Thursday, February 17, 2011

In This Home.....

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Amen.....especially the 'loud' bit...and the 'real' bit.... and the hugs!

Well actually, right at the moment, in this home, we're all crook. Little one is out for the count and will be spending another day home from school today with the most shocking fevers and headaches... oh how I despair when my babies get sick.... and me? ... fevers too.... and that damn cough.... where did it come from?... this time every year .... and I haven't even been on a plane yet!

Maybe if I chant, "I'm an athlete, I'm an athlete", it will go away fast. 

Any home remedy tips for a dry, unproductive, persistent cough? 

I know it's a virus, which then becomes pneumonia.. but I am willing to try a 'non controlled', 'non placebo-ed', 'non randomised', 'non multi-centred', 'non blind' remedy as the statistically significant, medically trialled remedies just don't work.... oh except hospital... but that usually happens in June... and it's all rather dramatic.

C'mon, I gotta kick this, I have 2 kids to boss around :)
A-M xx


  1. Get to a homepath ASAP! I gave up on Dr's a year or two ago and ONLY ONLY ONLY see a homeopath. Other wise I can give you the contact details of a great natural healer up there, Victoria Hamilton. Let me know!

  2. I'm so sorry you are all sick A-M! Do you have a neti pot? I don't know how it works against a virus, but when I have used it assiduously I feel better and get well sooner. A teapot does the job well too...

    Gargle frequently with warm salt water for the cough, and ginger tea ( I grate the ginger and just let it sink to the bottom) to make you feel better. And toddies!

  3. I still like the old hot lemon & honey drink it is soothing, & I always put vicks on the chest & right up around the neck & throat area it all helps reduce the coughing, hope you feel better soon.

  4. My husband swears by wearing a beanie and socks! I have to admit, it works. I don't cough at night when I wear them. Hope you all feel much better soon and yours doesn't develop into anything nastie Bel Athlete.. Rachaelxx

  5. Sorry to hear the family has been hit by a tran seasonal lurgy!! There's a bit of that going around! Love the sentiment in the poster....every day is loud in my house! My two boys only know one volume and that's always at maximum capacity. Hope you feel better soon x

  6. Poor you. Get well soon.

    My sister and her baby have just had SWINE flu. Can you imagine the awfulness? Their household hasn't slept in weeks.

    I say have lots and lots of old school vitmanin c and truckloads of antibiotics. xxx

  7. Take care you, lovelies! We had that crazy bacilli and it's hard to rid off. One week, you feel great next you feel dying. Been there. Am feeling great the last 4 weeks but I start coughing like dog again last night. Crazy weather, guess the prob.

    Just chillax, lay down and boost with VitC and eat eventhough no appetite. Sleep even not sleepy. It helps.

    My witch tips from the Philippines:
    Boil fresh & mash ginger, drink like tea & if you want, peel the ginger, wash & make that like strepsils. Cool, it helps too. Rubbing linement on breast & back is a good one too. Boil water & drop linement on it. Hmmm... tea, honey & lemon? HouseDoc? §;-)

    My thoughts will be with you, as always. G´day gorgeous, mate!

  8. Does anyone in your neighbourhood have an elderberry bush A-M? (They are usually found in older gardens). Because a really good home cure for colds/flu/fever is dried elderberry/cinnamon sticks/water/honey. You make an infusion of this and then strain through a sieve. A teaspoon for children and couple of teaspoons for adults will have you all up and about in no time. Let me know if you would like the recipe (you could possibly pick up dried elderberry at a health food store as well.) ;)Sharyne

  9. My mum swears by honey and vinegar. Equal parts. Down the hatch. I've never been game enough to try it on the kids - I just imagine all that vinegar coming right back up.

    PS: Love the image.

  10. I hope you all feel a lot better very very soon A-M. Take care x

  11. Before going to bed have a hot lemon drink with a nip of brandy added. Or...depending on how your days been....forget the lemon and water and just drink the brandy.
    Hope you're all better soon.

  12. So sorry you and the boys are's been going around here as well. I just got over the whole cough thing (took a while) but what really helped was dringing tons of Echinacea tea and taking Cold & Flu homeopathics...oh yes, and homemade chicken works!
    Feel better soon, the lot of you!
    xo J~

  13. Oh sweetie i dont have any remedies that work in such cases. i feel for you, all three of you. as mum you cant afford to get sick can you? Are you having hot lemon drinks, it is a soothing drink with honey in. hope this doesnt progress to pneumonia though.

  14. Hi A-M,
    I don't think it's really a cure, in this house we live on home- made chicken soup when we're not well and it seems to help, maybe it's all the love that goes into making it. I've been told of an old wives tale that if you place quartered onion on plates around the place you cough a lot less - would make for a smelly house though don't you think! Take care, hope you get well soon, Robyn

  15. Lots of hot toddies :). Get some good rum (Mount Gay is always nice), some honey, some lemon and some hot water. After a couple you won't even care if you're sick anymore ;).

    Hope you and your chicks all get back to rights soon.


  16. I swear by Vitamen C, water, and pretending its not there. If I feel a flu or something coming on I say..."Stay away from me I do not have time for you.." ha. I realise you are past this stage so I hope you are on the mend too. Love your inspiration pic today. Cheers Katherine

  17. ditto to trans-seasonal colds (so far no pneunomia though)
    ditto to most of the advice already given. I will add taking L-Lysine which is one fo the few virus fighters out there, plus fresh ginger (in tea or fresh juices) which raises your temperature internally a little to fight viruses, plus lots of garlic, heaps of fluids....definately see a naturopath.
    Good luck AM and many hugs for your boys too.
    Romana xx

  18. Hope you're feeling MUCH better soon!

    I have had a sleepless week with two sick little ones. My four year old has had a croupy night cough and the one thing that gave him relief was raising the head of his mattress. Simple but dead effective!

  19. Try Ivy Leaf extract, it sells under the name of Prospan or Arbrilar. You can buy it over the counter from the chemist. Our Dr used to recommend it very highly. She was very interested in holistic/natural medicine. It seems to be the only thing that works with mycoplasma, which we caught continuously when we lived in Asia. Best of luck.

  20. Naturpath ,Tina White in Brisbane !
    Be Well
    Karyn x

  21. Tea and sympathy is my best idea. Oh and lots of lazing around on the couch.
    I feel for you, I have a sore throat today and ache all over from last night's squash. The things we athletes have to endure!:)

  22. the chinese medicine community swear by homemade chicken soup (the real kind of boiling a chicken carcass first)
    it is the marrow of the bones that give the body and soul nourishment.
    rest as often as possible and by this I mean sleep in a bed - not on a couch or in a lounge chair etc.
    garlic - garlic - garlic - natures antibiotic and help break up mucas and or keep it at bay.
    take utmost care - and remember don't share. :))



  23. Apparently to new thing is Olive Leaf extract from the health food shop.
    My Mum swears by it and even my skeptic hubby used it and said it helped.
    Hope you are all feeling better soon.

  24. My son is sick too and even at almost 19 I hate it when he's down and out! My daughter, who is 23, would highly recommend a hot toddy for whatever ails you! I hope you all feel better soon!

    Kat :)

  25. So sorry to hear you're coughing up a storm A-M. I used to suffer this too, year after year, sooo exhausting, not just for me but everyone that had to live with me.
    I discovered, quite by accident, that a change in climate was the only thing that worked. Hubby got a job transfer and I haven't had a cough since (lots of other interesting ailments but no cough).
    NZ is lovely this time of year;o)

  26. Pei pa koa is pretty decent cough medicine (from herbal as I remembered), great non alcoholic medicine, some western cough medicine are more effective, but this is non drowsy.

    You can access info online @

  27. Manuka honey it is incredible anti bacterial wonder! Get the highest "umf" that you can get at the chemist or health food shop. The umf is the potency get at least a15 to knock bugs on the head virtually immediately. Swear by manuka and haven't had a cold in years. Take a teaspoon when you feel a scratchy throat coming on. Good luck!! Ozjane

  28. Hope you are all on the mend soon - rest up!! x

  29. Is it possible you have asthma? My son has cough asthma which basically means that his asthma just presents as a cough, no wheezing. It starts in Autumn usually and lasts until Spring/Summer depending on the weather. He was finally diagnosed last year and with preventers he has no more asthma and no more infections.

  30. Gosh lots of good remedies above. I've read about ginger ...and salt water gargles (it has an antiseptic effect and it has certainly worked with me when I have a sore throat).

    Then there is tea tree oil - bit of a wonder substance. It was once used in preference to carbolic acid for fighting infections in hospital - that's how good it is! When I have a chest based infection I put a couple of drops on the neckline of my nightie/pyjamas at night. I don't know what a neti pot is but I was going to say that 2-3 drops of tea tree oil in a basin of hot water, then do the old thing of sitting over that with a towel over your head, inhaling the vapours for 10 minutes.

    I really hope you all feel better soon. Big hugs to you all.

  31. AM, you could try some Lavender tea. it's soothing and relaxing. best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  32. Oh A-M hope you and the little man are feeling better real soon

  33. What a great sign, will be saving that for later!

  34. I don't know if this actually helps a cough or not or not, but it tastes good and I use it :-)

    2 tbsp lemon juice
    2 tbsp honey
    1 cup hot water

    Mix together, drink, enjoy :-)

    Hope you're all feeling better soon.

  35. As gross as it sounds, apple cider vinegar does the trick! Great for sore throats too! It is best to drink it plain, but mixing it with water and a little honey works too! Try gargling it, and then swallowing it down! I swear by it, as do my grandparents! Oh, and you need the "natural" organic apple cider vinegar. Feel better soon!

  36. Hi AM
    Get to the health food store and get some liquid oxygen...
    put it in your juice or water...
    use it as a gargle or mouthwash..
    brilliant stuff. if you cant get to a store try 1800oxymax

    hope you're feeling better soon xx


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