Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday's Nook

Our street yesterday - hmmm, mesothelioma anyone?

Oh I jest! Remember when I used to do a Monday Nook? Seems like forever ago. All the prettiness. It will come back. "Trust in life", chants my dear friend to me almost every day. I have some lovely friends here in the complex who are helping me look after my soul until I can do it on my own.

Sat in the Coffee Club yesterday morning, pretending to be there for their coffee but really 'sucking them dry of power' to charge my computer and phone. The boys are still at Gran's, fellowshipping with their cousins, looking for stick insects and generally revelling in 'boy's own' adventures...... so I am drinking in the quiet and solitude in my little apartment. Drive down the main street of West End and you would be forgiven if you muttered "what flood"? It's bustling, alive and vibrant once again. Only if you peek down the side streets, do you get a glimpse of the horror that we have lived through the past week.

Our complex is still without power and is a complete mess. They are dragging sodden cars out of the underground carpark and peoples treasures from their storage cages. Drenched photos can been seen in the festering piles of rubbish that line the street. My street is closed due to it's implosion in on itself (the whole thing literally crumbled and sank) so I have to park a fair way away when I visit my humble little home. I am so grateful to still have my treasured possessions. I came home last night after an afternoon of cleaning and dusted my beautiful (dry) piano. The number of pianos I have seen in the rubbish piles that line the streets - heartbreaking.

Despite the hundreds of offers I have had for accommodation (for which I thank you from the bottom of my heart) I am thinking of taking the boys away to the beach for a few days. They really have had no holiday this time around. My heart has been in such a bad place as of late and I have not been able to fully be there for them. The 'Mother guilt' is creeping in. School starts in a week. I want them to be happy and refreshed. A bit of sand between the toes and a few joyous rides on the boogie boards will lift their spirits I am sure. I have this overwhelming desire to stare out to sea and read my books :)

My boys and their cousin 'Rosie', who visited us in our hotel when we were 'evacuees'. 
Yep my boys really did wear the same clothes all week.

Off to collect my boys. I have been excitedly informed that we have some more creepy crawlies to add to our menagerie. I can't wait to meet them!
PS Just found out that we might not have power for 3 weeks. Apparently the switchboard, 'doovalacky/thingamygig' is on "backorder" and on a slow boat from china. Handy. I have noticed that there are a few large apartment complexes in the dark, at this end of West End. We are probably all fighting for the the same piece of equipment needed to get back on our feet. I tell you, cold showers take a bit of getting used to...thank goodness it is summer and hot. At least we have water now, although I am too chicken to drink it. Me and my fear of E.Coli, we go way back. Cold showers are a small price to pay for the time by myself I have had here over the past few days. It's been so good. I am quite nice company.

Oh, and isn't this great: Click HERE


  1. So good to hear your happier and more spirited voice back! It's going to be alright!
    Much love!
    xoxo Victoria

  2. Enjoy your free head space and so glad to hear things are slowly returning to some kind of normal..xx

  3. Don't feel guilty A-M, you have all had an adventure holiday! (have you checked that the school is up and running?)

  4. Tricia, received an email from the headmaster with spectacular photos of the school under water. Lots of families have pitched in for the clean up and they will be up and running for school next Monday :) A-M xx

  5. You do sound better!
    A bit of saand between everyones toes sounds the go :)
    Wish it was nicer here in melbourne and I would be doing the same with my boys!
    Have fun

  6. Your strength and spirit are truly inspiring A-M. You and your boys have endured so much and yet you continue forward with a smile on your faces and love and fellowship in your hearts. You are amazing.

    XO, Andrea

  7. I trip to the beach sounds perfect for you all. It is so cool down here in Tas I can't imagine those cold showers. Brrr!
    You sounds quite chipper, which is great x

  8. How great to see your "Monday Nook" again! Pretty (or not) - it is just great to see you. Having lived with constant power losses (and flooding!) here in the Valley for the past 15 years - I know exactly what you mean about the cold showers. It's amazing how creative you can get when faced with the prospect of no power. We lost ours over Christmas (due to cyclone Alisha) and it was off for 2 days. Can't imagine 3 weeks??!! It is always such a fabulous feeling when the "lights" finally come back on and those ceiling fans start whirring. Hang in there and enjoy some time out at the beach. Salt water fixes everything! ;)Sharyne

  9. Some fun in the sun on the beach sounds like a perfect way to finish off the school holidays and the kaos you have all been through. I hope you have a wonderful time. ;-)

  10. A beach holiday sounds like a fantastic idea - especially in this wonderful, proper summer weather we are now having. 6 days of sunshine in a row... must be the old Brisbane coming back! No power is a pain. my brother and his new wife are in the same boat in their apartment in Milton. He will be bringing their washing around here for quite a while longer.
    Enjoy the rest of the school holidays with your gorgeous boys.
    Clare x

  11. I recently saw this quote on the Blog of a lovely lady who is currently dealing with breast cancer, it had been sent to her by a stranger.....

    "Life isn't about waiting for the storms to pass
    It's about learning to dance in the rain".

    ......I can't help but think that is exactly what you are doing A-M....learning to dance in the rain.

    Again your photos are a good insight to those of us who cannot see the destruction first hand. My Hubby was in Brisbane yesterday and although we have watched coverage on TV he said it was nothing compared to seeing it in person.

    Sand between the toes sounds perfect before school commences and routine sets in.....

  12. You've been through so much already. I can only imagine how depressing it must get at times. It's going to be a long journey but your going to get there. I think a trip to the beach sounds like a perfect idea xxx

  13. You really are coping so great, hat's off A-M...you are fab!!
    xxxx DJ

  14. Now is a perfect time to partake of delightful surrounds and there is certainly no reason to hang around looking at that mess in your street. Put your feet up darling and enjoy some relaxing vibes.

  15. I do hope you get back on your feet soon.

    Despite how broken you feel inside, you sound so upbeat and positive and beautiful.

    Hoping you have a wonderful beach break, sounds absolutely perfect medicine for the soul.


  16. dear A-M
    Just a little over 2 weeks into the new year and you have already been seriously challenged AND seriously blessed. Whew! There must be some life lessons in there somewhere! Let me point out one...believe in yourself. I for one want to say that you have shown yourself capable of meeting life's challenges admirably. Bravo, young woman!! A trip to the beach sounds like a wonderful idea. Go for it. We continue to hold you all in our prayers. Nancy W/USA

  17. Hi dear A-M,
    Sand in your toes, salt water on your skin, book in your hand. Time out with your gorgeous boys. Sounds like the perfect recipe!

    You are just amazing in your attitude and honesty in dealing with this (and everything) - you truly are an inspiration.

    And I do love ejay's quote...
    "Life isn't about waiting for the storms to pass
    It's about learning to dance in the rain".
    Enjoy the "dance" at the beach,

  18. someone at work just sent me these links. truly amazing. there is a part 1 and part 2...make sure you click on both..
    Scroll the mouse from left to right on each pic to see the difference


    Thinking of you each & every day. Mel xx

  19. A-M, dear,

    Quiet time can be very restorative. There's no need of pretense and one can sometimes purge one's emotions.

    I'm admiring the "pluck" that you Australians possess. Keep calm and carry on seems to fit perfectly here!

    Soul building, eh? You nailed it. (No pun intended.)

    A holiday at the beach? Wow, from wintry Ohio, that sounds perfect! The new creepy-crawlies? Not so much.

    Rest your mind and body, A-M as I've got a feeling your new life is bigger than you can imagine.

  20. Hi A-M,
    I know you are very busy with the cleanup, but I just wanted to say that I like your positive spirit, all the best, Maureen

  21. sounds like a good idea a couple of days at the beach. Enjoy!

  22. Just to let you know, I nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award - see here: http://flyinfoff.blogspot.com/2011/01/stylish-blogger-award.html

  23. Holiday is just what you need - if i didn't suggest it to you months ago then I thought it! good for you..so pleased you survived the floods and are surviving your trauma, whatever it was, from 2010. Take care XXX Helen

  24. HiAM
    I'm really glad your ok Life is kicking you now but I know one day you'll look back and see there was a reason Stay safe
    Kind regards

  25. Oh, Sweetie! It sounds like the 'old A-M' is returning. That's so encouraging, in spite of everything you have faced recently.

    Cripes - forget that stupid mother guilt. Life's complicated enough without adding that to the mix! A beachy retreat sounds just the ticket for you three. Go enjoy yourselves! J x

  26. There is nothing sadder than a broken piano. The scene from Billy Elliot where his father smashed his mother's piano to pieces so they could use the wood to keep warm in the winter ... so, so sad.

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  28. Reading all your updates ... thank you for sharing with us.

  29. The ocean is very healing. I use to just watch the waves come in and take my grief and sorrows as they drifted out. Deep breaths of sea air and sand between the toes and smiles on those sweet boys faces. So very healing indeed.

  30. Hello again AM.
    Blighty and I had an absolute GABFEST yesterday, and you came up in our conversations.
    1. Blighty thinks you must be the most amazing Mother!
    2. I think you must be the most amazingly creative and organized home creator!

    You and FF are people we would love to emulate, but think we couldn't possibly.

    In case you are ever feeling a bit low,

  31. Dear A-M, I am so sad to see all these images and to think that the same is happening in my country, Brazil, right now.
    I am glad you and the boys are fine.
    Be strong!

  32. Those sweet smiling faces makes everything seem less devastating. But oh my the mess you have. So glad it is summer for you and hopefully not too unbearably hot. We have frequent floods in the Houston area here in Texas. Not quite as wide spread or the magnitude of what you have dealt with though.
    Hang in there.

  33. Taking the boys off to the beach sounds like a wonderful idea, great mum that you are! Have a really lovely time..Lots of love..Rachaelxx

  34. You will have to bring the boys in to the garden centre for a nice hot breakfast before school then, ha. The beach sounds like heaven I was meant to be there this past weekend but didn't get there. Have fun, cheers Katherine

  35. Oh that little girl has such a beautiful,strong soul....She is going to be an amazing woman some day. So glad you are 'coming back'. I am full on with country music festival here in Tamworth and can't wait to catch up on your blog next week, until them - take care lovely person...Lisa xxx


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