exciting here at 'The House', I bring you... our stick insect eggs.

They were express posted to us by my lovely bloggy friend, Deb, at 'The Moerks'. Once little one heard that she had some and had offered to send us some, it became an emergency. So poor old Deb had barely put her bags down, from a trip around Australia with hubby and offspring, when she found herself packaging up creepy crawly eggs and sending them off to sunny (now, finally) Queensland.

Sorry Deb, but I think we have created a monster. They are examined every 5 minutes and arguments ensue regarding optimum moisture content and egg positioning. Research has surfaced that informs us that we could be up for a 3 year wait. Give us strength. You may be right Deb, they might have 'jet lag'.

In other riveting news, Nigel and Brian are thriving... so much so that I have actually taken an interest in their well being and am sneaking carrot to them while the boys are at school. As soon as I go near their tank, they look at me and flail their little arms as if to say, 'get me outa here'. It sort of breaks my heart. They are very human like. They love the boys. The boys let them out for a bit of a sunning, morning and evening. Blah, that's when I exit. I admire them from afar.

Yes, so it is action stations here at reptile central. Please, if any of you are 'fortunate' enough to be hatching stick insects eggs... any tips? I am ready to chuck them over the fence (no offense Deb).



  1. Hmm, can't say the insect thing is really doing it for me and my boys are not really into them either... That was very nice of Deb to send you the stick insect eggs. Aren't people nice! Have a lovely weekend. ;-)

  2. Hilarious A-M! If you want something more exciting than watching stick insects hatch, bring the boys down to Portside on Sunday to check out the mighty Dawn Princess - cleared the gateway last time by a mere 10 meters! I'm taking my little man - I think his eyes will be bulging out of his precious little head.

    Have a great weekend,


  3. Rachael, I JUST read your post on the markets and informed my children that we are going! See you there. A-M xx

  4. Just saw the google ad at the bottom of this post, it's for 'spider experts - nasty spiders guaranteed dead'.. dont' ya love it! ... perfectly tailored to today's post! A-M xx

  5. Certainly never a dull moment at the House! Just think - it could be a whole heap worse. The boys could be bringing home lost dogs and abandoned cats (like my lot used to)! At least if the stick insects don't hatch - well it IS just a case of "over the fence". Enjoy the weekend in sunny Queensland. ;)Sharyne

  6. A 3 yr wait for stick insects - i love it! My 7yr old spent birthday money on fish and guess who is the sucker that is left to feed them daily! Like your Nigel and Brian, our 4 fish follow me along the glass hoping I'll feed them...whilst on my way to the other multitude of jobs on my list!! Friday (my day 'off' work)bring on the house chores! I secretly have 3 notice boards to make for work and covering in gorgeous check fabric - that's my treat when housework is done! Ah...such is life! Have a lovely Friday everyone.

  7. Don't know much about stick insects and my kids aren't old enough to ask for them as yet. They are having reptiles visit creche this coming week so it will be interesting to see if they what one of some sort after that. Highest on my daughters list is a guinea pig at the moment. Maybe after our reno is finished we will get her one. Not sure what the cats will think. G

  8. Have the boys seen the water dragons that sunbake on the rocks and garden wall near the PAC at Southbank?
    Wow, 3 looooong years for babies. Hilarious!
    Better buy shares in Chux wipes A-Me.
    Ps. Nig & Bri looking extremely healthy. And settling in for a long and happy existence at chez THTAMB

  9. Eeew....sorry A-M, I am such a scaredy cat of anything creepy crawly!! Eggs, I could probably cope with..;) How lovely of the gorgeous Deb to send you the eggs! Nigel and Brian are such fabulous little fellows, especially behind that glass;) Hope you have a fabulous Friday ~ Tina xx

  10. okay, seriously A-M... you're gonna have to do a warning on all posts containing lizards:O!!! It will take me about two hours to un-curl my toes.... makes it hard to go down the stairs;) Now, stick insects I can handle!


  11. What a good mom you are! I would have to admire Nigel and Brian from afar as well, but they are awfully cute!

    Kat :)

  12. funny. *Three* *years*?? Seriously?!

    Nigel and Brian are cute and wasn't it Nigel who was very nearly a gonner? It's good to see them looking so healthy.

  13. And here I was, thinking you'd FINALLY given in and got a dog!

    I'm afraid I know nothing about stick insect eggs. I'm not really sure what a stick insect is... but the lizards are kind of cute :-) I might think otherwise if they were living in my house, though!


    PS: It's Kelly from DesignTies. I have a new blog now :-)

  14. Thanks for your encouragement re lizards girls. I am warming to them... any friends of my sons are friends of mine, is that how it goes? Actually it was Brian who was almost a goner (I remind myself B is for Brian, the Bad one)... he didn't eat and move for months... then miraculously got better one day... he's much smaller than Nigel (due to his 'failure to thrive' period... old paediatric dietetic terminology... who would have thought it would be used in reference to lizards in the future.... no uni degree is wasted I say) and hence is bossed around a bit. I can't believe I am even here discussing them. Get a life A-M! Oh that's right, this is my life, my lads and their lizards. :) A-M xx

  15. I'm glad to see that both lizards are doing really well, especially Brian.
    Good luck with those eggs, hopfully they hatch sooner than later :)


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