Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Less Mess

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I have thoroughly enjoyed following 'The Nester's' 31 days to a less messy nest. She has summarised her 31 posts throughout October HERE. Grab a cuppa, it's a great read....... everything from organising your drawers, the freedom of having nothing on often used tables, 'editing' your stuff, assigning different cups to avoid 15 different cups in the washing up each night ......to not putting stuff where it belongs, but where you actually use it! Great idea!

We all have our protocols for minimising mess... and living in an apartment, with no room for mess, I have been devouring any tips on minimising clutter I can find. The kitchen is a big one for me... it has to be clean and tidy all the time..... and be spotless before I go to bed so I start the next day (in coffee central) with complete order. Beds can be unmade from time to time in rush periods... but the kitchen, for me, always has to be clean. I will share one of my 'keeping an apartment kitchen tidy and functional' tips later on this week.

What are your 'must haves', 'must dos' when it comes to dealing with mess? Any tips for living in a shoebox?.. and keeping that shoebox orderly?


  1. I completely agree on the kitchen point. I find mornings are so busy everything has to be completely ready to go from the night before. And anyway I can't sleep if things aren't in order. I think the key thing is to not have too much stuff, and store things based on usage ie things you need all the time in close by areas and cupboards, things you use once a decade like the picnic basket (so true isn't it) goes in the tippy top cupboard.

    I will have to check the Nester out. Love a bit of order. xo

  2. I too can't go to bed unless the kitchen and adjoining rooms are clean and tidy. I just can't stand coming down the stairs in the morning to a mess! With four kids I find that keeping surfaces in the kitchen clutter free, making sure everybody knows where the "places" are for things so they can be put away quickly and easily (and then found again), so labelling is my friend, and when it comes to the pantry I try to keep it limited to things I actually use. Oh that was long, sorry!

  3. Oh yes I completely agree about the kitchen being tidy!! I find the secret to keeping things tidy is to de-clutter as much as possible, especially with the kids stuff!! Have got my cuppa so I'm off to read the summary!

    Christine x

  4. The best tip I ever got was this one: "Open the mail over the bin." Anything you don't need/want/care about goes straight in, and doesn't sit around on the kitchen bench for days/weeks/months.

  5. Just wanted to thank you for sharing the Nesting Place site with us. It will come in very handy once we move into our new house and start a new beginning with new rules and all :)

    By the way, we miss you at the http://www.decoratingforum.com.au/ :)

    B is building a house

  6. I used to get really stressed about dirty dishes but working full time with a HomeHubby(mostly) who does the dishes and much of the housework I've had to let it go. Mostly I can but I hate seeing the dishes dumped any old way. F.Goodness.S. if they could just stack them biggest on the bottom so it at least looks neatish. arghh. bowls with spoons in them stacked with plates balanced on top and then cups.. arghhhh! It gets to me the most when I'm on holidays of course. When I'm working I try to make my eyes glaze over when I'm in that section of the kitchen. Otherwise I'm forever restacking and then get grumped at if I start washing up. I WILL check out that clutterless blog.

    :) I can live with most clutter but hate a kitchen piled with stuff.
    Though a.t.m. I am desperate to get some wallshelving for our office and unpack a few more things. Stacked boxes and crates just aren't the look I was going for.

  7. I have to agree about the kitchen. If you wake up to mess it really puts you behind the eight ball for the day. I can cope with mess for a little while and then I go on a tidy and cleaning frenzy. I try and de-clutter as much as possible. There is no use hanging on to dust collectors. ;-)

  8. I've dropped the ball living in this between house but my bugbears are the kitchen sink and I must retire into a tidy bedroom at night.
    Another irritant is when family members leave bits and bobs on the end of the kitchen bench. Annoying!

  9. I have to admit, I'm not good at dealing with messes. I can walk by a mess day after day (or week after week), and pretend it isn't there. Then when the point comes where I'm just so fed up with the mess, I dive in and get 'er done.

    I find making a to-do list helps. I put everything on it, even the small things like brushing the dog's teeth.


  10. I'm going to need a month to read those posts - surely a VERY good use of my time?

    I think the mess in my house could be solved by selling the children but I believe that's generally frowned upon and I am quite fond of them. A x

  11. I wish I had some amazing tip to share, but alas...instead, when I get home I'm going to read all of those posts! Thanks for the heads up:) Although I may not be thanking you when I still haven't unloaded the dishwasher!

  12. I agree the kitchen is the one 'must be clean' place in the house. Always tidied after dinner.

    Nothing better than the kids in bed, the dishwasher whirring in the background and sharing a late night cuppa with my husband (Cup rinsed for the morning afterwards, of course!)

    I also need everything to be off the floor. I can handle toys or reading material strewn around, provided it's all up off the floor on coffee tables, etc.

    Oh, and I agree with Ann's comment above about the kids!

  13. With you on the Kitchen being clean. My morning routine of cleaning takes about 30 mins. Thats all the rooms clean, beds made (cant leave the house unless this is done), b'fast dishes done, a load of washing complete and the living room clean. I got the routine idea from Shannon Lushs' "Speed Cleaning" book...brilliant and has saved me LOADS of time each day. Another thing I will not have is a junk drawer - anywhere...everything has a place which makes life easier.
    Ness xx

  14. Excellent topic AM! I do not believe in having stuff on kitchen benches- I have a fruit bowl and kitchen aid mixer but I put the kettle away. I don't leave newspapers or mail or junk mail lying about- I read and chuck. I don't believe in toasters- they are always filthy and full of crumbs. I wipe every drop of water from the bathroom basin when I leave the house, I consider unmade beds and clothes on the floor the Devil's Work. I do not believe in rubbish bins inside (vomit) I throw everything in an outside bin as I go, I like to have the place visitor ready so keep everything tidy. I have hard core culls often and Hoarding is the Devil's Work. If I don't need or use something I give it to the Salvos, I will only use matching coathangers so clothes are hung at the same height. If there is clutter and mess I just can't find things, so I keep everything super organised. I never let washing pile up. I never leave washing up pile up either (yuck). How you live says EVERYTHING about you. Maybe more than what you wear and who you choose to have a relationship with. I knew my 1st marriage was over when I looked at my ex husband on the sofa and thought God you look Messy there xxxx

  15. You are all women after my own heart... no wonder we all hang out here in cyberspace together. Love these comments... hubby and I have had a chuckle over them this evening. FF...belly laugh tears over yours, especially the husband bit. Ness, I need to peruse Shannon's book, Suz I can relate to the whirring dishwasher time of the evening!, Ann please don't sell the children, Kelly never having had a dog, I did not realise that you have to clean their teeth! B - I visited today. Christine, K-K and Jenny, it's all about the kitchen isn't it! - central tidy zone. Anne-Marie (A-Mi) I leave little piles of each family members belongings around and just point to them as they walk past and use my "I'm not putting these back" look.. they get the message! Alison, mail over the bin, that's a good one... ruthless. Jane and Noosa... it all comes down to decluttering again doesn't it! A-M xx

  16. The Nester thing sounds good..who doesn't love organisation? Particularly mums..I'm with you on a clean kitchen. I hate starting the day with stuff on the bench or dishes in the sink. In an effort to maintain some order, I go around with a bag at the end of the day and pick up anything that doesn't belong in that room and take it to where it belongs. I also have a bills tray, to do tray and reading tray in a drawer. I've lived in many shoeboxes but when I did, I didn't have anything! So can't help you there..Hope you're feeling well and happy at the moment my dear A-M..Rachaelxx


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