Saturday, January 15, 2011

As The News Coverage Wanes... goes on.

West End Today

Montague Road

Montague Road - business after business destroyed

Home Sweet Home - my street: Forbes St, West End

Forbes St

Cleaning up Orleigh Park - even the broken play equipment and park benches were lovingly scrubbed

All that silt and sewerage was gone by 4pm this afternoon - legends - it's a big park!

Our corner store. Cnr Hoogley and Ryan St. The water was up to the billy tea sign and the Ryan St sign on the street corner. This was the store I pointed out in the 'kayaking west end' video I posted about the other day. 

Hoogley St

This is my neighbour Karen's place. She lives across the road from me. Her home is 100 years old. It survived the 1974 flood in which the water was 30cm higher than it was this time around. The water made it to the main floor, up over the verandah and right through her house. Her attitude brought me to tears. "Oh well, I needed to have a good sort through and clean out anyway".

This is smiling positive (albeit blurry) Karen with what she salvaged. The piano was saved :)
She had just ripped up the sodden floating timber floors that had all warped and buckled. 
Still smiling.

This was all I had to clean up at my place. A putrid fridge that spat out defrosted raspberries.
I got down on my knees, not only to clean it all up....... but to give thanks.

Checked in on Brian and Nigel (sorry Brianna and Nigella) while I was there.
Nigel/Nigella was 'chillin' ...or severely high on the petrol fumes coming from Warren's generator set up in our courtyard. The generator is running the pump that is sucking out all the s**t in the underground carpark. We will have no power for 2 weeks. 

Our underground carpark. They've got most of the water out. Bulldozers are now removing everyone's putrid, sodden belongings from their storage cages. I almost died when I saw that there were still cars parked down there. You can see the water went way over the light. My apartment is about 30cm above that light.

So many businesses ruined.

Gut wrenchingly heartbreaking.

This is Nathan, standing in front of what was his wholesale fashion business. 
He has that much to move and throw out again tomorrow. 
We'll be there from 11am onwards tomorrow if you want to come down and help.
244 Montague Rd, West End.
BYO shovel.

Queensland Flood Victim Support - Click HERE




  2. These pics are breaking my heart! Orleigh Park is where I had my daughter's (now 3) first birthday party. To see it reduced to a sluge of mud and sewerage is so sad.
    The 'Thank You' sign on the fence nearly stopped my heart. I live in Paddington and the streets just minutes from my place look much like your pics as well.
    Why does it have to take a catastrophe on such a grand scale for me to realise how much I love my little hometown of Brissie??

  3. hi AM - have you seen this website
    one of my friends in brisbane has stuff listed on it to donate. perhaps some of your flooded neighbours might need to know about it.
    can you post on your blog to spread the word. great idea
    so glad your stuff is ok. what a relief.
    cheers Fiona

  4. My heart bleeds & lost for words I am just so glad you and your family are safe I was visiting my sister in Narangba when this all happened I am so proud to be a Queenslander!! With a heavy heart I left for Mackay this morning feeling so frustrated I couldnt stay to help with a shovel & broom, if you can think of any way I can help please dont hesitate to ask!! big hugs Elaine x

  5. Heartbreaking.

    I thought that was BLOOD coming from the fridge.

    How brilliant are all the volunteers? At the Paddo Tavern last night when they came in everyone cheered!

  6. That photo of your fridge is so, so humbling. I understand why you were grateful!

    So fascinating A-M to see your perspective and hear about the clean-up progress. I can't believe they got the park cleaned up so quickly. I would certainly feel a little bewildered about where to start.

    So good the boys got to see some of the sites first hand. I think it will help them process things too.

    Nigella certainly doesn't look any worse for wear. She looks like she enjoys her food and wants for nothing ;)

  7. Gosh, your place really did stay dry by the narrowest of margins, so relieved for you. The devastation is realy shocking, but is heartening to hear how communities are pulling together.

  8. Thank goodness you were spared:) Thanks for the photos - my brother lives in West End and I have not ventured in to see how the area faired we have been staying away and doing the right thing - we were high and dry in Mithelton - but my heart aches for all.

  9. I realised after I posted yesterday that it was West End, not New Farm.
    It's Just So Heartbreaking, and humbling. Brisbane will survive, we will rebuild our city and kepe going, because they breed 'em tough up here.
    We're off to help out in Fairfield tomorrow.
    Take care xxxx

  10. So encouraging to see the floodwaters have receded. And that peoples' spirits are high. You are all certainly rising to the challenges brilliantly. Kudos to the Aussie spirit. Bless you all! And, A-M, I am so relieved that your place and the boys' lizards were spared. Your generosity and strength in going out to help your neighbors is a shining example to them and to your boys. They have quite a mum!

  11. Oh that looks awful, all the people must be devastated, their homes and all their possessions are ruined. Looks like everyone is helping each other which is great.

    All things nice...

  12. What a mix of so close & way too much!! Thanks for the images, i studied them closely, shocking detail. SO different to the news shots as they are more real.
    My husband is up in Gatton wading through knee deep mud, doing the most horrible of tasks, recovery. He just kept saying the words "devestating force" & how sombre the mood is, very VERY different to what we're seeing on television. I want to see his images when he gets back to a computer (he's sleeping at the show ground, no power of course) but i can imagine them being overwhelming!! We're all thinking of you, truly, it won't wane. Love Posie

  13. Oh, Sweetie! Thanks so much for taking us to your streets to get some perspective. I can't imagine the smell, though. I hope you've finally found some clean clothes! J x

  14. Oh, your poor neighbor! I guess you have to do your best to laugh, although it must be so devastating. I clicked through to the flood relief link and it made me cry to see people offering free accommodations in their homes to homeless people "for as long as you need."

  15. Wow, I am stunned not onkly by the damage, but how quickly people are getting work done. I do realise that there is so much damage inside, but it does seem that your council and volunteers are doing an amazing job. How do they get rid of the mud and sewerage without water to spray it out?

    I have been fascinated by your posts AM.

  16. What I find so outstanding is the fact that everyone jumped right in to get things cleaned up. Neighbor helping neighbor. The idea that they cleaned up that park so quickly and in such a short period of time is incredible. No one waited for government help to arrive. They took things in their own hands. This is how it should be after such devastation. We need to help each other out in times of need.
    Thank you for sharing the pictures and your thoughts during this very unsettling time. I am so happy to see you were spared A-M. You are being watched over.

  17. wow AM, such a mess up there, and yet your spirit seems ok with it, coping I guess, you have no choice of course. Your neighbour is great too. Great pics, thanx for posting them, we have it on our channels all the time atm in Melb, evening shows all cancelled and just flood footage. I can only hope your streets are back to normal quickly, and I guess over time anything lost/damaged will be replaced. So glad to hear you and your family are doing ok, despite being stuck in a hotel, I guess it could be worse, but by crikey, it's pretty bad atm. Thinking of you... xxxxxxxxx

  18. Oh, so much work ahead of you all! It is wonderful to read of the mutual help you all give and receive!
    Happy the park get's done first among other places.
    Hopefully in a few months this will be so much better!
    Thinking of you all!

    xoxo Victria

  19. Oh, so much work ahead of you all! It is wonderful to read of the mutual help you all give and receive!
    Happy the park get's done first among other places.
    Hopefully in a few months this will be so much better!
    Thinking of you all!

    xoxo Victria

  20. Very sad to see people's cherished belongings reduced to piles of rubbish. Heart wrenching images!

    And yet, seeing the army of volunteers, total strangers helping with the clean up must be so uplifting. True Aussie spirit in action!

    All the best to you and your boys (and the lizards, of course) from Perth

    Maja xxx

  21. Thank you so much for your posts. We are from Highgate Hill and in the USA. We are so grateful for your updates! Best of luck.

  22. Can't. Even. Imagine.

    Thank you for sharing your pics.
    My heart goes out to everyone there. You are a gem for helping so many!

    Prayers for a speedy recovery for all!

  23. Your images give a real sense of exactly what is going on now. It's heartbreaking and has brought me to tears. It is lovely to see the community spirit and everyone banding together. Your neighbour's spirit is amazing, she seems like the archetypal "true Aussie". I only wish I was able to fly up and lend a hand.

  24. My heart simultaneously breaks for the devastation, yet soars at the community effort in cleaning it up. So glad there was so little damage in your place, best wishes from snowy, bitterly cold New England. xoxo robin

  25. Heartbreaking images... so sad for so many people...

  26. These are such great pictures A-M to show everyone the aftermath. I am so happy to hear your unit was OK and so so so glad the lizards made it!

  27. You have been amazing at keeping us all updated with photos. It is devastating how much damage has been done. All the best A-M.

  28. Hey A-M. I have just published my virgin post! New to this bloggy world, but blown away with the support for one another in times such as this. When all hell broke loose in my town of Toowoomba last Monday, who could have imagined the devastation it would continue to cause as the flood waters gained momentum? I have been following your daily accounts of Brisbane. Like many others, I have breathed a heavy sigh of relief for you. Thoughts and love, Beck x

  29. I'm so glad that you are safe and well. I went out as part of the Sludge Army yesterday and the community spirit is amazing!!!!

  30. Oh A-M...I've just read through your last three posts and I'm seriously rejoicing over the good news of your home, chair AND the lizards being SAFE!!! Praise God! What an emotional rollercoaster it has been for you and your boys...but now, you can all move forward with a bit less pain than if things had turned out otherwise.

    Along with the rejoicing though is utter saddness for what your images showed of the aftermath...but the helpfulness of so many, including yourself, is very inspirational...and uplifts the heart.
    Thank you for sharing so much of this incredible journey and for keeping us with you throughout...
    God's speed in the healing and restoration of your beautiful community.
    xo J~

  31. Oh god, really, the amount of rubbish is unbelieveable. Really wish I could be up there to help with the cleaning. Make sure you keep safe and acoid those nasty germs :)

  32. I'm soo sorry AM. Thank God you are all OK. Still praying for you.

  33. You know I'm a very proud New South Welsh-lady but I'm happy to admit that they really do breed them tough north of the boarder. I can't begin to imagine even getting started with all that clean-up but you've all just gotten in there and are bringing your beautiful city back to life.
    You should be very proud to be a QLD'er A-M! Stay safe my dear and thank you for the update, very moving.

  34. The cleanup is just unbelievable. I've been watching the volunteers, who are just amazing.

    I was so happy that Brianna and Nigella are okay and that your home is okay.

    Isn't Karen fantastic, what a woman!

    xoxoxo DJ

  35. AMEN, A-M. Every prayer answered.

    The relief I feel for you and the boys is overwhelming! The smile on your boys' faces with their lizards is priceless.

    24 Corners spoke so eloquently of my exact sentiments so I shall not repeat them, only second them.

    P.S. I think you could become a photo journalist as your pictures were compelling! You could feel the devastation. They're very heart-felt, just like your blog.

  36. Hi A-M I regular reader of your blog and so glad to see that you and your cute boys are safe and your stunning unit was saved! Thank you for sharing the photos from West End - just amazing. Hang in there A-M we are all thinking of you! All the best T-A

    PS I hope to start my own blog soon and you certainly inspire me!

  37. A-M have you checked out the high resolution pics taken by nearmap during the week of brissie?

    Hope you are making sure you keep those waders on when helping with cleanout. stay well.

  38. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the lizards safe and dry I'm so glad about that for your boys. Such a mess and so devastating but its been all over the news how everyone is banding together and helping to tidy up so slowly things will get better. I didn't go out this weekend, I donated to the appeal instead. Iv been to those places the water hit, my Mum was born in QLD and was there in the last flood, and I just hope that every bit will help to get those homes and business up and running again x

  39. HELLO AM!!!!

    I'm Paddy's (Courier Mail Shopsmart) sister (Louise from Townsville).

    I've been overseas for 5 weeks and have had very little internet. I'm in London where I have finally got some internet, albeit at 6 pounds an hour! I've just managed to log in and read you, FF and Blighty (who I am spending the day with tomorrow).

    It's so nice to see you posting, last time I was able to log on, things were very grim for you. It's so sad about the flooding, but I must tell you that the news here in London is showing all the Brissie volunteers helping out. I stand in front of the TV and cry with pride every time I see it.

    I just put some decor ideas on my (extremely young and inexperienced ) blog with you in mind. I know how much everyone was reminding you that there would be a NEW and BIG project just around the corner - and I couldn't resist a decorating post just for you!

    Cheers and very good wishes,

  40. Oh, what a terrible time you are going through. How hobbible for everyone getting their homes damaged. Glad to hear that you are safe, and thank you for sharing these pictures.


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