Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sort Of A Secret...

Magnetic Brush Holder By Martha Of Course

.... but it can't really be ....when we're enlisting help... can it? Can you please visit my friend Katrina's blog HERE. She needs some help enlisting tradesmen for a very exciting project she is involved in. You'll be hearing a lot about it on this here blog when it is televised as I plan to be a very raucous groupie.


  1. You and me both A-M, I hope Katrina does get lots of tradies.
    Love you gorgeous. xox

  2. Hi A-M,
    I would completely offer the services of my lovely fiance who has a bricklaying business, but he just told me he's "flat out"... I'll keep an eye out though... so nice to see you put a profile picture of yourself up... a face to a name! I'm a huge lurker around here, I read everyday but rarely comment... I should try and improve :) Have a wonderful Friday tomorrow.

  3. Oh yes, i can imagine the huge advantage of you're totally used to tradesmen & renovators for that kind of show, wishing her reliable handy types at her finger tips. Love Posie

  4. Hi love! Thanks so much! I was wondering where all my traffic came from last night hahaha! I'll keep you posted xoxo


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