Monday, February 28, 2011

Good Things

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Ok, so I am all fired up after my workshop yesterday.

First thing I did, when I walked in the door, was sit my boys down and say, "please tell me now if there is anything that I am doing as a mother that you feel would lead you to need therapy when you're beautiful young men". Big one took it seriously and launched into a dialogue of how I am a great Mum as I let him go to the last school dance (where 6 girls kissed him... I know.. so forward... "but Mum they kissed me"... 13 years of age.. I was still playing with Barbies and boys had severe germs when I was 13). Little one just looked at me and blinked. This is the one who took great offence at me stating "I don't know anything" when helping big one with his homework the other day.. "but Mum, you know EVERYTHING". Good, he's still in the 'Mum can do no wrong stage'. Big one thinks I'm cool... so we're travelling well.

It was so good to get back to basics and also surround myself with beautiful people who also want to grow and love more. It was good... I cried buckets, not just for me but for the pain that others have had to endure in their lives. Oh, the destructive behaviours passed down from generation to generation. We all have so much in common, us humans. We are not alone in our problems or fears. I came out into the sunshine yesterday feeling strong.... and grateful.

So this morning, inspired by Martha's concept of a "Good Things" list (although hers is all about stuffed turkey burgers and dishwashing liquid bottles)...  I felt compelled to create a list of 10 good things in my life. Just off the top of my head... this is what came to mind. Would love to hear yours too!

A-M's List of Good Things

My boys
My family and friends
Good health
A hot shower
A warm bed
Cold water to quench a thirst
A view
Being needed

Happy Monday!


  1. Your boys are so sweet - I´d like them if I met them! :-)

    Oh a list off the top of my head (not that specific in order):

    My boys
    My family
    Seeing other countries
    My camera
    My silly animals
    Sleeping in
    The ocean

    Have a great sunday evening! :-)

  2. Hi Tinajo, it's Monday morning in my hemisphere! You have a great Sunday evening, I've just slept through ours! A-M xx

  3. My boys
    Just up morning hugs and kisses (from my boys all warm and cuddly)
    Their laughter
    A roof over my head
    A good job that supports me and just keeps the bills paid
    Good people
    Our view


  4. A-M,

    That's such a sweet story. It sounds like your older boy is quite a hit with the ladies!

    My list of good things:

    A wonderfully loving husband
    A sweet and caring stepdaughter
    Our four dogs and cat
    My health and the health of our family
    Getting to live where I live
    Being educated
    A perfect latte
    Seeing the Eiffel Tower
    Cheese fondue
    My husband's lengthy and ever growing career in the fire service that enables me to stay home.

    Thank you for asking us to do this. It's so easy to forget to appreciate what one has. I needed this reminder.

  5. Glad you're feeling a little better girlfriend took a slightly different tac when her daughter announced she was going to do a similar type of workshop.

    She told her have a good time, learn a lot, but don't come back here and start blaming me for all of your perceived problems. She said she'd done the best she could raising her children and it was up to them to go into the world and then make the best of things
    Fortunately, her kids are pretty nice young people and seem to be very well adjusted lol

  6. AM that sounds FASCINATING! Laughed out loud re Martha's list and the dishwashing liquid in the fancy glass bottle concept!!

    Good Things:

    My family
    My friends
    My baby (3 weeks to go!)
    My job and the people I work with
    My garden
    Being lucky enough to have passions that make me happy
    My ability to make others laugh. Which makes me laugh
    My bedroom and everything in it.
    Modern medicine.


  7. I forgot to mention my 10 things. They are:

    A great husband
    My own home
    Good health
    supportive family
    a job giving me the ability to "pay my own way"
    great girlfriends
    Our two dogs and cat and our chooks
    Life in Melbourne
    a good coffee

  8. Long time reader of your blog, first time commenter. I highly doubt that this comment will be published but I hope you take it in the spirit it's intended - I'm not 'trolling' your blog or looking to make you feel bad but I feel I have to point out that you're putting ALOT of personal information about your boys out on the Internet for the world to see... You've mentioned their names, ages, described in detail where you live in West End, their school uniforms give away where they go to school and now you're revealing personal details like how many girls your son kissed at the school dance. I don't doubt for a second that you love your sons and clearly you blog about them because you're so proud of them but if they knew the level of detail you revealed about them on the internet (or they found out in future) could that possibly be something they would be uncomfortable with about your parenting? I also worry that given the popularity and nature of your blog other parents from your sons' school might read it and let's face it not all parents are necessarily 'adult' in the way they conduct themselves and could discuss this information with their sons because lets face it there is really no question as to their identities. Just something to consider...

  9. Family (dog included)
    Good food & wine
    Sea air and the ocean
    My tree view


  10. Being needed - that's a good one.

    My Good Things. Today.;
    My family; husband and children
    Jesus Christ
    hot baths

    So happy to hear you and your boys are doing well.

  11. Ah, A-M, I'm so pleased you're getting some soul food. We all need it. A lot.

    My list of good things is:

    My husband and children
    My friends, both near and far
    Good health
    A home of my own
    Speaking foreign languages
    My education

    J x

  12. Oh A-M, so glad you had a great enlightening workshop. It was so so great catching up with you last week for a drink xx

  13. My beautiful children, husband of nearly 29 years and our cockerspaniel
    Our extended family
    Special girlfriend
    our home
    my job as a special needs aide
    hot showers

  14. My four boys (including hubby)
    Our happy and (mostly) stable Home
    My garden (especially the roses)
    Walks by the lake
    Tea & Coffee breaks
    & SLEEP zzzxxx

  15. Haha - I get so confused by all time differences I stumble across! :-D

  16. To Catherine
    A-M would protect her boys to the end of the earth and back.
    you have been a long time follower you stated yourself - you obviously have enjoyed reading about her times with them - however raw they maybe.
    She like all mothers given the pushed need would become mother bear and protect her baby bears with force.

    To A-M keep up the posts - they are always wonderful and brighten up all our days. Even when your days have been not so good - we reflect ourselves and only want the best outcome for you and your family

    Big hugs

  17. My lovely husband
    My son and daughter
    My family and friends
    Our two dogs
    Living in a beautiful country like Australia
    our home
    Waking up every morning!

  18. Dear Ms A-M, I think my list would be:
    My family and friends
    Sunny Days
    Laughing with my girls
    Cooking and eating
    Cups of tea
    Reading blogs
    The stillness of early mornings
    Road trips with my family
    Flowers in the house

    I fully expect that my girls will need therapy after years with me!!! I love it that they will be calling each other when they are older to complain about me. Lindaxxx

  19. Thanks for sharing your lists girls. I just realised that I had experienced all of mine in my list by 9am this morning... except for the sushi... which I will have to action tomorrow I think. A-M xx

  20. I too am sure that AM loves her sons with all her heart, and would protect them to the ends of the earth. But personally, I'm glad that Catherine has brought up this point - I'm sure there are many readers who are thinking the same thing, and wondering about the physical safety and emotional implications of revealing so many details about the boys on the internet. I worry that the need to protect them now or in the future may become a little more pushed with so many personal details out there.

    I started reading this blog when it was about 'The House' and have kept reading since the change of focus, as is my habit with blogs - sometimes you follow a personality as much as the content of a blog. However, I have become increasingly uncomfortable with the level of detail I've realised I know about these boys. This comes from a place of concern, not anger, please know that.

  21. Hi,A-M! Look that!
    "We have been created for great things. Not just to be a number in the world, not to go for diplomas and degrees, this work and that work .We have been created in order to love and be loved." Mother Theresa.
    Have a wonderful week!

  22. Thanks for your concern anonymous commenters. Although I know there is no more detail in my blog about my boys than could be found on any weekend in any local newspaper about any young local sporting hero (e.g., photographs, school, name, achievements), I appreciate your concern and take it in the spirit it was given.


    Photograph, full name, school. Just a bit of perspective :) A-M xx

  24. A-M
    keep on doing - don't change. You are highly intelligent enough to know what is wrong and what it right. You are old enough too to know what is best (happy birthday by the way :). The difference in Blogs is they are there for all to "judge" and who are we to judge you.
    People - It is like a television, if we don't like it "turn it off" or don't follow.
    I guess you win some you lose some with people and unfortunately people judge you even though they don't know you.
    I think you are great! x

  25. Oh what a brilliant idea! Here are my 10 (thank you for the inspiration):

    My family
    My friends (like you A-M)
    My health
    A career that challenges me
    Playing violin
    A good cup of coffee
    Fresh breezes on a rainy day
    An unquenchable thirst for adventure

    XO, Andrea

  26. Allow me to be frank. I know how many girls your older, adolescent and possibly slightly awkward (because let's face it - teenage boys can be) son kissed at the school dance. I've read the heartfelt card/letter your younger son gave his brother on his birthday. I just urge you to think about whether it's appropriate to share such personal information about children with the world. Is this what they'd really want?

  27. Wow, some interesting comments here A-M!
    For what it's worth, I love that you are so sharing and caring and all your comments about your boys just makes me see how much you love them and they love you. You are such gifts to each other!

  28. I understand some of your reader's concerns A-M, but at the end of the day it is your call(as their parent) to include the boys in your blog. It is their call, as a reader, to look away if they don't approve, and not (and this is said gently) to judge and perhaps criticise. There are many blogs out there to choose from...I wouldn't waste my time reading one I didn't like. Keep up the wonderful work blogging, parenting and healing A-M! Toni x

  29. Hi sweet A-M,
    May I just say it is so lovely to see your beautiful face at the top of your blog. My list would be- no order
    My Family
    exercise and teaching people to become healthy and happy
    a warm snuggly bed on a windy cold night
    creating things that make me and others smile
    Trampoline time with our boys
    reading time with the boys
    hearing an unexpected 'I love you' or 'your the best Mum' from our boys
    Having a shower after a workout
    Kit Kats...the 4 finger variety!
    a toasty warm home
    a hug from my Parents

    I know you love your boys A-M. I dont share anything about our boys, my choice. What you do is up to you. This blog is YOUR head space, your sanctum...remember that =0)
    Ness xx

  30. i really love this, sounds like a great workshop. reminds me of something i started talking about on a camping trip with my best friend and all our kids. she was about to separate and i had a few years under my belt of divorce, so we were chewing through some stuff and this idea that i'd heard came up. I had caught a split second thing from anne of green gables (i think!) one day as the tv was going in an empty room. it was called the grateful game. and we talked and talked about it, and it was basically a "game" that when things go wrong, what is the gratitude you can find in it. can be difficult to do sometimes but a pretty good skill really. the boys were young and came up with all manner of crazy things like "well if i cut my finger reeeeeaaalllly bad, and its oozing blood everywhere, i would be grateful that i didnt cut it clean off!" etc! sometimes i need reminding to keep playing, so thanks for your post darl : )

    today i'm grateful for:

    friends that check on me when they suspect somethings up
    my beautiful boys and their big huge buckets of love
    my job and opportunities i have in life
    my dog - such a stayer!
    frozen curry at the ready for dinner
    my air con
    that my home is dry, unburnt and still standing (unlike so many other people right now)
    that there is always tomorrow.


  31. Oh where have I been. First of all... You have a picture up. I can see you now! Pretty face and all!!!!!!!!! Love this post. What a good mom you are. You're boys are so blessed to have you. I've been thinking about these types of things lately too. Mind boggling.
    Love the list of things you are grateful for today. I'm gonna join in on friday and add that to my post.
    Hope you are very well A-M!
    xoxox Trina

  32. Love your blog - been a reader for a long time!

    good health,


    diana at

  33. Well better late then never ( I'm such a bad blogger will get there one day hee)!!

    1, To here my children laugh
    2, Watch my daughter dance

    3, My son playing basketball (in the under 12's he's only eight) he's so small they tower over him but boy does he defend well :))

    4, Taught my husband to turn on a washing machine to cook & Iron (so loving that hee!!)

    5, My parents always there for me

    6, The dogs running into the ocean (doggy beach)
    7, Coffee (mmmmm)
    8, Friends
    9, Health
    10,Blogging friends

    Gosh I could have gone on but didnt want to be boring!!

    Elaine :)


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