Saturday, January 15, 2011

Brisbane CBD

...yep, best to plan.

... Riverside Expressway - peak hour.
Destroyed and submerged CityCat terminal.

Submerged Southbank Parklands with ferry terminal?

State Library and Gallery Of Modern Art - under water! 
That reach of the river goes down to my suburb on the left.

Riverside Expressway - road to nowhere, literally. 
Coronation Drive gone. 
Milton, Rosalie, suburbs went under.

Waiting for the afternoon's king tide. Hopefully they were lucky.

Apprentice 'Police Tape-er'.
Entrance to Botanical Gardens - under.

Ferry Terminal at Botanical Gardens

"Look a fish", says Kristian.
Who knew that fish could survive in the Brisbane River.
And yes, my boys wore the same clothes all week.

Riverside Restaurants

Told them I'd put them on my blog!

I found them again on the Australian Newspaper Website in a photo gallery!
They get around!
There is a photo, in The Australian's front page flash gallery this morning, of the clean up in Ryan St, West End.
The street where the kayaking video was taken.

"We Believe In The Shoe God" 
So far so good. 
These people have a basement full of water but took my name and address and gave me their contact details. They have a high pressure cleaner and offered to help us out in West End. Angels. 

See the white trucks pumping out all the underground food courts and car parks.

All photos - A-M's IPhone. How good is the IPhone by the way!

Twas nice to have an evening in the hotel without my boys. They have gone to Gran's.
... but now I miss them. See you tomorrow :)



  1. So much's lovely to see the Aussie spirit shining strong though with the flag on the sandbags, the smiling faces of the blokes in the street and a stranger offering you their cleaning gear.

    I'm saddened to learn that GOMA and the library have been effected and hope that it hasn't been too bad.

    I hope that you have a better weekend and thank you for sharing these photos of the CBD,

    Felicity x

    PS Lovely to see the boys smiling and taking it all in, in wonder.

  2. It's just incredible, can't begin to imagine the clean up and aftermath now. Stay safe A-M. Hugs again to you and the boys. xx

  3. A-M I recognize every landmark and it feels just like yesterday that I was walking those same streets. It hurts my heart to see such desolation. Thank you for sharing these pictures.


  4. Hi A-M,
    Thanks for sharing your pictures, it's mind blowing the amount of damage that has been done and how much work it will take to restore this place. I plan on donning the boots, gloves, mask, insect repellant and whatever else to help out, it's heartwarming to see just how many people want to help - so far over 20 000 volunteers have registered. Take care and stay safe, Robyn

  5. So terrible to see A-M, but you know, it's so nice to see your sense of humour returning with that 'apprentice police-taper' quip - made me laugh out loud! Funny how Queenslanders never fail to see the humour, even in the face of such devastation - so special :) K xx

  6. Tears again. I didnt know the Gallery of Modern art had gone under. I thought it was up high enough , I now have more perception of the height the Brisbane river became.
    Even though we are from the Gold Coast that is our Brisbane Stomping Ground we regulary visit. The galleries , the library , Rosalie (for the parks , coffee & browsing the shops).
    Brisbane has the BEST parks for familys .....
    devastating !
    I have voluntered my help with the Brisbane Council & am just waiting to hear back for details.
    Take Care x

  7. Love your views on this...I would much rather read your blog and see your side of it than turn on the news. Its amazing how everyone is helping and spirits sound good. I hope you slept well last night, you deserve it ! Mel xx

  8. {{{hugs}}}
    My first thought was what a mess. I almost cried when I saw the lizards were safe.

    The pictures are unbelievable.

  9. I'm curious to see the Southbank photos. Do you know if the Con survived unscathed? I hope they moved all the pianos up to the top floor!

  10. So Awful, but was good to see the fella' Australian, made me smile...and 'apprentice police-taper':)

    thanks for the update A-M, do take care,
    xxxxxxx DJ

  11. HI A-M
    Shocking... thanks for showing us a personal view.. it must still be raw for you... I'm glad you still have your sense of humour... 'apprentice police taper'' haha looks that way.. You know I saw on the news there may be bull sharks in the river and therefore.. in the streets.. now that's a nutso thing to be writing.. 'watch out for the sharks on the streets!'

    Take care and keep that sense of humour... and wow.. that iphone takes great shots!! xxx Julie

    PS... like the flag on the sand banks too

  12. A sense of humour is a wonderful thing! :) Thanks for sharing and wishing you well as Brisbane recovers.

  13. Thanks for sharing all this with us, Sweets. My goodness, these photos really help me get an appreciation of what it's really like, down on the ground. I can't comprehend the logistics of the clean-up and recovery. Know that we're all behind you as the healing starts. J x

    PS It's so lovely to see some of the old A-M humour we love and know so well reappearing.

  14. These pics are all so unbelievable... like something from a movie...
    be safe,
    laura c xx

  15. Indescribable, (defn: too intense or extreme for words), not only the sight of your beautiful city (great pics btw), but also the grace and mercy of God that more lives weren't lost.
    You must be so relieved A-M, that you were spared but I guess your relief is mingled with compassion for those that weren't so lucky. I reckon those that remember the '74 flood well enough are able to offer hope to people going through this for the first time, which is, I believe, why God allows us to go through these testing times, so that we can in turn comfort others. Good on you for donning your gummies and getting stuck in.

  16. I've just caught up on all your news. I am so pleased for you, your boys and the lizards! What relief. It feels frustrating not being able to get up there and help clean up. It really restores my faith in humankind when I see the people pulling together to help. It makes me cry :)

  17. And now the clean-up begins. I wish you resolve, patience and lots of help!!! But the worst is behind you, so glad you made it through the storm!

    Kat :)

  18. A-M you crack me up - "apprentice police-taper" - I love it. Great photo's.


  19. What a disaster, its just heartbreaking. Good luck with everything.

  20. Just caught up with your last few posts. Oh how happy I am to see the lizards are alive.

    Thinking of you. xxx

  21. Dear A-M,

    What you have gone through the past few weeks is unimaginable. But thank God for the strength that is within you. You are an overcomer!
    My heart goes out for Brisbane and its people. My prayers are with you all.
    Wishing you all the very Best!!!

  22. The Aussie Flag on the sandbags made me cry, it's amazing what can tip you over the edge. Thank-you for the amazing pics & your incredible sense of humor, it is that sense of humor that is going to get so many through this terrible time, keep finding something to smile & laugh about. Bec

  23. So, so glad to see you up and blogging. Great pics. I went back and read all the flood posts from the beginning. I felt so heavy. Wow, the universe is really throwing quite a lot your way. Your blog title should now read
    "The life that A-M built" Take care. Hugs from one Brisbane girl to another.


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