Monday, November 1, 2010

Things I Discovered This Past Week

Amidst the harsh industrial architecture of our inner city apartment complex ..........springs our burgeoning, uncultivated herb garden.
This picture has nothing to do with the contents of this post. 
Just thought I'd show you my never ending source of herbs :)

  • After ironing my sons' school shirts for 7 years, I found that there is a spare button sewn on the inside of every one of them. 7 years. I switch off when I iron... that's my excuse.
  • 'Run Away' does not effectively remove the stains from whites washed with coloureds.. it just leaves an offensive odour in the sink and burns the skin on one's ungloved hand.
  • iPhones don't like being submerged in water.
  • iPhones (before being submerged in water) only ring if the mute button is turned off on the side.
  • Children grow when you feed them ("when did that happen?"). My eldest son's singlets look like 1980's 'Madonna' midriff tops #plentyofskin.
  • 0 and 9, on a sign put up for residents, look very similar when not wearing glasses. The water, in this apartment complex, was turned off on the 29th (for 6 hours), just after I had finished a sweaty boxing session with my trainer #noshower
  • While on the subject of #noglasses...  the 'grill' and 'bake' symbols on the oven also look very similar #burntdinner
  • I am in denial about needing to wear my glasses.
Please tell me I am not alone in my mishaps. Anyone out there also experiencing early-onset 'senior moments'?
PS Happy November!

Herb garden - 5 months ago. 

Herb garden today. Anyone for pesto? 
That's the old derelict QML building next door avec deteriorating asbestos roof - I close my windows on windy days.
I'm making it all sound so attractive aren't I.


  1. Hysterical post A-M I too had a recent moment!! one of many I might add......had a roast in the oven on Saturday and all the trimmings. Teenage daughter came home and I commented that the oven did not seem to be getting warm and I had checked the book and I was on the right symbol fan forced. She said NO MUM you are on the keep warm and we argued the toss and of course she was right I had my glasses on when I looked at the book but not when I looked at the dial on the oven!!

  2. Oh I am in denial as well. Last Friday I went to Mia's class to help with group activities. I was handed books for the children and myself to read, I could not see, the teacher had a spare of specs... from the 80's which she lent me. The children thought it was quite funny. I must remember to start keeping my glasses in my handbag! I am not doing the middle age thing very well. Mimi xx

  3. OMG, that's too funny! Everything on your list cracked me up! :-D I've washed a cell phone AND my hubby's wallet, so can totally relate to your iPhone episode. Sadly, water + phone = bad thing.

    I've been experiencing senior moments pretty much as far back as I can remember, so no, you're not alone ;-)


    PS The Do-Re-Mi video brought a tear to my eye too - AND a huge smile :-)

  4. Glasses....can't live without them now. Between hubs and me we have them scattered all over the place.
    I'm annoying myself no end these days by not always replacing items to their correct spot, so of course then I'm racking my brain trying to remember where I've put said item. I blame living this 'between houses' existence. Certainly couldn't be advancing age, right?

  5. Ah, I think we all have moments like these A-M! I've spent a lot of time over the last eight months, drafting lovely replies to comments left on my blog, only to be told by Kerry that 'no-reply blogger' in the sender's address means my long-winded writings disappear into the ether! I just thought the senders wanted to keep their email addresses private :) Wondered why some people sent me the same comments (and questions) twice. My advice - get yourself some hip new glasses, and rock 'em! K xx

  6. Early onset seniors moments are the story of my life. I think I'm just an early onset senior.

  7. Great post - so true.
    On the Run Away topic, Shannon Lush 9my hero) recommends you ignore the packet directions and use it twice as concentrated (so half the water they specify). Worked for me - I managed to rescue a stripy top I'd thrown in a dark load when on holidays.
    As for the sight thing - I have a minus 8 prescitpion. Minus 8. Thank God for contacts!

  8. Oh how I relate to this post. I've lost count of the number of times I've uttered the " when did you grow out of that....?" sentence recently, and as for the glasses - I'm constantly patting the top of my head looking for them! You are so not alone here. x

  9. Ha ha.. I think the # button might also look like the = button without glasses too! I love your list.. I've given up on vanity and wear my glasses all the time now..except in photos..Rachaelxx

  10. You make me laugh :) How lovely having access to all those wonderful fresh herbs! x

  11. I always forget I've been married before. I say stuff like I wonder if I'll ever get married and my sisters say "you've been married!". I am so glad you have embraced cooking!!!! It's love! Plus it is soothing! And all that stirring and repetition is calming. Love form Honkers xxx

  12. Oh comforting, I am not alone.. with the glasses thing and the 'blonde moments'. Very excited about not having to find a close match for school shirt buttons now that I have an endless supply of them! Thanks for the tips too! A-M xx

  13. Hi A-M, I hope your iphone survived the handbag. Who would have thought a handbag would be a perilous place?! Emma. PS. lovely to be back enjoying your blog again.

  14. I hear you loud and clear on the glasses. Have them everywhere. I now have to wear them to the supermarket cause I can't read anything. I also have to take them clothes shopping. The other week I thought I had found a great pair of boots for $39.95 only to find they were $189.95, how embarrassing!

  15. Cell phone in water! check. Cell phone not ringing for 2 weeks. check! I keep forgetting to figure out how to fix it...and thanks to you..and reading your post, it's fixed! I enjoy your blog and your work and your sense of humor. Thanks again for the fix!

  16. Oh A-M those all made me giggle just a little bit and realize how closely your experiences mirror my life. Sigh getting does that happen?

    XO, Andrea


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