Friday, March 11, 2011

One Day

Image Courtesy House Beautiful

Still gonna have me a porch swing one day. 
For sure.

Happy Friday :)
P.S. Took so many little breaks yesterday to spoil myself (based on your advice) and drank so much coffee (out of pretty teacups) that I ended up with a monster 'coffee headache' last night... so I just had to take a luxurious bath, complete with book and mineral water in champagne glass (due to monster headache). Thanks for all your tips! We need to treat ourselves often don't we.


  1. Oh snap me too! I have wanted one since I was nine, sad but true ha. Hope you have a good day, xx

  2. That porch swing looks perfect and maybe one day if we ever get a deck. Your post inspired me yesterday and I took myself shopping - for me! I bought some nice things for winter. I am on the de-cafe lately so all good on the headache front. Have a nice day. ;-)

  3. Dear AM & Myself

    Self - remember this!
    I solemnly promise I WILL have my white beach house one day (sooner rather than later) and I will have a porch swing.
    Maybe 2 swings
    1 for myself & 1 for the others....


    Lovely post photo again - thank you for that

    glad your day went well for you, you do deserve that more often than you may realise - caffeine headache and comedowns are a terrible thing.
    Did you know: I was once told in a lecture, for every one cup or coffee drank you need to replace with 3 glasses of water for the dehydration from the coffee.

    have a lovely peppermint tea day and visualise you drinking it on your porch swing.


  4. I'm absolutely SURE you will! ;)Sharyne

  5. love it am yes its a must leexx

  6. I don't think most women spoil themselves nearly often enough. Love the pillows on that swing by the way. My front porch swing is just like that... but without the purdy pillows. :-(


  7. Becoming wary, after decades, of saying, "one day".

    Middle-age is a blast. Who knew one could have so many incredible, fantastical, beyond imagination 'one day's...........

    Good things do come....

    Garden & Be Well, XO TAra

  8. There is nothing better than sitting on a swing, looking out, and reflecting on all that is good in our lives. I hope you get your swing soon!! xo

  9. Oh, me too! One day I'll have a nice wide porch that can accommodate a lovely big porch swing! And aside from your coffee headache, your day sounded perfect!

    Kat :)

  10. Oh so sorry you got a headache after all that hope your bath helped you to relax?
    I'm with you on the porch swing its on my wish list too & fingers crossed I will be swinging on it very soon :)

  11. Wish I was sitting on that swing right now... instead of being stuck in an office ... ahhh

    Have a great weekend A-M!!!


  12. I treated myself yesterday too. I declared a day of no housework and cooking (leftovers for dinner). It was awesome. By Friday I'm usually so exhausted that I can't enjoy our morning out with friends. Taking a time out yesterday meant today was fantastic!

  13. I love the look of those swings but I always think of funny home videos when I see them. I can just imagine taking a sip of wine and the end breaking or taking a gentle swing and hitting the wall.

  14. I treated myself with a visit to Max Brenner today and wound up with a massive chocolate headache after. What a way to go though, yes?

  15. I love porchs!

    big kiss from Spain

  16. Lol so sorry that the coffee treat back fired and you ended up with a headache. But I am pleased to hear you took some time out for yourself. Take care of yourself lovely:)


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