Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Morning

Getting ready to write to you!

I wasn't going to write a post this morning. I was just going to chill out and have a break from the whole IT thing but it's part of my day now. I love tuning in to my little online community each morning, catching up on all your news. So I am sitting here, sipping coffee out of my new Ada and Darcy teacup, revelling in the whole 'I don't have to do the school run this morning' thing.

Even the fact that my brand new(not even a week old) iPhone was found fully submerged in a handbag full of water last night could not ruin this beautiful 'non school' morning. After soccer practice last night, a water bottle was hurriedly put into my handbag (upside down).... as we were running out of hands to carry things. I found my dripping handbag late last night, after retracing steps from puddles on the floor. Lets see if the case that I had my phone in and a dose of sunshine can't help fix the thing. Hey, my last little dinky phone survived a napisan soak and 2 days hanging  on the clothesline in the sun... still worked like a charm.

... and my handbag camera still works... maybe I can blame the fuzziness of all my photos on water damage now!

We're off to the park this morning.. soccer of course.... and then out to a birthday party this afternoon. My boys always want to just hang out close to home on Saturdays... they need unhurried 'home down time'... the week is so busy... time to breathe out.
What do you get up to on Saturdays? Before children I vaguely remember the whole relaxed, reading papers in comfortable silence, coffee shop scene on a Saturday morning.... sigh!
P.S Oh, I joined Facebook. Yay! Feels really funny being a total newbie again! Am I the last person on earth to join them? Better late than never :)


  1. Need a FB friend AM? I'm up for the challenge :-)

  2. No A-M you're not the last one to join Facebook...I'm still holding out (lots of reasons on that).

    Saturdays for me are always about that first fantastic cup of coffee with a good breakfast and maybe a fun T.V. show. Then I head out for a walk in the afternoon. Taking life nice and slow.

    Have a great weekend (and also I've had friends put their doused iPhones in containers of rice and they've turned out alright). Good luck!


  3. Lou, I wasn't brave enough to get a personal profile, just a blog page thing, so I can't do the friend thing, just 'likers'... is that right? Still learning. I think 2 people 'like' me. Thank you 2 people! A-M xx

  4. Good luck with drying out the phone A-Me. Bet you felt like screaming/crying.
    Catching up with bloggy friends is part of my day and I love it. So many fascinating people in blogland.
    No you are def not the last person to Facebook. That would be me.
    I've flirted with the idea but my daughter tells me it will 'mess with your head mum'. Maybe she doesn't want dear old mum requesting to be her 'friend' lol.
    My Saturday morning will be spent at an appliance showroom to nail down choices re ovens/cooktops/ranges. For a normally decisive person, well...I can't decide. Then it's drinks at friends to recover.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  5. A-M you know the trick about popping the phone into a zip lock bag full of rice to draw all the moisture out right?

    Hope it survives!

    LOVE that teacup too - I have Ada & Darcy open in a window on my Mac and am planning on having a thorough looksie today - I am sure that teacup will end up in my basket :)
    I need another teacup like a hole in the head but as I am currently enduring life at the In Laws while we build our dream home my excuse is that all my gorgeous ones are in storage ;)

    Off to "like" you on FB now..

  6. It is now 3 'Likers' A-M ;) Hope you have a fabulous weekend. ~ Tina x

  7. Yay, let's hear it for my 'likers'! I feel like I am back at school, joining fan clubs! Will try the rice thing. Thank you! A-M xx

  8. Make that four! Just logged on and found you over there - glad you weakened and joined the stampede :)
    I'm new to the whole FB thing myself and still working things out, but lots of lovely bloggers are there ready to lend a hand. I 'liked' you from my Driftwood page, but couldn't manage from my art page - here's the link:

    Pop over and I'll suggest you to the other bloggers there.
    Enjoy your weekend, Kerri xx

  9. Good morning A-M
    My Saturday mornings are quite selfish. Husband and daughter go to the market and I get a lie in. I might do some quick housework...or there again...
    They give a quick call to tell me when they are leaving and we have coffee and croissants on the side deck when they get back. We try and make Saturdays a down time as well. Enjoy yours. X

  10. Love the teacup! I hope to get some of them too as im an addict of beautful china. I really hope your phone still works. I once did the same thing with a can of diet coke but it never revived.Fiona

  11. Lazy Saturdays here - we all need to recover from the week. I ordered the tea cups from Ada & Darcy! Can't wait for them to arrive. In the mean time I'll have to just use one of the other billion I already have xx

    ps have you seen the Maxwell Williams 'Hope' mugs? I bought a set last week and luff (hehe) them. The Ada & Darcy set reminds me of them.

  12. I was also going to suggest the rice trick. It may work - I certainly hope so!
    I have just "liked" you on Facebook too.
    Kathryn xx

  13. Thanks you for the lovely comment on my blog A-M, I am flattered :)

    Hope the rice trick works - "they" say to leave it in the rice for at least 24 hours, apparently the method has saved many a water-logged electronic device!

  14. My phone drying tip? Rice. A box of it. Submerge the phone in and wait 24 hours. It worked... A x

  15. OMG I just found your blog and I'm in heaven! Although maybe not heaven, isn't envy one of the sins? I am in love with your designs and am jealous you get to live in awesome West End. We make the half hour trip in when we can to go to the markets, it's not as often as I would like as the mister works nights and is usually sleeps all morning - he is actually asleep still now. My dream is to live in West End and has been since I worked there in 2004 - I love the diversity.

    I have a friend who works for mac and he swears by the rice thing =) GOOD LUCK!!

  16. AM second the rice thing with the Iphone. Just get a big bowl and pour in uncooked (sorry but my friend did it with ccooked rice *doh*)and forget about it for a day or 2!
    Loving this glorious weather!
    Kate Bx

  17. Oh thanks 'rice girls'... it's being riced as we speak. Had to laugh about the cooked rice... sounds like something I would do! A-M xx

  18. I know what you mean about having a break from IT however my body clock doesn't seem to want to co-operate! Saturday morning and wouldn't you would think that I would JUST want a bit of a sleep in? No such luck! 6a.m. found me out of bed making plans for the day....6.15 a.m. had me sitting (with my bowl of Special K) at my desk seeing what all my blogging friends were up to. (Missed you this morning A-M!) 7 a.m. and I was re-arranging the lounge room and spring cleaning. OCD about cleaning - NO NEVER...... Have a great day! ;)Sharyne

  19. Sounds like my kind of Saturday morning. Time to just stop after the hectic week. I too like to sneak in a blog browse in the morning and have my little routine of tea, toast and a quick blog peruse... On the facebook side of things, I haven't gone there just yet and am not sure I will? I am a little cautious on that front. With regard to the Iphone, I dropped my in the toilet (it was clean!). It fell out of my back pocket of my jeans, anyway to cut the story short I whipped it out straight away and all is good. It took a couple of hours but all features are working again. ;-)

  20. I'm with you on the whole morning bloggy catchup start, A-M. I didn't do it today for the first time in months and now I'm all out of whack. Beware the addictiveness of FB ☺. J x

  21. Oh, bummer about the water bottle incident. Fingers crossed that your iPhone makes it through!

    My Saturdays are usually busy with getting things done around the house. I don't shop on weekends, because stores are too busy for my liking.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend :-)


  22. My family and I love to slow down on weekends and just relax at home. Read, watch TV, play on the computer or go for walks in the park.
    The everyday rush of weekdays makes me tired just to think about it!

  23. I found one of the home handsets sitting out in the rain yesterday..oops..still works though! I don't think you need to worry about being the last person to FB. I'll never be on it, I barely have time to blog! I love your little teacup, the Ada & Darcy shop is beautiful. Have a lovely weekend..Rachaelxx

  24. Oh, I´m so sorry about your phone! I dropped my iPhone on the bathroom floor after having it just 2 weeks, the screen cracked a bit but it´s still working...

    On saturdays my youngest have swim school so we get up pretty early - too early! :-D

    Hope you have a great day! I´m still in chock since I got blonde this friday and never in my life has been that light. There will be rumours in our town that my hubby is cheating on me, running around with another woman..! :-D


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