Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Silence Is Deafening

Image Courtesy Period Living

We're having a break from our boys! They have been on a sleepover for 2 days and we are not getting them back until this afternoon. It's been a long time since we all had a break from each other. They're having heaps of fun....... but the phone calls, with "I love you with all my heart Mum", are a killer.... oh and the little one?...."Hi Mum, did you speak to that lady on your blog about the stick insect eggs?"... he's focussed!

Is it just me, or do you also long for a break from your children and then miss them the minute the place is quiet? hubby and I are out for breakfast again today and a bit of live 'realestalking'... and yes, we will talk about our boys the whole time.
Happy Weekend!


  1. Hi A-M, I know exactly what you mean. Can't live with 'em (sometimes), and can't live without 'em. I hope the realestalking yields results. The suspense is killing me! Bring on the next House!!! Good luck and happy day. Deb

  2. You are not alone A-Me
    This is preparation for when the kids eventually move out.
    My eldest flew the nest just recently.
    I miss him. But, now we never run out of milk and the washing machine has breathed a huge sigh of relief (yes he had the most laundry).
    And...parents never stop talking or worrying about their little darlings even when they are grown-up!
    Good luck realstalking.

  3. So true, miss the little blighters like crazy when they aren't there and spend all the time getting ready for them to come home. Please reassure him "egg lady is good to go".

  4. Its crazy isn't, we forget how to live without them. Its nice to know they miss you just as much though, have fun real estate stalking, I can't think of a better way to pass the time!

  5. We are exactly the same. They don't say 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' for no reason, you know!

  6. I felt just like that when my daughter had her first sleepover at a friend's house, about a month ago. I was so sad when I went to her room and had nobody for me to kiss, pray and tuck in bed!
    I couldn't wait to see her again.
    My son NEVER liked sleepovers... So I am OK with that!
    Have a great weekend dear!

  7. I am the same, the first few hours are heaven...dinner in peace and then by bedtime I look at their empty bed or beds and wish they were home. They are a boy 13 and my daughter is 15.
    Do not know what I was thinking she went to France on a student exchange 5 WEEKS ago....I know I was momentarily insane!!!

  8. Enjoy this treasured time with hubby and savour every second of the boys home coming...all such special moments to be cherished in their own right!

    Ingrid x

  9. Yes A-M, I know exactly what you mean. Next weekend I am going on a girls weekend and I am already missing them and hubbie as well. x
    P.S. Love the photo

  10. All the time. They are at their dad's this weekend, first one in ages & I was looking forward to the break - haven't stopped missing them since and they are 18 and 16. No hope for me!

  11. Oh please take me to that lake! how tranquil. It is a bit hot in Darwin at present i would love to dive into that water xx

  12. Hey, from central Alabama in the USA! I found you via Veranda Interiors - love that site! - and am your newest follower! Your style of writing captured my attention and I'll be giving you a shout out in the very near future! I'll give you the link at that time! Have a beautiful weekend.

  13. Funny you mentioned it, I was just asking hubby when the last time him and I went on a date. We know for a fact it has been over a year now, but that is a whole other post (perhaps even blog). Enjoy your moments. love, heidi

  14. Yep, I know what you mean. I use to feel like I was missing an arm or a leg!

  15. Hi AM,
    How did you go? We also had our first 2 nights without the boys it was weird & wonderful all at the same time. I missed them desperately but loved the time to ourselves as well - esp. sleeping through the night knowing no-one will wake you!



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