Friday, February 25, 2011

Extended Birthday

Scissors, paper, rock outside piano lessons!

We had no time for birthday frivolity yesterday as we headed straight to piano lessons after school and then soccer training..... so... even though it's a school morning and total madness... we are putting in a serious session on the new X Box this morning, before school. Sorry to cut and run.. I promise something pretty tomorrow. This post is living proof that I really make every post up on the spot first thing in the morning!


  1. I hope this extended birthday day is a good one!!!

    Kat ;)

  2. This photo reminds me of our two grandsons in Arizona, ages 5 and 6. They play together all the time and one or the other generally is wearing a hat.



  3. Wow! You wake up early! In Brasil, I'm endind my work day. By the way, Am I seeing "The "House" in the back?
    God Bless you and the gorgeous boys!
    Kisses from Brasil

  4. I love all your posts A-M. Enjoy the extended birthday and have a fabulous weekend. Mimi xx


    I myself is having bad flu (again) but no to worry coz docs boosted me with all meds I needed.

    Wish your around, so we can celebrate together my 22nd wedding anniversary & kiddo's bday.

    Happy Friday, Dowunder and enjoy the week-end ahead.

  6. Have a fun day A-M. Glad you love the cameo set. cheers Katherine

  7. I like the sound of extended birthday..wish all my birthdays were extended ones :) Have a great time celebrating x

  8. Ah, a brilliant moment captured. You've reminded me to do more of the spontaneous 'snapping' - thanks, A-M! J x

  9. Have a great, great day - the weekend is ahead of us! :-)

  10. the pressie was an X Box. Well, I'm sure *both* boys are loving that! :)

  11. Hello A-M,
    Happy birthday to your big boy- I can see how quick they have grown..they are such handsome boys.
    nice to hear from you and thank you for comment on my blog~ did you see the AUSTRALIAN COMMONWEALTH MILITARY FORCES button!
    have a lovely weekend
    xo Colette ~ Afrique du Sud

  12. I believe that birthdays should be extended over a week at least!

    btw I prefer your seat-of-the-pants style with blogging. Makes it more fun!

  13. Not only do we have extended birthdays, we have half birthdays since a Dec 26th date gets lost in the shuffle.

  14. Lovely blog, beautifully written and heart felt - look forward to reading your posts.


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