Monday, February 14, 2011

Me Time

Can you see that pretty silver tea urn in the centre? - we all have to have one now.

I stole some 'me time' yesterday and headed off to the Ivy and Piper workshop and tea party, here in town.

Heaven on a stick... teacups and scones, vignettes and chatter. We learnt all about the elements of design and got to rearrange their whole showroom and bookcase... all with champagne in hand.... it was fabulous, girly fun.

Check out the pink floral chair - totally heart stopping.

I had to giggle when my team was doing our bookshelf vignettes and Jasmine and I were scheming on how to incorporate more blue and silver into it, stealing props from the beautiful morning tea table. Always gotta have some blue :)

Speaking of blue.. this cushion stole my heart... the most delicious blue ever.... in a gorgeous linen.

And I have totally stolen this vignette idea for my bathroom
 - silver tray, glass votives, fresh roses and a perfume bottle stuck in the middle... totally stolen.

If you ever want such fun, sign up for the Ivy and Piper newsletter on their beautiful website HERE.
I think that's how my invite came through..... so glad I said yes. It was just lovely!
Thank you Melanie and Elizabeth!

... and a Happy Monday to you all my friends. Happy Valentines Day :) I am going to give my boys a big 'Valentines smooch' when they wake up. I think I can hear them stirring now. Time for coffee!


  1. Love love love the bathroom vignette! Now I think I must go back and buy the pretty tray I saw last Friday. It would be perfect with flowers on it in my bathroom.


  2. Love the tray idea..I'll definetly be checking out the website..Have a wonderful week..xx

  3. It was lovely to meet you A-M. We did some antique shopping on our way home to add to our vignettes!
    Lisa K

  4. It looks like a wondeful day! Who doesn't love a tea party!

  5. Oh this looks like a fun way to spend the day A-Me and I'm happy you decided to treat yourself to precious 'me time'.
    The vignettes are truly gorgeous.

  6. Gee there is some nice stuff there, it all looks so fresh and attractive too.

    Happy Valentine's Day A-M. I personally absolutely hate and loathe V Day. I gave Mr FF 2 Herend bunnies from Hardy Brothers (you know how much I love Hungarian things) in a sort of orange pattern with Tiffany blue ears, because sometimes he calls me "Bunny". I said it could be him and the baby.

    He's given me nothing but I suppose there are a few more hours left in the day.

    This is a horrible day for singles.


  7. What a fun day! Did you win best display? Have a great day. ;-)

  8. Hi A-M,
    Wow, what a great way to spend the day, I'm really loving all the beautiful stuff you got to play with. Happy Valentines Day to you, my husband even gave me a card and flowers this morning, I nearly passed out, we don't usually celebrate this day, so I better go and bake him something yummy in return. Hope you have a great day, Cheers Robyn

  9. Hi A-M, I did one of the workshops a few months ago, such fun!


  10. makes me very happy to think that you had such a lovely time. If I had been there I think I would have persuaded you to take one side of that table me on the other with the intention of running it out the door. I love silver tea urns and lucky me noone else wants my great grandmothers urn so its coming to me eventually. My family think Im completely mad about the things I like to inherit no real monetary value all about love and memories and connections.
    That tray idea is fab Im going to try my own version because I have the most wonderful supply of roses in my garden at the moment.

  11. What a fabulous way to spend an afternoon!

  12. Happy Valentine's Day gorgeous! Take your young men and make a date of it today :). Sending you all lots of hugs and love.


  13. Oh what a fun way to have some 'me time'.
    Enjoy Valentines Day with your 2 special young men.

  14. Love it. Do you think they might pop up here to Townsville for a little workshoppy thingy?
    Should I see if I can rustle up lots of takers for one?
    Happy Valentine's Day,

  15. It is so nice to hear you happy
    A-M. Enjoy your day with your boys! Mimi xx

  16. Oh wow, what fun!! Looks like a wonderful experience. Sending you a big Valentine's hug too A-M xx

  17. Thanks for sharing..that tray is beautiful. You made me want to share tea with friends with those lovely photos. Happy V Day hon!

  18. What an absolutely gorgeous day you must have had - everything looks so beautiful. Leigh

  19. Looks like great girly fun. Did you have lots of laughs. I can imagine much plotting and scheming.

  20. Glad you had some me time. Its so good for the soul. Big thankyou for introducing them to us. I had such fun reading their e-mags this morning. Fiona

  21. You have a knack of finding all things gorgeous and adding a little bit of gorgeousness into our lives. I love that about you. xxx

  22. A-M it looks like fantastic day. Girls from I&P are so talented.

  23. How fun to see this first image...I just recently posted about some fancy antique tea cups! Glad you had such a fun time!
    xo J~

  24. Im right there with you on the silver tea urn ! Where does one find those ?
    Loved hearing you had a 'giggle'.
    Karyn x

  25. I think our blue and silver scheming turned out well! Such a fun day! I posted some pics of our vignette at

  26. A-M so nice to see you have some special time just for you x


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