Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Musings On Floods and Vanities

Well our little holiday is truly cleansing....long walks on the beach, boogie boarding, late starts, reading and sleeping. We are staying longer than planned... right up until school starts...... no where else to go..... may as well start school with a warm shower!

Hmmm, where to live next week? I can live by candlelight but I can't bear the thought of the boys having cold showers. I might farm them out to various friends while I stay at 'the ghost town which is our apartment complex'. Our dear friends are coming back from their 'evacuee centre' to the complex this weekend... we might be able to come up with a creative way of powering up a hot water system. Can you plug them into generators? I know nothing.

Speaking of plumbing, and totally off the topic of 'the devastation which is our home town', what do you honestly think of these vanities? Nowhere to put soap.... water drips onto the floor when you turn off the tap... and how do you fetch your jewellery out of the trap when you accidentally wash it down the sink? Just asking. I do sort of like the funky look of them though. In the right environment. They're different.

I hear there is a king tide in town at 10.30am this morning. I signed up for the Brisbane City Council Early Warning Alert Service HERE. Alerts go to your mobile and email inbox. Thanks for putting me onto it Jane (Jane has her finger on the pulse of everything in town... when in doubt ask Jane... I do). Never again do I want to receive a 'hurry, they're evacuating West End phone call' by my panicked mother, whilst miles away from home!

When I do get home, I am going to action a 'leaving my apartment well prepared for a flood kit'. My important paperwork is in my intray on the floor of my wardrobe (we moved house in a hurry at the end of December)... wouldn't have stood a chance if the river did what it was predicted to do (and I didn't think to grab it when we left... too busy actioning 'Bun, Bun' and 'Ted Ted' and musical instruments).

I have also made friends with Natasha on the third floor. My chair is heading there next time. Scary thing is, the word is there could be a 'next time'... we have only just started our wet season... sodden earth, full dams, I shudder to think.

Happy Friday my friends.


  1. Once again, it is so good to have your musings and sense of humour, not to mention outlook on life back. Glad you're here.

  2. What an 'interesting'!!! vanity....hmmmm don't think it would be very practical in my family with 3 girl
    Hope the apartment situation is sorted soon. Yes, I'm afraid I have to agree with the thoughts that Brisbane may flood again. I'm in Bundaberg and they told us it would happen again and it did not 2 weeks later. Definiately pays to be prepared!
    Good move getting to know the 3rd floor neighbour ;)

  3. enjoy your beach holiday and try not to think about all the other stuff..just live for the moment and enjoy. i am glad you got to get away :) Mel xx

  4. An action plan sounds like a good idea... and yes that vanity is pure vanity! Ridiculous really....

    Love that new sidebar pic of your boys on the beach - they look so tall - growing up fast - they'll be so sick of hearing that from your blogging friends! A x

  5. Not a fan of the vanity makes me want to put a plant in it.
    I feel on tender hooks here on the coast , on Wednesday I read in the paper that if a 1 in a hundred year flood hit theGold Coast more homes than Ipswich & Brisbane combined would be affected & guess where they mentioned ? Yep Hope Island my area. So when the skies opened up that night , I was on the edge of my chair ready to go. I know I cant live with that fear everyday so its either move or get on with life.
    Im glad you are enjoying your break away at the beach.
    Karyn x

  6. While I like the minimilist look of this basin the impracticality of the design would drive me nuts. Like you say, where do you put the soap!
    Great idea the alert system and I'm going to sign up. This state of ours throws such violent weather our way it will pay to be well informed. When we lived on the property our emergency kit was A1 because we often had power cuts and cut off by a rising creek. Since moving to the burbs we've slackened a little but the events of the past weeks have wakened us so the kit is being overhauled. I hear you about cold showers. Wish I had a dollar for every bird bath with hot water from boiling pots on the gas our family endured out in the sticks and because the tank water pump was power driven there was no running water or flushing toilets..oh happy days!
    Unfortunately my gut feeling is this great town is not out of the atrocious weather faze just yet.
    All the best for back to school A-Me, B & K.

  7. Just received an offer of a generator. Thank you Lorna. You guys. Bring. Me. To. Tears. Daily. A-M xx

  8. Glad to hear your stay at the beach does you good and that things are getting better. I completely understand your way of thinking about how to arrange and prepare for if there would be another flood. I really hope it won't happen again!
    That vanity. I do like it but I'm asking myself the same questions you are: Where do I put everything???

  9. I hope and pray that the major portion of your nightmare is over. need a generator. I hope your boys are having an adventure on the beach!


  10. That vs function...hmmm...
    Glad you are all enjoying the beach and thanks for popping by :)

  11. I don't like the minimalist look of that sink - as AM said - the non-functionality would drive me nuts too.

    So glad life is looking up again for you and that gorgeous chair wasn't destroyed. OR the lizards!!!

    The beach is always good for the soul.

  12. So happy your beach stay is proving to be as soul satisfying as you had hoped.

    I just can't with that vanity. Could we even call it that? Really it's a fancy basin no? :) I'm with Karyn, I feel the need to put a plant in it.

    Thanks for stopping by blog, it meant a lot :)


  13. glad you and boys taking a break. secondly, that basin looks exactly like a pot i have outside and that's exactly where it should remain - no place for that ghastly thing in the bathroom of anyone's house!Sometimes you can forgive the impractical because it's just so stylish - but that thing is not one of them! Boy, I'm strong-minded to do some housework and put it to some good use!
    happy Friday peoples ***Helen

  14. A-M, just caught up on your last couple of posts, its so nice to see that you are still so positive and able to laugh... laughter is the best medicine i believe. Even during the worst times of my life, i believe it helped to be able to laugh. And being a mother, helps... it saved me.. i knew i had to go on and keep sane! for my boys. Even when we are trying to be strong for them, they give us so much strength.
    Dont know about the vanity!! not my cup of tea, but cool in the right place!
    hugs sweet lady, laura c xx

  15. You would definitely need a shelf nearby with that vanity. Probably fun at a hotel, but not so much in real life. Plus, it's going to date quickly.

    Glad to see your spirits seem high, considering everything going on!

  16. I think a generator is probably the go you can get generator showers and also gas powered ones not sure how available they would be up there in light of the extent of flooding on businesses. Camping supplies are pretty good particularly for lighting and cooking. I really hope they get you back on power soon. In your flood kit make sure to include battery powered radio. Handy for finding out news and keeping one connected when there is no power.

  17. Seriously feeling for you guys up north. Wish we could help more! Jane @ the girl in the brick house

  18. Glad to hear the holiday is going so well. It's amazing how being without heat / light / water (tick as appropriate) can bring out the creative in a person! (Been there, done that). Staying at the hotel 'til the last minute sounds like a good plan.

    That vanity unit? Another example of design over function. Not for me therefore.

  19. That vanity is ridiculous, A-M. So pleased to see your sense of humour returning. Keep enjoying that beachy break - it's doing wonders for you. J x

  20. Hope all was well with the king tide this morning I know a genorator can power the basics & it can be plugged into the main house supply if an electrician adds somethig to the power box (don't know what its called sorry) I dont know if it can do the warm water? Sorry I couldnt be more helpfull, glad you are being so positive take care xxx

  21. Hi A-M,

    Never has a holiday been more deserved!

    I would totally be arranging future flood plans and kits! I hope you never have to use them.

  22. Such a change from when we lived in Brisbane - dams nearly dry, water rationing, talking of a desalination plant. All like distant memories now....

    Hugs to you and the boys! Thinking of you and hoping the warm shower situation gets sorted out.


  23. How lovely to see your "Friday Musings" - and an interior design post A-M! You really are getting back to your old self. I have missed these "forums" for discussion!
    That vanity set-up is ridiculous. Groovy and stream-lined, but completely impractical. Even if the shelf behind was an adequate width to put soap, etc - you are still guaranteed to splash all over the floor while you are using it! We actually stayed at a very modern apartment in Hobart, Tasmania - the bathroom of which had a very similar set-up. It was a nightmare. Soap fell on the floor, water splashed everywhere everytime you used it - and to top it all off my daughter slipped over on the wet floor! Silly.

    Glad your beach holiday is going well - hope everything works out with your accommodation. I have a strong feeling it will. I really feel everything is going to get a lot better for you A-M,

    Best wishes from an Adelaide Girl,

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    All the best, Heather


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