Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Image Courtesy Country Living

I cannot walk past a pile of cushions these days without having a giggle over Faux Fuchsia's 'solemn promise' to "Never Knowingly Undercushion" (FF, 2010). 

I walked around the cushion displays at the trade fair saying to myself, "hmmm, 'knowingly undercushioned' ... what a shame". She even has her Dad trained in the art of cushioning.... 'trained, or could it be an autosomal recessive gene?  I must admit I do 'undercushion'... but it has been 'unknowingly' up until now. What are your views on 'cushioning'? I used to do the 2 cushions at each end of the sofa but my perspective on 'cushioning' has changed forever and the numbers are growing.... much to the annoyance of those who actually try to sit on the sofa.

Have a good laugh today: HERE.

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.  ~ E.E. Cummings


  1. I love lots of cushions. Most end up on the floor though!
    Lovely pic of you too!
    Good morning!! :)

  2. well - I'm a traditionalist too AM.
    End of the couch can be quite practical when you are faced with the inevitability of them on the floor a couple of hours later, as they looked good for the children to cuddle with and roll about with - or to make a lounge room hopscotch area :)
    have a lovely day :)

  3. But where does one put all those cushions when one wants to sit, surely not on the floor. I suppose a special basket or such just for cushions could be nice.

  4. That FF is one of THE treasures of blogland isn't she? The best turn of phrase to be found anywhere! And a veritable cushioning guru who never fails to make me laugh. I think she may have singlehandedly saved the world's cushion crisis. If there was one :)

  5. Dear A-M, Heavily influenced by Ms FF, two extra rows of cushions were added to the three rows of pillows on our bed and an extra row to the sofa I am lounging on now. I am cuddling two as I key. They give me a happy sense of comfort and plenty. So yay to Never Knowingly Undercushioning!

  6. with age I am knowingly over-cushioning - must be feeling the need of some soft support!

  7. My idea on cushions have changed as well, much to the annoyance of my family. Mimi xx

  8. Uh oh. That means I'm an undercushioner. Our bed does have a multitude of cushions and pillows, as do our kids beds, but our lounge has the one at each end and thats it. Mind you, with two toddlers they just end up on the floor anyway, so having limited cushions in the loungeroom means less to pick up!

  9. Love the look of lots of pillows but I don't use that look in my house since Hubby could not deal with moving them every time he wanted to sit down. Also pet hair is an issue. Pretty, but no go in this house since we need things to be very practical.


  10. Hi A-M,

    I have a thing about cushions too. I like the look of comfort, and I like all different sizes as well. Also love the down filled cushions as they are so easy to get back into shape. I hate flat ones that look as though they have been driven over with a 10 tonne truck. They must at all times be plump!!! Even if they do spend time on the floor! I may be showing myself up here but I say LONG LIVE THE KARATE CHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Take care

  11. Ha, ha, the karate chop. I am a big karate chopper. Is it still fashionable or is it out now? A-M xx

  12. I'm another in the 'small children = undercushioning' camp. Nothing more annoying than picking up and replacing the cushions 12 times a day!

    Also, my dilemma is how to cushion a chaise. My dear husband talked me into one of those L shaped black leather numbers for the kids to trash over the next few years, and I can never get it to look right. Maybe the key is simply more cushions!!

  13. Eeeek I fear I may be an 'under cushioner'!! Must rectify.

  14. What a fabulous window seat picture with all those gorgeous ruffled pillows. I love over cushioning. But, my bed is the only one that has all the pillows. My sofa just has the two, one on each end. For now at least. I love to see a pile of pretty cushions on the floor too, maybe in a corner.
    Best part of living alone is I can make all my pillows girly if I want. Heh!

  15. Hi A-M, I am a proud under-cushioner. When I see a lounge being suffocated by cushions, I want to liberate the lounge and throw the offending cushions out. On my 3 seater cane lounge, I use just three cushions (grouped together). They provide comfort and some colour without smothering my pineapple fabric upholstery. Amber

  16. I'm a fan of two plump cushions at each end. Question.. where does one purchase feather inserts for scatter sized covers?? I'm keen to karate chop but it's not the same with polyester!

  17. Hi there. I friend pointed me in your direction. we're about to start building and, wow, there are so many great ideas here that I'll be borrowing! Gorgeous house. Rachel x

  18. I am not going to lie to you- some of my cushions end up on the floor.

    I once caught Mr FF throwing them off the bed onto the floor instead of placing them on a chair as requested.

    FF: Did you throw those cushions of the floor?
    Mr FF: (lying) No.

    I am like a Forensic Scientist when it comes to cushions on the floor- I can detect whether they were placed there or just chucked (the Devil's Work).

    That post about my dad has given my parents literally hours of amusement. x

  19. I've always loved a cushion and find it's a fairly inexpensive method of tarting up a room. Poor Mr A with an engineers brain can't understand the necessity for copious pillows/cushions on a bed and finds it annoying having to pile them up every night. Oh well. Come to think of it if he retires early he just shoves the lot to my side to deal with.
    FF has influenced my cushion colour choices so much that I bought a pink and orange pom pom (not a colour combo I'd normally choose) creation which I love to bits.

  20. Love the photo! I can't believe the resemblence to your younger boy! Love a cushion or 3 or 4 and the way they can instantly change the look of a room. Also luff a laugh with FF! She is great value! Rebecca x

  21. Well I am probably the wrong person to ask here as we even have the 'no under cushioning' policy for our beds, chaise etc etc.
    On our sofas right now I have 8 on one (2.5 seater) and 10 on the 3 seater. Our boys have picked up the gene to and love to sit amoungst the cushions and they never put them on the floor. On a cold day they will curl up and pile the cushions around their little selves like a huge down doona...and there is nothing like flopping into a huge over stuffed, just right cushioned sofa after a hard training session. Mic even has to hold onto a cushion when he sits and piles them up too...and they have to be down filled or faux feather- so squishy and plump!
    Ness xx


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