Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fools Rush In...

Ken's Home

... well it seems in my haste, to help my fellow man, I rushed into a situation that has made PayPal very unhappy. Apparently I had to have a letter of authority to fundraise or a subordination letter from a registered charity or non profit organisation or a licence to fundraise issued by the Australian Government. Who'd have thought? I didn't have time to run around and sort out paperwork... didn't even know there was paperwork, just wanted to get James a washing machine and Ken some hot water and electricity.... which we did folks... despite the bun fight now behind the scenes.

Paypal have suspended my account as they think I am a money launderer. No amount of business documentation, photo id and proof of everything is making a difference. Makes running a small business a challenge now! Thank goodness I got the funds to Ken and James.... I did get them to sign a notice saying that they received the funds so that's something! Who would have thought such bureaucracy was involved in such a spontaneous act. As I have just retweeted in my twitter account: "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are". Theodore Roosevelt. 

So now I fight with PayPal behind the scenes. Maybe I can live without PayPal. Is it possible to live without PayPal? I haven't for such a long time. Looks like I will have to.

Speaking of Ken, I spoke to him yesterday. He is having bureaucracy problems too. He's living in a house with no walls and has to justify his situation to the government to get a flood payout. He is very stressed as everything is moving so slowly. He actually said to me, "I think I might have that post stress syndrome thing". Oh my heart broke. He's old, frail and totally traumatised for God's sake. I have tears in my eyes just typing this out this morning.  Mr 'Government Person Hassling Ken', do you have aerial photographs of the flood? I do. Ken's whole suburb was under water. Is that proof enough? Take a look at the photos on my blog. He lost everything. Makes my hassles with PayPal TOTALLY worthwhile. So there. Have had my rant. Yes, I am BEING the reaction this morning! ... and it sort of feels necessary!
PS Think I might head over to the forum here and see if someone can help me:
Maybe a run first though! Grrrrr.


  1. Oh I´m so sorry, that was a true bummer. I hope it works out somehow, I wish I had advice to give but I know nothing about those things. :-(

  2. Hi A-M, Sorry to hear of these troubles. What a joke! Anyway you could look into merchant facilities with your Bank, or a quick google search brought up this link which might give you a few ideas. Hope it helps Belinda xoxox

  3. You keep fighting that good fight A-M. Don't you worry about what Paypal says, it will all turn to rights soon! Have a fabulous weekend.


  4. Oh dear..what bullies. I think you have a lot of proof, more than most would, that the money was for a good cause. As for the Government, you can never rely on them for common sense. The tax office harassed me for two years saying I owed them $180,000, when in fact I owed them $16,000. All because they told me (several times) to put the share dividend amount in the wrong box. They even threatened to make me sell my house! The only way we got them to see sense was because my husband had recently worked with the Assistant Commissioner of Taxation and she put someone with sense on to the case. We had a similar problem with a bank and it was only because my husband was working with someone in a position to do something that it ever got sorted out, how absurd! Poor Ken has no option but to wait it out and my heart goes out to him, it is very stressful and he must feel like he's not being heard. He may be suffering from PTSD, he's certainly had a traumatic time. Thank goodness he has you.. Keep fighting the good fight.. Rachaelxx

  5. There are no fools here AM - just a wonderful, kind hearted woman who did what she could to help two sad men in desperate situations. I wonder what Paypal does to help during times of tragedy and despair - probably not much! Good luck with your fight. Leigh

  6. Oh AM you're so kind hearted! Paypal seems like such a bully. In reality they are probably trying to cover their bums so that THEY don't get in trouble. Hoping that help is forth coming!
    PS in regards to your blog title, I don't think your a fool at all!

  7. A-M you are an incredible, beautiful, kindhearted human being. It is appalling that this should happen to you when you were trying to help Ken and James :( Keep your chin up, and remember the difference you have made in their lives. As my mum would say, there'll be treasures in heaven for you!

    Much love xx

  8. What is that saying...No good deed goes unpunished. The government totally sucks. I am sure there are some people that will try to scam but couldn't they just put in his address and know that it was completely under water? I am sure they know where he lives when it comes to collecting taxes.

  9. Paypal are liars, thieves, bullies and I dislike them so much I cannot begin to say. I hope you get it all sorted soon. It is possible to live without pay pal. Why give them one cent of your hard earned when they are such crooks, xx katherine

  10. Oh that is just dreadful. I hope it gets sorted out for both you and poor Ken. I've seen a lot of donate/raise money buttons on other blogs, surely they don't all encounter the same problems?

  11. So sorry to hear all of this, A-M!
    Who would think after all the flood, the government would be the next nightmare??
    Hope you can sort out the problems with PayPal.
    Take care!

  12. I had similar dramas with paypal and all I can say is keep at them and keep being a "squeeky wheel" until they sort it. I even had one of them tell me that they had forgotten to put through my paperwork! So if I had not kept calling it would never have been resolved. I really dislike the monopoly Paypal have but as you say when you are a small business what choice do you have?.. Em x

  13. Gawd, that's just the pits. It always surprises me how good people doing good things get sand kicked in their face, while mean people doing mean things seem to get away with it. It's a crazy world.
    Good luck :)

  14. Oh that just sucks big time. Bureaucracy (which has its place) gone mad. I really hope that it gets sorted especially from your own business perspective but it's a real nonsense isn't it. Acts of kindness shouldn't come at a cost, to anyone. Let's hope someone, somewhere in the Paypal universe makes a sensible decision.

  15. WHAT! Oh my goodness, it's just typical isn't it! And as if you need all that extra red tape to deal with when you are just trying to help people
    That really gets on my nerves, both the paypal and the flood payout nonsense. I wish there was another 'paypal' I could switch to in protest but they do have small business owners stuck with no other option don't they... grrr.
    I hope it can all be resolved for both you and Ken. I think maybe Ken should maybe go talk through the last two months with a councillor or something, it is a huge thing to have gone through and he might need to get some coping strategies etc. Poor Ken, I'll be praying for him.
    Have a nice run and a nespresso A-M and enjoy your weekend!

  16. Hello A-M,
    I don't think I have ever left you a comment before....?
    I read your blog and have read of your up and downs....watched your house moves with interest...and silently applauded the help you gave to two people who found them selves in a situation beyoung there say the least!!!
    But I am sooooo sorry for your current troubles, to say that the 'world' does not make sence to me any more, is an understament!
    I am sure there is life after 'paypal'....and wish you well in finding it!!!


  17. Good morning A-M, what an awful slap in the face after doing something so commendable. I'm sending you an extra spoonful of support today. Jane x

  18. Grrr what a pest. Maybe all the people that donated could bombard paypal and let them know that we are not money launderers, but were making the donations. I wonder what others did? I made a few donations through various blogs and am guessing they are probably all going through the same thing.
    Poor Ken.. there are disgusting people out there rorting the system and getting payments they are not entitled to and people like him are still suffering.

  19. Oh A-M your post this morning has stirred me and I felt I should post!
    How can we live in a country that won't allow you to do a kind deed without first "filling in the correct paperwork" !!!!!
    We are suppose to help out our fellow 'man.
    Sending you my prayers regarding the paypal issue and that they ALL come to their senses.
    Flick on the kettle and have a cuppa and breathe............

  20. Oh yeah... they found big time money launderer....millions through your account!
    Big time!
    (Geez...just leaves me shaking my head and wondering....It's just not right is it)

    And please send our good wishes to Ken and James :)
    -You get Paypal to contact all of us who donated - we knew what we were doing!

  21. Hey A-M
    Keep the faith beautiful.
    You know what you are meant to be doing and if that means you are doing it without Paypal, then it is their loss.
    Let me know how I can help.

  22. Oh Paypal - come on! Money laundering? Pfft!

    Poor Ken - just heartbreaking :(

    Hope you sort our your troubles soon A-M. As someone else said you can always get a merchant facility for Cape Cod Designs, we have one for our golfing equipment business as so many people baulked at Paypal anyway!
    If you go down that road always negotiate the rate with the bank you choose - we bargained them down - ha!

  23. Bugger! That just isn't fair is it... Surely Paypal will come to their senses and release the suspension? It is not as if you raised thousands and thousands of dollars. You have signed documents to show where the money went - crazy! You are certainly having your share of hassles... I hope you can have a nice weekend, keep up the fight. ;-)

  24. Well A-M, of course there had to be a roadblock of epic proportions there somewhere. Otherwise, it would be too easy to help out a fellow in need and everyone would be doing it!

    Paypal would be better off dealing their policy on a case-by-case basis but that would take resources, common sense and good customer service.

  25. Oh, A-M, hackles raised in Hobart now. And goosebumps, strangely. It's so hard to comprehend. Best of luck with working it out with them. I totally agree with the frustration of the monopoly. It's curious that in our free market economy, a rival hasn't popped up to take them on.

    I must admit, I'm relieved I'm not practising as an insurance litigation lawyer at the moment - I imagine so many policyholders are now finding out their losses weren't covered due to the definitions in their policies. I think there will be a lot of ugly fallout from these floods for a long time to come.

    Sending you a Hobart ♥. J x

  26. Hi A-M, not sure if I successfully posted my comment here it is again.

    Angels appear....fools rush in.

    You appeared as angel before James and Ken.

    Paypal are the fools who rushed in.

    You'll be fine...Paypal will be less fortunate.

    Love Luma

  27. Oh piffle, your readers know you well enough to have donated and can vouch for your honest character A-Me. Paypal we are not idiots.
    Crossing every T and dotting every I has become paramount in PC Australia and it's driving us nuts! Society wonders why the average joe blow no longer gets involved in helping out his fellow man.
    Rant over.
    Good luck in sorting out this fiasco and all the best to Ken and James.

  28. Absolutely ridiculous. I gave money to a blog-friend who then handed it on to a friend in need. What has it got to do with Paypal or the Australian Government? NOTHING!! And don't get me started on the flood relief fund. The reason I was happy to give money to you rather than the flood relief fund is because I knew it would actually get to the people in need.

  29. Seriously Paypal need to give themselves an upper cut..You've done a wonderful thing and as for the Government are concerned ,nothing would surprise me how far they'd go not to pay out those who are deserving..

  30. what the hell. take it to the papers A-M. These people need to get a life. I think most people would rather know that the funds are going where they are needed too and this is the case ! As far as your business goes can you just get a merchant something-or-other for people to pay securely online? Hugs today, Mel xx

  31. Hi mate, the exact thing happened to me too after my work with the floods and donations. They are just covering their arses for the ATO. Dont worry, just keep sending them the paper work they ask for, ring them everyday, send more stuff, ring them again. They will lift the freeze. It took me 8 days to get it done but it got done. Email me if you need help. Simone xx

  32. I had an issue with paypal too.. they completely freaked out because clients used my computer in my media room on my internet connection and ordered online and paid via paypal. It is the way of their rules. I stopped all paypal transactions and got an eftpos machine instead.. I didnt know i was breaking the rules.

    Surely.. you can set up a paypal button and people can pay if they want?

    Paypal suck. Are they are asking for things or threatening you.. or are you simply arguing for your account to remain open? If so.. it might be easier to close the account and just open a new one?

    Good on you for helping!

  33. My heart goes out to Ken. I heard a few people on the radio this week talking about how they are still living in flood conditions, all these weeks later, it's awful.
    Good luck with paypal, thinking of you and sending you FIGHT THEM! and WIN! vibes

  34. I am outraged on both accounts! Please pass on our best wishes to Ken and I hope your paypal issues are resolved soon. If there is anything we can do (a paypal email address to bombard perhaps?) please let us know.

  35. Could we not all send Paypal a letter saying "Listen here you multi million dollar company, we've had a freaking flood here in Australia. You know, that big island continent down under? No, not the one next to Switzerland. Fair go. Give us a break, mate."

  36. hi AM, so sad to here ken still struggling, I guess some will for a very long time and I do hope his funding comes thru very soon to help him get his life back together.

    What pisses me off with paypal is that they allow you to set up a donation box with no requests for all that stuff that they are now claiming you omitted to provide/do. It hardly seems ethical for them to provide you with the vehicle (so effortlessly) to collect money, and then carry on about lack of procedure weeks later to your detriment.

    In any case, I guess if it gives you some peace of mind, you should focus on the fact that there are many MANY people out there (unlike you) whose intentions are very sinister, misleading and intentionally fraudulent. And I guess Paypal want to check you're not one of them. Tbh, I think that's fair enough, but I think it is their site, and the ease in which you hosted a donation option which should be looked into by Paypal, and not you (other than basic checks etc).

    It will be fine, follow them up every couple of days and you'll be back on board in no time.

  37. I suppose PayPal is almost by definition impersonal - stay strong A-M! (I only just noticed your photo at the top of the blog - how pretty you are!)

  38. Oh! Lovely A-M! I thought these things only happened in Brasil! But in Australia!Fools peoples! You are a extraordinary person, stay strong!
    Kisses from Brasil

  39. Vent away say what you want and need to say because you need an outlet and we will gladly listen.
    Bureaucracy is Madness its all I can say really. Im sorry that you have had to endure double doses of it. I sincerely hope it turns out.
    There are alternatives I just did a quick check on the whirlpool forum you might want to check this out

    has some Aussie alternatives that might suit you.

    Good Luck!

  40. What you did was so wonderful A-M and I so sorry for your troubles with paypal. It is sad when we, the people, can not reach out to help a fellow man. And as for Ken, I am so sorry again, I just don't understand why politics is more important than helping out those that need the help and support.
    I hope this all works out for you and for Ken and those that are affected by this.

  41. Don't worry I'm baking the cake to slip the file into as we speak. I'm also organizing the prison visitor roster so you won't be the only one in the Day Room without visitors. Geez Paypal get a grip here, our A-M deserves to be treated like royalty by you mob, not like Al Capone's younger sister.
    Millie x

  42. Contact Today Tonight or A Current Affair and have them sort it out for you!
    So sad about Ken, praying for him.


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