Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Coffee Thoughts

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Saturday morning, coffee is on! 

Just wanted to share with you something that a dear reader from Rhode Island sent me (it still blows me away how small the world is and how blogging has blessed me with friends I would never have met otherwise). 

"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.  It turns what we have into enough, and more.  It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity.  It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.  Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow."  Melody Beattie

When I received my friend's email, I had had a particularly challenging day. I stopped, breathed, looked around, and thought, "be grateful, even for 'this' (the challenge that day that almost brought me to my knees)".

It is true, gratitude makes sense of everything... and brings peace.

... and in the words of my dear friend Luma, "you can only be hurt by your thoughts".

Have a peaceful Saturday. 



  1. I've also had a lot of challenging days lately so needed to hear that lovely quote too. It's good to keep reading it on a regular basis. Take care of yourself. x

  2. What a simple but extraordinary message. I just copied that quote and printed it out to put on my wall. It truly does bring a sense of peace! Thankyou for sharing it

  3. sounds like a higher power sent you Luma just when you needed her...***Helen

  4. Enjoy that coffee!!!
    Wow! wonderful words and so true.
    Have a fabulous weekend!!!!!!

  5. I think you have a pretty good grip on being grateful. Have a lovely weekend. ;-)

  6. Just beautiful..and so very true AM....and its these friends like Luma that we have found through blogging that we should be Grateful for...even on a very bad day...someones words of encouragement or inspiration give us that little push to keep on going...move tomorrow is another day.
    Thinking of you x

  7. Wise words!
    Acceptance of a situation helps me get through difficult times. I also have a little mantra I often repeat to myself...

    Enjoy your coffee and weekend.

  8. Dear A-M,

    I have been following your blog for a little while now and have loved your honesty and openness with your life. I have often been moved by your words and images and have felt your pain, sadness, happiness and love that radiate from you.

    Today's post though, I felt the need to overcome my shyness in commenting and tell you that you have hit the nail on the head! Gratitude is the key! Sometimes it is hard to stop, take a step back, look around, and just see just how good things really are, but when it does happen, it is a special moment. The weight on your shoulders instantly seems lighter.

    Thanks again for a lovely post.


  9. I so agree. I have a lovely "West End" she has to be good doesn't she?...ha and she did a gratefulness blog last year. Each day she blogged about something in her life she was grateful for. It was amazing, they were sometimes funny, sometimes sad but always honest. We learnt alot in that year. Gratefulness is truely I believe the key to personal happiness along with empathy and forgiveness, hope you have a great weekend, cheers Katherine xx

  10. HI A-M,
    I totally agree, you have just got to go with the flow sometimes. Don't fight City Hall, just build your own footpath.

    In my case, I'm going with the flow.
    No power, no water, holes in roof and raining still so water flowing in upstairs.

    So, I'm making the toilet flow with buckets, the rotten food is flowing to the tip, the washing is flowing to the "pile to be done one day". We also go upstairs to admire Lake Yarrawonga in the bedrooms.I did not stand on my Kind

    I'm soooo grateful I did not stand on my Kindle during the cyclone. someone else in this house did.

    cheers, and chin up

  11. Oh Louise, I love your spirit! Hang in there in the midst of that cyclone. You are a trooper. Now there's the Victorian floods to add to all this. When will it all end? Thinking of you! A-M xx

  12. What great words, I am so glad Luma has lifted your spirits & many more have you lifted with your post today :) My sister keeps a gratitude diary she writes 5 things she is greatfull for on each day!!
    Enjoy your coffee and weekend A M

  13. Inspirational words! Enjoy your coffee dear A-M and hope to catch up for one with you very soon! xx

  14. Really very wise words and something to remember every day. The feeling of contentment that comes with gratitude is a great thing :)

  15. Gratitude leads to my favourite feeling in the whole wide world.


    God I love that feeling- always a prelude to happiness.

    I am so hot I am wearing a bikini on my heavily preggers self.

    You can imagine how crazy I look.

  16. Thanks for sharing that beautiful inspiration Anne Maree. It brings joy to my heart knowing how supported you are on your journey of enlightenment. A wonderful reminder of how blessed we all are.

    See you soon,
    Love Luma.

  17. That makes much in life beautiful!
    Your friend is a wise woman!
    Wonderful to share her thoughts!
    Have a good weekend!
    Hope the storm has passed.....

    xoxo victoria

  18. I never understand people who can't appreciate gratitude, i count my lucky starts all the time. I'd like to think my 4 happy children are gracious & grateful (if they have a hiccup, i remind them) & instil that manners are free!! Wishing you a weekend of challenge free events & happiness, love Posie

  19. I was wondering how you were making it through all of the stuff going on in your life. I know you were waiting until after the new year to start blogging again but when you came back it was with such bad news about your area I though you just didn't have time to stop and think about you. I hope you get through each day with some joy and especially gratitude with all that you have.

  20. I haven't heard that one before, so thanks for sharing. Really rings true.

  21. Lovely, wise words. I suffer terrible anxiety sometimes, as I'm sure you do, and the only thing that helps is focusing on the present and all the wonderful things in it. You can usually find something, if not a lot of things. Rachaelxx

  22. Beautiful words to really put life and problems in perspective. This is the extra nudge I need to put pen to paper and write you again. Expect another letter soon A-M!

    XO, Andrea

  23. You words are full of love. This has become my place to come when I need a boost of energy to keep going through my own problems.
    Take care dear A-M.

  24. A-M , even tho your blog started out on a journey about houses and homes and furniture and the placement of this and that, it has come to a new place in your life with the same and new circle of bloggy friends, but wow has the subject matter changed. Even tho its nice to have nice"things" around us, whats most imporant is friends, family and support. The women in the blog world that Ive come across are wonderful, supportive, caring, and sharing human beings . I dont have my own blog but really enjoy the women I've come to know on the ones I read daily. Their spirit inspires me. Julie in Holland :)

  25. Those words are so true. They work for me and they are a big part of "The Secret" DVD which is starting to have such a positive impact for me. have a great weekend, Fiona

  26. Oh, my, A-M, I'm bookmarking that one. Just beautiful. J x

  27. What a great quote. Just love it.


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