Monday, January 31, 2011

Shining A Light

With the utter devastation that has hit my beautiful home town of Brisbane, I just want to help everyone... but I can't...... but by 'shining a light' on 2 people, we have hopefully have made their journeys a little easier at this time. Yay.

Please scroll down a few posts to find donate buttons to help these 2 wonderful people, Ken and James. I will continue to pass on your gifts as they come through and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your contributions.

And thank you for trusting me to pass these gifts on. The full amount that is donated is being passed on... every single cent (I am donating the PayPal fee portion on every contribution... as well as rounding up wherever I can... any excuse!.... no government administrative fees here... don't get me started.... Cyclone Larry? 2006? still $700 million worth of public donations sitting in government coffers... don't start A-M, don't start.. breathe now).

Latest total for Ken: $1590. Unbelievable. I could have added an appropriate punctuating swear word in between the 'un' and 'believable'..... but I refrained. I spent most of yesterday with tears in my eyes as your donations and emails came in. I received some some heartwrenching life stories from you, those of you who have lost everything, house fires, floods, paying it forward..... those who have lost children and wish to make a difference in their name, those of you who don't have much but have dug deep for another who is suffering. Oh, you have touched my heart like you wouldn't believe. Thank you. I am seeing Ken mid week. He has no idea (as he has no power, no computer and has no idea what a blog is and what it can do). I will make sure he is sitting down when I surprise him. Oh, still no plumber though... keep your eyes peeled if you come across one. Thanks heaps.

Meanwhile, Simone, over at Beach Vintage, has been madly doing her bit to help out those in need, with 'The Beach Vintage Volunteer Flood Relief' project she has set up through her blog (I really don't know how she does it, running her businesses and being a Mum as well as heading out on the road with her car stocked to the hilt with flood relief). Simone has a donate button at the top left of her blog, through which you can support the provision of beautiful meals, sandwiches, drinks and even school lunches for those in need... and there are many.

Beach Vintage Lamps via my iPhone - but of course.
Bit dark sorry - left the flash off so you could see what a beautiful job Simone did of the shades
 - she made them you know! The bases are teal. Am I embracing colour or what! Who am I?
That hulking great light behind is some sort of modern vertical light thingy - intensely ugly - goes well with the aircon vent and intercom all on the same wall. Why put a long, skinny, vertical light in the middle of the wall as a feature? I ask you.

Anyway, interior design sidetrack aside.... thank you everyone and stay tuned!


  1. People are so generous.

    I feel sad for people battling cyclones in Nth Qld. When will the Old Testament Weather Conditions end?

    Love your cheery yellow lamp-gorgeous. x

  2. I hope this helps Ken in some way. I have no idea how one would even begin to put the pieces of life back together after losing everything. It truly breaks my heart.
    As for your government, I can't even think about the maliciousness of these people to hold onto that money when so many need it immediately. Please know I feel the same way about my government also. Ugh my blood is boiling as I type.
    Finally, thank you for giving me the opportunity to help someone who I never would have even known about if it weren't for your blog and your compassion. xo, MB

  3. Hi A-M, you are just as amazing as Simone, you are a beautiful kind person. I know I have never met you but through your wonderful blogs you are a extremely caring, giving person. Mimi xx

  4. A-Me you are doing a brilliant job of helping these two people in your life and who knows, others might be waiting in the wings, you just haven't meet them yet. Like we discussed with Luma this is a marathon!
    All the money stashed away (Vic fires, Larry and Qld floods) what gives. I was amazed to learn squillions have still not been distributed to fire victims...someone please explain?
    Please give Ken a hug for me, he reminds me of my dear Dad, incredibly proud and independant. Looks like Simone is achieving wonderful deeds, she also deserves a huge pat on the back. Oh and love the lamp. Giggled at your 'I don't know myself anymore' line, well me too. I bought a pink and orange cushion recently ...unbelievable.

  5. We were talking about the Cyclone Larry issue yesterday. The SMH did a story about the Victorian Bushfire Victims - same deal. Apparently lots of money still being held, not put to good use. Some of the money has been used to pay counsellors,(and giving some of these who were unemployed, paid work, but not the actual physcial and material help victims need to get back on their feet. Also some money was used on things like police stations etc that suffered, and shouldn't be paid for directly by the public anyway. Forget the housing etc that's needed.

    We donate through channels we know will do the same as you -make sure the $ go where they are needed first and foremost. A job well done A-M.

    Lisa x

  6. You are a wonderful woman, and your kindness is huge. I'm so happy in my confortable home, in my confortable life and i'm crying right now because you remind me about that and what a shame!in my country happened the same tragedy in Rio de Janeiro,Thank you for the incredible example. Sorry because my english is so poor, I would like to tell you better, but in my heart is enough.Nádia

  7. Mate. you are a trouper. Love your work. Forget the Premiers fund, we are getting out there and getting to the people NOW when they need us. I am sickened by Blighs fund, sickened. Love the lamps and glad they have gone to a good home!

  8. What a wonderful job you are doing! It has been amazing to watch people in action. The lamp is gorgeous too.

  9. Your blog on the floods has touched me in a way that news stories have not. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help someone like Ken.

  10. Hi A-M

    I might be albe to help with the plumber for Ken.
    My darling neighbours husband is a plumber and is helping some other flood affected people. I think he will need to know a little bit more info on the extent of help Ken needs and when he needs it.



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