Tuesday, October 12, 2010


My window obsession continues....
Image Courtesy Harbor View

Don't you love beautiful big windows..... that let in lots of sunshine!

As much as I love rainy days, after the soaking we have received over the past few days, I am looking forward to some sunshine to dry things out a bit. Nope, no sun today (little one went outside to check on the 'sun situation' but has been distracted by a snail trail and is gazing into the distance... we are all up early due to Guitar Ensemble practice.... so I am composing in a hive of activity!)

Everything feels damp. We've had news reports of people stranded on the roofs of their cars, images of severe local flooding... and living on the river, in a ground level apartment, I started to wonder if I might just need to put together a few precious items just in case.... especially when the news was highlighting where one could access sandbags! Our Mayor's mutterings are concerning HERE

I wonder if looters watch the news? I couldn't believe that they were naming the streets that have been evacuated, where the owners were staying away for the night! More rain for the next few days. My boys are going stir crazy... at home and at school. How are my bloggy friends faring in this rain.... are you all still with me?


  1. Thank goodness the rain has eased this morning. What a wild ride for Brisbane. Kerri at Driftwood interiors and I live nearby each other and her photos pretty much sum up what it has been like in our northern neck of the woods. Bring on the sunshine and lovely windows to look through. ;-)

  2. We've had a good soaking here on Hope Island and its a little daunting when theres a rather large lake across the street..on the upside I always wanted a water feature and I have a nice one outside our media room now HA! The sun is shining but for how long who knows?!


  3. I've been watching it all on the news and it looks a bit disturbing that's for sure. I do hope all you lovely Queenslanders are safe, high and dry! I think the rain may be headed Canberra way but nothing like you've been having. Stay safe.

  4. We experience monsoonal rains in the north every January/February and are often marooned up here on our little hill for anything up to 2-3 days when the mighty Mulgrave is in flood! Luckily I always make sure I have the freezer fully stocked. Hopefully the sun will come out today and you will all get a chance to dry out. (Bi-carb in a jar is a good way to absorb some of the dampness - particular in wardrobes.) ;)Sharyne

  5. Hi A-M, the sun is now sneeking out over here in the Eastern suburbs of Brisbane this morning. Our driveway is absolutely covered in dirt/mud that has been washed down from the front yard, but all is great in comparison to those on the northern side of the river.

  6. Flew back in to Auckland last night and it is a GLORIOUSLY sunny day. Who would have thought?! Ah well, we'll give Queensland one more go..... at least we didn't end up loading sandbags.... Australia certainly knows how to do 'extreme'. Ann x

  7. That sounds awful. I hope it ends soon and glorious sunshine brightens everyones day!Fiona

  8. I'm glad the rain has eased for you A-M and that you didn't need to grab any sandbags or anything! I love the window in that pic! Have a great day and I hope the boys get some run around time today.

  9. It looks and feel much better with little bit of sun shining.
    Hope it will last.
    ..what a view

    Take care

  10. This is one of the few times I am thankful for my steep section (Kiwi for block)as we are certainly in no danger of flooding. It looks like our Gold Coast beaches have taken a bit of a hammering.
    Things must be improving though because this morning I can actually see the Q1 in the distance. I'll be happy to get my view back.
    Absolutely love large windows. The more light inside the better.

  11. Still here! The water has receded and we can leave the house again today, but the rain's still hanging around. Your boys would love it - we had the biggest water dragon you've ever seen taking refuge on our back verandah yesterday - the rain must have been too much, even for him. Have to say that I'm craving some sunshine though! K xx

  12. We're all being washed away here in Noosa still, send boats! Actually forget the boats, just send wine! Here's hoping we all see the sun soon, cheers, x

  13. Gorgeous, sunny, crisp and fall'ish here in Canada. Thinking of you and hoping you and your bloggy friends stay dry (I do know how the rains can get in Brisbane).

    XO, Andrea

  14. hello A-M,
    after a unusual amount of rain on this side of the South, we woke up to sun this morning!leaves appear washed , birds are singing and I hope my roses will lift their heads just now...xo Colette
    ps of course those window are fantastic!

  15. hi there.. if you have a window obsession,,, take a look at my blog,.. .i have almoust a window like you show today, and i ♥♥♥ it!!

    almoust the same at the kitchen, and the light is fantastic..


    happy greetings from Norway! ♥

  16. Hi A-M, I can't wait to see some sunshine as well. We have a swimming pool that looks like the Brisbane River. My hubby has a big job to do cleaning out debris! Mimi xx

  17. A little sunnier down here but boy oh boy someone had better tell somebody that summer is coming and we really want to see it sooner rather than later!! Hope you all dry out soon! Leanne

  18. Oh how miserable...and more than a little worrying. The awning bongo drums must also be driving you spare. I hope it all eases and starts to dry out soon.

    Love the window. As you know, I love lots of windows anyway but unusually shaped windows probably more so!

  19. I am drewling over windows like this too....and I absolutely m going to get something like it!!!!
    Spectacular :)))))
    tove,norway :)


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