Thursday, February 3, 2011


Courtesy BOM

Hit at Mission Beach at midnight. Winds 290km/hr. Eye was 35km across. Took 4 hours to pass. Mission Beach, Innisfail, Tully worst hit. Still going. Now Category 3. 200km inland from Cairns now. Georgetown next in line. Winds still up to 200km in eye of storm.

Still dark up there. No-one has been outside yet... winds still too strong. Emergency services have just been deployed in Cairns and Townsville. No word from Tully or Innisfail. Nothing on twitter - power and phones out.

A baby is being born at a Cairns evacuation centre!


  1. Thinking of you all with love. xoxo Kiki

  2. Slept only 4.5 hours and am up watching the news like everyone else.

    I cannot believe how distressing watching the early morning news shows has become these days.

    I also can't believe a baby was born in Cairns in an evac centre! Talk about a dramatic entry into the world. Whenever I do anything dramatic (like cross the English Channel in a storm) or visit a former war zone I always think how to people give birth and keep kids alive in these conditions?

    Tully sounds like a disaster zone.

    Those poor people.

  3. Just about to go on my morning walk FF and all I can think about is your cheesecake! Worried about Tully - have friends up there. no news, no phones. A-M xx

  4. Thank goodness Cairns is ok, I was so worried about people sheltering in their homes there. Those poor little towns though, I think we'll see some awful sights. Rachaelxx

  5. I hope your friends are ok A-M. I'm watching the news but not a lot known yet. I'm hoping some of our finger crossing has helped and everyone is ok.

  6. All present and accounted for here at my place.
    Upstairs totally flooded, the roof just leaked like a sieve.

  7. Oh Louise, I'm so sorry. So pleased you are all safe. A-M xx

  8. 7am and no pics coming through yet from the worst hit areas. Dreading to see the damage. Doesn't it make you want to weep.
    Townsville copped it bad.
    Enjoy your walk A-Me

  9. Oh A-M! What you all have to go through, it's unbelievable!
    My heart and thoughts go out to you!
    Heads up!

    xoxo Victoria

  10. My family are in Tully and Mission Beach. It is still too dangerous to head outside or return home so don't know the extent of damage yet.

  11. Hope everyone up there has stayed safe. My thoughts are with you all.

  12. Dear A-M, I am crossing my fingers that no one was hurt. I could barely sleep as I felt I had to keep vigil watching the coverage on the ABC website. I can imagine it was pretty stressful for the poor mum having a baby in such circumstances. Hopefully, it was an auspicious start to this little baby's life.

  13. I can't believe how hard QLD has been hit in the past 2 months - just devastating! Hope everyone is ok and the damage isn't as bad as they thought. And how amazing that a baby was born at the evacuation centre?! Hope mum and bub are ok - it must have been very stressful but I'm sure will be memorable and an amazing story to tell the bub as he/she grows up.

  14. Been glued to Triple J radio all morning here in Edmonton to stay on top of what's been happening. Thinking and praying so much for all of my friends in Airlie, Townsville, Mackay etc.

    XO, Andrea

  15. Was just stalking you Louise! A-M xx

  16. Anyone heard from Sharyne? Innisfail? A-M xx

  17. As bad as it is, I can't help but be thankful it wasn't as severe as first predicted. But still, my heart breaks for those who have been affected. Poor old Qld, enough is more than enough! K xx

  18. Hi AM, I,m from Cairns.We were so lucky to have been spared.Can't believe what QLD has been through this year. Makes us realise what is truly important. Four babies were born during the cyclone.What a blessing they all arrived safely.


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