Monday, March 14, 2011

In The White Shed

Look at Letitia's gorgeous new stock. It looks so pretty on my bloggy side bar too. Her stuff is just divine. So me. So Hampton's, Cape Cod, Frenchy... whatever I am. 
She's one of my lovely sponsors you know. Puts food on my table. Hopefully I am putting food on hers!  
Bloggy love!  HERE :)


  1. Letitia has some amazing new stock A-M.
    Hope you are having an amazing day.
    Love you lots beautiful. xox

  2. I know..just gorgeous.. I had a squizz the other day..but couldnt see the green hydrangeas online?

  3. A-M Love the White Shed, gorgeous homewares and her house is so divine. Sending love to you and your gorgeous boys xx

  4. This looks like a beautiful place for home wares A-M....xv

  5. Its such a lovely store, I love how she has managed to turn her own shed into something wonderful! Love Letitias blog too!
    Have a very lovely week AM
    Laura xx

  6. What a beautiful blog you have!
    I'm following you from now on....
    Wich you a great week.

    Lenemora from Norway

  7. Hi, A-M!
    Some humor in these times of tragedy. I heard this morning of a friend:"I am nanny, psychologist, , cook, teacher, nurse, coordinating, supervisor, personal assistant, laundress, speaker motivacional, driver, events organizer, fight judge and do not pay me the vacation , neither compensation for diseases or free days. I am of guard 24 day hours, 7 week days. I'm a MOM!" :)
    For all of us, Don't you think?
    Kisses from Brasil

  8. We have a beach house on the Yorke Peninsula (best beaches in the world). I had heard of the White Shed but didn't realise it was so close. Will definitely be visiting on one of those Tuesdays! Gorgeous stuff.

  9. I went searching for the hydrangeas too, are the online and I've missed them? ta :)

  10. ooh will have to go & have a peek looks lovley!!

  11. Thanks so much A-M! Green Hydrangeas now online ladies. Letitia xx


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