Thursday, January 27, 2011

James Update

Handed over another little envelope to James this morning. He is "astounded" by your generosity and cannot thank you enough. He said he never harps on about his financial situation to others but he said that our generosity has helped him through a particularly difficult time. He most likely will have to move on to another site to sell "The Big Issue" as the ferries will remain closed for a long time. All his customers have gone. 

Our West End ferry terminal actually doesn't exist. It was torn off and is either at the bottom of the Brisbane river or in Moreton Bay by now.

No more ferry.

If you still wish to help James, I will continue to pass on your gifts as they come in. I explained the situation to my boys in the car on the way to school, putting life into perspective for them. Big one said to me, "Mum, I feel so good about helping James, it makes me want to cry with happiness". Me too son, me too. A good day. Everyone is happy.


  1. Ooooo.... B's words have brought tears to my eyes!

  2. I didn't realise it had been so long since I had read my blogs...I saw the title...James? Who is James...a pet? Another child?
    So had to read back through all the posts I had missed. Bless you A-M! Have made a little donation xxx

  3. How truly lovely - James looks like a lovely man with a big heart and I can imagine how much it would mean to him that someone as kind-hearted as you A-M is there to lend a helping hand.

  4. awesome! so happy for him and your boys!! good onya AM!

  5. My, that comment from your son must make you so so proud to be his mother. You have such wonderful boys :)

  6. that is a gorgeous photo! Those smiles made my day. I can see why you are feeling so uplifted right now.

  7. Yet another testament to your huge and generous heart, Lovely. And also how well you have raised your sons. J x

  8. Yes it's been a wonderful week A-Me.
    I hope James finds another location he is comfortable with. The boys look so happy. Life is good.
    Hugs to all

  9. A very good day indeed.

    I love the boys school uniforms! Your continent is so beautiful, glad I get to see a little of it through your blog.

  10. Thank you for the update! That is sad about the terminal and I hope that James finds a new spot to make his. Your boys are so sweet, how proud you must feel. :)

  11. Your. boys are really specials, and you inspire me every day. Love your blog and your huge heart.God bless you . Kisses frm Brasil

  12. So well done! Your boy is a treasure!
    I see the happy word! Thank goodness!

    Much love and well wishes to you all!
    xoxo victoria

  13. Happiness makes you cry, one of lifes paradoxes. Hard to believe that a few weeks ago we were all trying to cheer you and now you are the one cheering us. Thank you so much. Love, Heidi

  14. And sometimes out of the worst disasters the best lessons of life are learned. You are raising your boys to be passionate, compassionate and engaged young men. You are truly an amazing woman A-M!


  15. This lesson of compassion that you are teaching your boys is real and powerful and will last a lifetime!!

  16. Gosh you have done a good job with those boys A-M. A terrific role model for them. Enjoy your day. Deb

  17. Dear A-M,
    Those boys of yours are priceless - I hope B can wait 15 years to be my princess's 1st boyfriend!! (Sophie is nearly 4!) - he is a gem.

    So glad you are having these good days blessed with happiness.

    Christine xo

  18. I was so shocked to see the state of the Ferry terminal. I hope that it's very high up on the City Council's Fix-Up Quick priority list. Lovely to see the news about James's washing machine!!
    Millie x

  19. I am reading your story about James and my heart was so touched. What a kind thing you did for that man and what a great thing you have taught your boys. Love it! Thanks for the meaningful inspiration!!


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