Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tippy Toes

Look what I discovered, while balanced precariously on my son's bed upstairs, reaching up to close a high-ish window, during our cyclonic wind storm last night. We have a city view!

Of course taken with my tragic, dinky, handbag camera it looks nothing... but the view was enough to stop me in my tracks and entice me to just hang there on the window ledge for a bit.

See.... it's not all exploding sewerage pipes (three times), noisy tin drum awnings, dangerous building offcuts in the courtyard and carpark exhaust ventilation fans here! There is a silver lining to everything in life.... just gotta get up on your tippy toes sometimes to see it!


  1. Nice morning wisdom A-M..I love it. Rachaelxx

  2. Beautiful view it.
    Have a wonderful day.

  3. love your sweet serendipity ...xo Colette

  4. You always have such a fantastic attitude A-M, I love it! I say build a little viewing platform in your son's bedroom for new years :)

  5. Life under the bright lights. Very Pretty. Hang in there re the sticky's ours are coming out very slowly. 2 or 3 a week. They probably just have jet lag!

  6. I loved he optimist insight! I agree we should always try to see the bright side of things. I will think of you next time I am "hanging in there"!

  7. Love your attitude A-M. And what a great view:)

  8. I hope I can find a silver lining in our rental when the time comes...hopefully it will be a short lived silver lining too, LOL!

  9. you see AM in life you just have to get your eyes up out of the gutter, I mean sewerage pipes to see the real beauty in life.
    I suggest you buy one of the multi-ladders that they flog on TV in the morning shows (how do I know this? 9 weeks with La Hacking-cough will do it) and get the free little standing platforms, one to stand on and one for your cuppa (that's what the man says) and you can sit up there for hours. Ta darr a new hobby.
    oh I have just noticed that I cannot sign this with my new blog address. Hmm come on blogspot move with the times.
    so I guess I will have to use my old one. grrr

  10. and yes your headings are darker but your signature is still very light.

    I could you the shop link image as a button...
    is it new?

  11. Love the view, love your attitude and you just made me giggle...thank you:) ~ XX

  12. Oh, A-M, your unstinting positivity (putting aside its possible wryness) never ceases to amaze me. Too funny. Hmm, would the photo have been improved by using Picnik or are the lights really that far away? You remind me of the Sydney real estate ads lauding 'harbour views' which in reality could only be obtained by jumping up and down on the toilet seat. True story! j X


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