Friday, March 4, 2011

Random Thoughts

I am obsessed with ruffles at the moment - this beauty is from Urban Outfitters

1. Going for a run on 'bin collection day' is very unpleasant and a hazard to one's health.

2. No matter how much one pays for earphones, if they aren't the ones you stick right in your ear canal, you'll never get a decent bass (I would like to be proven wrong on this point).

3. How can there be 1300 school uniforms to iron at the end of the week, when there are only 5 days in the school week and only 2 children? On the other hand, I look at the ironing pile with such gratitude as I recently received a big pile of hand me downs from a Mum at school. Being the first to have children in my group of friends, I have always been the giver of hand me downs and not the receiver... I revelled in this pile. Thank you sweet friend... I hope you read my bloggy today.

4. Once the 'moving house malfunction genie' takes hold of you, she's hard to shake. Last time it was sewerage, this time it's electrics: kitchen lights are turned on via the bedroom switch, remote controlled blinds wake you up in the middle of the night when they spontaneously open and close, oven takes 4 hours to heat up and then if you're lucky it gets up to a maximum of 145 degrees C... AND the hot water doesn't wake up until AFTER our morning showers!

5. Speaking of electrics, how fabulous is this:

We live in exciting times!

Happy Friday!


  1. You are so right! I went on a run this morning and tripped over a trash bag! Luckily I managed to fall on grass, but still totally get where you're coming from.

  2. oh no A-M! I do think electric issues are preferable to sewerage though. The video was very interesting although I think it will be a sad day when glass replaces a real book. I will be an old woman too set in her ways to ever do that.

  3. You need a halo A-M! Not in the celestial sense but in the running sense. You get it from here They are fantastic high fidelity earphones that fit in a headband and are placed strategically over your ears. No more earphones popping out and no more having to shove earphones so far down your ear canal that your ear is numb for 2 hours after running. ;)Sharyne PS - Don't stress about the crystal beads. It will be a lovely suprise whenever they arrive!

  4. Oh thank you Sharyne! I knew someone would have an answer for me! A-M xx

  5. Here's hoping that all of the home issues resolve sooner rather than later.

    The video was inspirational - I wonder how many of these things will materialise and when?

    Felicity x

  6. I have been reading your "bloggy blog" for a couple of years now and I never knew what you looked like...until you posted a picture of yourself!!! I love putting a face to your blog and must say you're as beautiful as the words you write! Hope life its treating you well now!!! ~Kristen

  7. You make me smile A-M. Washing piles (and ironing) can be a dampener to the day, I prefer to ignore them!!! Emma. P.S. Love, love, love that bedspread. Lottie is dressed in her winter woolies in the exact same pink today. Brrr, Tassie weather!

  8. Not long after we started living in sin, MOTH took over all the 3 younger boys school uniform ironing. He did it every Sunday night after dinner. There were 15 shirts & 6 pairs of longies. When he proposed later that year, the first thing I thought about was him slaving away over the ironing board. I said Yes based on just that thought alone!! Hope you get your utility issues sorted out pronto dear A-M.
    Millie x

  9. Hi A-M,

    Happy Friday to you!!! I watched the video and agree with Thea, hopefully too old and set in my ways when all this happens!!!!!

    Sorry to hear about your wonky electrical issues. Makes you wonder how it was ever passed.

    Nice to see you don't get offended when someone offers you hand-me-downs. Whenever the kids have received hand-me-downs I've always really appreciated it as they are worth their weight in gold. My sister-in-law on the other hand was clearly offended when I offered her any clothes my kids had grown out of. I always made sure that they were nice clothes that I'd paid good money for, it wasn't as if they were dirty and full of holes. Silly her as her kids don't wear the same thing twice!!!

    Ear-plugs I don't know too much about although for Christmas I got the kids some new ones for their i-pods and they fit really nicely in the ear. Drowns out the outside noises that's for sure!!

    Oh, before I go, nice photo of you on your blog A-M. Ment to mention that the other day when I called in!!!!

    Take care

  10. Don't even think I am not reading your post anymore because I do! Just saying'.... Love those ruffles and because I happen to be at Anthropology to look for a birthday gift yesterday I saw those ruffled shower curtains and only my budget restrictions made me stop and think before I did NOT buy them!
    I love such divine ruffles with light colors! Divine! And the the sorting of bedding in it's own pillow case is so smart! Will think about it next time I happen to clear out the linen closet! SOON!
    I love to read all your reflexions on ironing, running errands and the fight with the horrible electrics in your home! Good luck, love!

  11. That video was amazing ;)

    Yuk to running on garbage day (although running is against my beliefs so I never do it anyway ;p ).

    LOVE the ruffles too - SO gorgeous!

    Have a great weekend A-M!

  12. That YouTube from Corning was fabulous! I can see all of that happening.
    So sorry to hear about all of the weird electric problems in your new place. Very strange indeed.
    By now I am sure you are wondering when the roller coaster ride will end. Hang in there A-M.
    Sending you hugs from the US.

  13. Mmmm , electrics some good ideas. I thought would I want to be looking at images & information from the minute I wake up ? No
    What if the power goes out ? We'd be (excuse my french) stuffed !
    Karyn x

  14. Love that video - amazing concepts there!

  15. Ironing anf earplugs....two of life's great mysteries!

    A-M, you have such a kind heart (and a huge reader base), I'm hoping you can help the Christchurch earthquake effort by posting about the fantastic efforts of some Kiwi bloggers who have organised a virtual fun run to raise funds. I blogged about it here: and the site is here:

    I know you run, and hopefully some of your readers will join in and others might sponsor you or someone else who gets involved.


  16. Two thoughts after watching that video.

    1. I need to buy an iPhone so I can master that finger swish thing or I'll be the granny with no clue in the flexi glass world.

    2. Paypal is so last century. Ditch them.

    A x

  17. Gorgeous pink ruffles! SO feminine and airy looking.

    Thanks for the link.



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