Monday, January 31, 2011

.... And We Have A Plumber

We have a plumber! ...thanks to the guys who left a comment on my 'A Plumber Please' post yesterday.

6 tradies from the Central Coast are up here volunteering for the week. Their plumber is installing a new hot water system for Ken on Wednesday and thanks to your generous contributions, we can pay for parts. Labour is free. Thank you Luke and your team. I will publish details about their respective businesses on the Central Coast when I meet them on Wednesday.

Ken will need more plumbing help when he eventually gets a kitchen... after he gets some walls. If there is anyone out there in bloggy blog land who is a plumber happy to be on standby over the next few weeks/months, please contact me at:

Total for Ken = $2020. You rock my friends, you rock.

Saw Ken today. He's smiling and is so grateful. He got all flustered there for a moment trying to work out how he was going to reply to you all to thank you, especially when I told him that some of you are in a different hemisphere. It was all too overwhelming.  He has no idea what a blog is and had me retrieve messages for him from his mobile phone as technology is all a bit too hard... and rightly so. I function here on this blog on a need to know basis only. 10/10 Ken for braving a mobile phone these days.

So I promised Ken that I would say a heartfelt thanks to you all. He kept muttering that there were people worse off than him. C'mon Ken, you have no walls.

So thank you from Ken :)


  1. How incredibly fantastic!! If one of those Central Coast plumbers is a very handsome 3rd year apprentice named Luke, he's my gorgeous nephew!! Wishing Ken all the best, who is next on your list to fix up, blog style?? Love it A-M, you're amazing, love Posie

  2. Fantastic! Such a fast response as well - hope Ken continues to receive the help he deserves (even if he doesn't think he needs it). :)

  3. Wow this so fantastic A-Me. Yay for Ken and the generous plumbers. This afternoon my car broke down. The whole shebang...RACQ, towtruck = 4 hours from start to finish. Normally I would have been feeling a little sorry for myself but I kept thinking of Ken and James and countless others in bigger predicaments than myself. Kinda puts things into perspective doesn't it?
    Life is good.

  4. So wonderful AM, Ken is such a trooper! Xx Katherine

  5. That's great A.M. Congrats on doing such a great job in helping a few people.

  6. A-M, you are an amazing lady. Ken is a very special man. I wish him all the best.
    Sending much love to you. xox

  7. YAY! Great news A-M! I'm so happy for Ken! Jxx

  8. You are such an inspiration, Lovely. A heart of the purest gold. J x

  9. Wow! Thats so wonderful - yay for Ken :)

    I continue to be touched by the stories such as these I hear about people pitching in and helping others - so lovely..

    AM you are such a lovely soul, its amazing what can happen when its put out there in the blogiverse!


  10. You are amazing. What an wonderful example you are setting for your boys and for all of us who read your blog!

  11. This makes me so happy. I can only imagine his confusion as I am amazed at how half a world away I feel as if I have a friend who needed help and within seconds I was able to send some. The internet, blogs, and paypal are all totally amazing.
    I bet Ken is the kind of guy who when his place is fixed a little he will be helping those that are still waiting. Please keep us informed as to the progress, it makes my day. Again thank you for taking your precious time to bring us these stories and updates. xo, MB

  12. Mary Beth, Ken was helping people yesterday! He was loaning out tools he had salvaged to the townhouse next door so they could bash out their sodden walls.
    A-M xx

  13. Sounds like the Ken I know and love. As only a blog friend can understand! Please keep me informed of anything he might need, I am more than happy to see this through to the end. xo, MB


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