Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Camp Boy

He's gone. Off to camp for the week. There have been tears. Little one should be used to it by now. We counted up.... this is the 6th year of 'camp separation anxiety' for my little tacker. Sent camp boy off in the smallest, 'full of holes' clothes, including shoes that are too small. One week in the bush with no showers...everything will be destroyed and will find it's own way to the bin when it gets home.... speaking from experience.

So me and the little one, we're as thick as thieves this week. I'm hovering over his homework with him and cooking his favourite meals. He's fragile. He even burst into tears when I informed him that he would have to do his brother's piano lesson, as well as his own this week, as I have already paid for his brothers. "I would prefer if he was here to do it himself Mum". Yep, heart wrenching stuff.

In other news: my custom light sample has arrived.... please see HERE for details. 
Email me at: a-m@capecoddesigns.com.au if you wish to order. I have to have numbers finalised by the end of next week. They are proving to be very popular :)

Ken: hot water system being installed Wednesday, total this morning: $2150. Thank. You.

James: seeing him this morning to hand over further gifts from you. He is moving on to a new site in order to try to replace his lost income. He will still be at the West End ferry bus stop Tuesday and Wednesdays though. So please say hello if you are passing!

Life is good.

P.S. It's raining here. First time since the flood. Nervous. Huge, huge cyclone up north.


  1. what with the flood the cyclone and Egypt the World has Gone Mad.

    Hated camp. I was already at boarding school in a different state, what did we need with camp? Send the day girls by themselves (we thought)!

  2. Not a camp girl either. Son looked at his weeks camp food rations handed out a school last Friday... "Mum, I eat that in a day, not a week"... and the camp levy is $450/year... you'd expect frenched lamb cutlets and an airfare somewhere for that! They are out bush, with a satellite phone, in tents and food rations! Just as well we are addicted to 'Survivor' here in this family. Son has brushed up on his 'survival skills'. I am so worried about snakes though... and wild boars up there :(

  3. Just think he will come back with so many stories! Good and bad!. Enjoy your week with your little one. The photo is so cute! Mimi xx

  4. I hated camp too, I don't like roughing it. I hope little one survives the week with out B, poor little possum! I love those lights! One day A-M.... one day when I get a lovely kitchen I'll be emailing you :) Have a lovely day and I hope those cyclones stay right away from the coast!

  5. Oh dear. Prepare to disinfect and debush said child upon his immediate return.

  6. Oh camp, yes, they do ruin their clothes on camp don't they?? My husband is a soldier & when he comes back from a bush exercise, i make him undress on the driveway (yes, really) & meet him with a laundry basket - no way those clothes are touching anything in the house!! Love Posie

  7. Hi A-M,
    I am not a camp girl, either (for me or my children).
    In fact, my children aren't that enamoured, either.
    I'm not quite sure why this has become a "rite of passage" for children, but maybe (as Mimi said) - they will come back with many stories (good and bad) - and maybe it is the bad ones that teach us the most!
    Love the lights! And especially love that you are back in the design world!
    Take care and I am crossing everything and praying with all my heart that the Cyclone up north peters out before it comes to shore. Everyone has had (more than) enough.
    Enjoy lots of cuddles with your little one this week. I can really relate to it - my son is in the same state just because his older brother is at a sleep-over - and that's only for the night!

    Love Cxx (An Adelaide Girl)

  8. Have not had to deal with camp yet. I hated a sydney to canberra bus tour. Camp? They did that in high school... my mother wrote a note. I stayed behind. ;) My mothers notes are one of my favourite childhood memories. She scolded teachers and pointed out their stupidity..and always always always signed them, many thanks. We refer to these as the many thanks letters.. I sign all school notes the same ;)

    Enjoy indulging your l.onley child this week.

  9. Lanne, how great was your Mum! ...many thanks... love it. Posie, can picture you welcoming hubby with washing basket. A-M xx

  10. Aww, I hope he fun at camp, I never went!

    That is so amazing about Ken and James! I am so happy that they are getting help! Will pray that it does not rain too much there, how scary.

  11. A-M, cant believe he is off to camp so soon after starting back to school.. I know my oldest son Jack (14 soon) wouldnt enjoy camping too much , but being with their friends would certainly ease things! I think its a great experience for them however, being with nature; no computers; no technology, just learning about the land and the world, and themselves, it will be such an enriching experience. I was a `survivor` addict too, I know i wouldnt last however!!! I think the mosquitoes would be the end for me, oh yeah, and no showers... (but i`m happy for my kids to do it!!!!! - how bad does that make me sound!! :)
    Praying that the cyclone wont come your way and will hopefully fizzle out before it hits the land..
    Laura xx

  12. Reading all the comments from you girls reminds me of the lyrics to a song I used to like..."I lied about being the outdoors type"..it was a funny song about a guy trying to impress his girlfriend. I must be the odd one out because I enjoyed camps and wished my boys could have been on more. I think the bad food and dirty clothes adds to the adventure, but I did have three older brothers so maybe it is the tomboy talking xx

  13. Was just laughing at Posie's comment :)

    Loving that light, gorgeous shape.

    You and the little one have fun this week and everything crossed that cyclone goes away.

  14. Is your son ok with the cyclone coming in? Rachaelxx

  15. Take care boys (and Mum) hope all goes well and the heartbreak eases.

    I loved camp as a kid, even loved it into my twenties, but boy have my standards changed now :) I'm a comfort freak and have developed a very low whinge threshold!


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