Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I was never a Dietitian. I was never once 52kg.

See this?...bathed in electric light?.. this is my breakfast. A coffee, made with kettle boiled water (full on 'electrically boiled'!) and a chocolate brownie lovingly made by my friend Anne-Marie (A-Mi).

Yes we have power and yes I finally met my namesake in real life yesterday. It was emotional.

Firstly, my friend A-Mi (i as she spells her name with an 'ie' and not 'ee' like me)...  so totally more wonderful in real life. A loyal blog commenter.....rain, hail, shine, flood. An imaginary bloggy friend materialises to become a kindred spirit. We spent the WHOLE day in the coffee club ... never once looked at our watches... except when I realised that I had children that needed picking up from school. My friend Luma even joined us for a time and then wafted out.

A-Mi came bearing 'home camping' gifts which just made my heart sing.

A-Mi's gifts and her arm and pretty dress.

Champagne, chocolate brownies in pretty pink tins, lollies for the boys including marshmallows (cannot home camp without marshmallows), beautiful tea-towels for washing up camp stuff, a beautiful candle, tea and tea bag holder (blue and white, my favourite... she knows) ... and to top it all off she also had a little something for James (which I will hand over to him tomorrow... he is taking Australia Day off!).

So 'The Plurals' as we are calling ourselves, the two Anne-Maries/ees, got off to a roaring start. She's renovating a house you know..... starting next week. 'The House That A-Mi Renovated'. She'll never get rid of me.

I arrived home to find an electric light on. I almost died. I actioned every electrical implement immediately, including the washing machine (that I had previously tried to start on electricity through an illegal cord, hooked up to a workman's generator that Shane (complex friend) set up for me... shhh! It 'died', as I think all us 'illegals' were trying to do our washing at the same time... so my washing sat for days in water, inaccessible due to the fact that you need electricity to open the door of the machine).

As soon as all my 'electricals' were humming away... everything stopped. Wandering the corridors, I soon found out that the system had overloaded. Yep, that would have been me. I acted as surprised as everyone else. We went out for tea. My esky ice had fully melted and I needed some sustenance to summon up the courage for yet another cold shower.

Home again, lights were on. I ran the hot water..... hot!! I got in that shower like there was no tomorrow.... and around here... there most likely will be... no tomorrow (I still don't trust the electricity supply quite yet and am NOT filling my fridge!).

Talk about living in the moment. Eating my brownie, sipping hot coffee, washing machine humming, boys playing Nintendo, computer charging, everything bathed in artificial light. Never again will I take electricity for granted. Total electrical junkie today.

Today is a good day.

A-Me xx

Mid morning P.S. The donations are still coming in for James. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you still wish to donate, please scroll down to the post on James that has the donate button. He will be super smiling on Thursday when I see him next. He is having dinner tonight with the lady who was offering hot showers and power (from signs on her front fence) in a previous post. Such a loving community :)

Oh and A-Mi has just popped in with the recipe for the plate sized chocolate indulgence I had for breakfast this morning: HERE


  1. The wheel of life keeps turning and it looks like it's on its way up for you again! I really enjoyed reading this post. The kindness and generosity of AM-i is just so lovely. Have a great, electric day..Rachaelxx

  2. YAY - I am cheering for you A-M. That brownie looks spectacular. So glad you and A-Mi finally met, the e-love becomes reality - I love it. Have a fabulous day my sweet.


  3. Sounds LOVELY and exactly what you deserve - not to mention how yummy that cookie looked... :-)

    Hugs! :-)

  4. Isn't that great! Good to hear that things are returning to normal. xx

  5. I'm so happy for you, A-M!!!

    All the best.


  6. Yay for electricity!!!! You must be so relieved and how very kind of A-Mi to bring you such thoughtful gifts. Ahh, back to normality, have a great Australia Day! ;-)

  7. What a wonderful day you had. How fabulous to meet a bloggy friend and then return home to a house with power. I am so glad to hear you have finally had a nice hot shower! Enjoy all of that electrical goodness this Australia Day holiday.

    Best wishes,

  8. I know that feeling so well! The whir of the ceiling fans and the hum of the fridge compressor when the power comes back on - music to my ears. What a treasure A-Mi is! I have often read the comments she has left you and thought what a genuinely nice person she seemed to be. Looks like I was right! One thing for certain A-M - you will NEVER forget Australia Day 2011! Have a truly fabulous (fully charged!) day. ;)Sharyne

  9. My, that cookie does look huge!

    To all fellow readers, Anne-Maree is a hundred times more beautiful and wonderful in real life than you could ever imagine. I want to bottle her generousity and strength. Seriously we did talk non-stop for hours!
    And discovered several similarities like a shared fondness for turkey & cranberry sandwiches...
    Enjoyed a fabulous day my friend

  10. Power to the people! Literally ha. Very exciting. So happy for you enjoy your home made coffee xx katherine

  11. Hope it stays like that for you, and you have many hot showers to come. Yay for modern technology, execept when it's neccessary just to open the washing machine door.

    Lisa x

  12. Sound like the two of you had a lovely time together. Enjoy your brownies and electricity! Marita x

  13. Doing a happy dance for you!!! YAY for the power and I hope it stays on.

    How lovely of A-Mi to bring you all those lovely things - what a wonderful soul :)

  14. Here's to a new appreciation for the simplest of things... who knew a humming washing machine could be such a lovely sound?!

  15. It's an Australia Day miracle!! Enjoy the juice, love Posie

  16. Lots of electric moments. Good stuff. Still barracking for you. Deb

  17. A really lovely story...

    I'm so pleased that your power has been restored and you can now get back to (your new) 'normal'....

    It's said that good comes from bad and you are proof of have gone through an upsetting time in your life but on the other hand you've gained some strong friendships, you have also shown what a compassionate person you are in befriending James....Hats off to you Anne-Maree.

  18. hooray for electricty. in once lost power for 3 days and started to think If Only I had power i'd never complain again!

    I know your A-Mi she is 11/10 lovely and kind.

    Hope you are well- you sound happy and strong xx

  19. How exciting for both of you to get together and discover you are kindred spirits.
    I just read A-Mi's lovely comment and it is obvious that she is a friend in deed!

  20. 2 A-M's together, that's so cool. I'm so glad you enjoyed such a wonderful day with A-Mi and the wonderful suprise of power!!!
    I hope it stays on and you don't need to brave any more cold showers :)

  21. Happy Australia Day dear friend. The kindness and generosity, the spirit, love and cameraderie that you share with me each day with your posts bouys my heart. Thinking of you and the boys and sending love!

    XO, Andrea

  22. It is so awesome to see the love that comes after a catasrtophe. People at their absolute best after the absolute worst has happened. Love, Heidi

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  24. Sounds and looks like a lovely day. The brownies seem divine. I understand the power, hot water issue. We have just returned from camping, long hot shower = bliss!

  25. Seems like you have a new friend for life - there should be more A-Mi's in this world...Think of you often and please know small communites everywhere (we are in SA) are raising funds, donating money in so many ways. The local groups are so inspiring, we can only hope it helps in some way. Thoughts and hugs your way - let there be power!! Take care
    Rebecca x

  26. woohoo! I'm so happy you have your electricity back and that you had such a lovely day with such a sweet friend :0)

  27. oh that is hilarious how you just pretended with the others and acted surprised that the power failed - I would have imagined doing it that way myself!! lovely to meet your new A-M, as I flick to her blog too sometimes..... turn a corner and you never know what you might find.
    Happy Australia Day people!!!!

  28. Hooray for electricity and bloggy friends. And so nice to have your chipper voice back on the blog-waves!

  29. Such good news, and what a treasure A-Mi is. Nothing better than coffee with kindred spirits. Hope there are many more for you! Kisses to you. Emma.

  30. What a beautiful spirit and kind heart A-Mi has - such lovely gestures and so glad you were able to meet. Wonderful news about your power being back on and hot showers able to be enjoyed once again x

  31. Hi A-M, glad to see you blogging again on a regular basis and congrats on the arrival of your electricity..yay! I remember when we had no gas for a week in Melbourne about 10 years ago in August...those freezing cold showers made me want to vomit..I don't think I could do it now. I couldn't bring myself to wash my hair whilst under there so I would go downstairs into the cold laundry (no heating either) and wash it in the trough. Enjoy your hot showers!! Robx

  32. What a fabulous day for you, A-M. I'm delighted for you. 'A friend in need is a friend indeed' as they say in the classics. J x

  33. Reading this post sent tingles through me and your happiness of the day jumped out through the screen!!!

    So pleased for you AM that you are having a "good day" and that we can share it with you too!!

    Christine xo

  34. The longest we personally have been without power was for 36 hours during a major snow storm in November of 1996. Others were without for 5 days. This is quite a trial but we were so thankful when it came back on. Glad to hear you and the boys are up and running again!

  35. so good to hear you have some power. :)


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