Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Morning

Fellow Brisbanites, can you feel it? There's a nip in the air! I had a couple of leaves fall on me during my walk this morning. Could we be moving into 'fall'?...... as they say in the Northern Hemisphere. If you really concentrate and 'feel' past the humidity, there is a slight change in the air.... there is a nip. Get those scarves and boots out! Can't wait to not be hot and sticky 24/7!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your emails and comments regarding my PayPal debacle. Just my luck that this has all happened the month that all my lights arrive on shore and I need to take payment for them. This paragraph on the website pretty much sums it up:

"Lastly, I have to say... PayPal is not crack. You can walk away from it anytime. I hope you'd step back and think about it, why would you want to do business with a company that puts you through all this in the first place?" 

Hmmm, good point. 

I'm off to tackle the shed this morning. The boys are armed with their ripsticks so they can ripstick to their hearts content on the lovely smooth concrete while I 'trolley' my way into the depths of who knows what. I have a couple of styling jobs to do and the products I need are right at the back of the shed... of course.... the hazards of unsupervised removalists! I will also locate the prizes for my giveaway... so sorry for the delay....didn't think I'd be moving so fast..... and if I can find my teacups, I will be able to be more of a lady when my Mum comes over this afternoon for a visit. Lots of jobs to do...doesn't life get in the way of life sometimes! It's good to be busy though. Grateful.

Happy Sunday!


  1. I certainly do feel the cool nip A-Me and am rejoicing, so over the heat and humidity.
    Likewise I 'lost' a very precious container in our storage shed which got buried slap bang in the middle under heavy stuff and it had to stay there for two years before I could check and make sure the contents were undamaged. All was good but I'm NEVER letting that dinner set out of my sight again!
    Good luck finding the products you need and enjoy a lovely cuppa with your Mum.

  2. There is always google checkout.. There is always credit card processing.. (NAB have an affordable option and you can ask them to reduce their fees!) .. and there is always a new paypal account hooked to a new bank account and they never seem to know.

    Happy shed hunting

  3. A-M one of the google adds at the bottom of your page today is for paypal online payments. Do you want me to stomp on it for you?

  4. ..and we are moving into spring..wich you a lovely day :))/Marie

  5. Hi A-M, Paypal may not be crack but you my dear certainly are. I find my day doesn't start until I have my morning coffee and my daily update of A-M. So thank you for my little daily doses of A-M and the boys. Have a great day.
    P.S "Fall" has certainly arrived here in the central west of NSW

  6. Hope you have a productive day, I can feel the nip and it sure does make working a bit easier. Xx

  7. I did feel a nip in the air last night and this morning. I can't wait for a change. Enjoy your Sunday A-M. MiMi xx

  8. Wow, I can't believe that about Paypal, that's nuts! I guess when people are in need they should just stand around and wait for the bureaucracy to figure it all if!

    I hope you managed to find everything you needed in the shed! And as a nip is filling your air, the warm winds of spring are starting to fill mine!

    Kat :)

  9. It is good to be busy....enjoy

  10. I would just start a new paypal account - we had trouble with them a few years back with a dodgy ebayer, and they suspended my account. Not prepared to live without online shopping I just started a new account with another bank account.

    Good luck with it!

  11. Have you ever tried the ripstick? My sone is very good with his - and now I will say AMAZING, because I can't even stand on the thing for two seconds, let alone manuever it around the way the kids do.

    Love that photo! ... is this your new home? You've made it look homey already!

  12. I loved this post because 1. you sound so positive and cheery (this makes me happy) and 2. your talk of the change in the weather is very much like what we are experiencing here in the UK, but in reverse! After a cold, dark and LONG winter I can finally feel spring in the air. Daffodils are appearing, the nights are lighter, the air smells fresh, birds are singing in the mornings. Today I had my lunch in my kitchen with the back door open and the sun streaming in. I love it.

    Hope you get everything done that needs to be done today!

  13. Hi and thanks for linking to my blog! It's so nice that you like my mudroom (or wardrobe as I like to call it :-D)

    Have a nice week :o)

  14. Everything about that image is perfect!! Love it!

  15. Let me know if you change services, and what service you decide to use. Paypal is not perfect, but we have not found one as good for the price and convieience.

    Also, just so you know, I think about you and Australia everyday. I miss it so much, i am even looking at job possibilities, but alas, there are very few communications jobs.


    Will Hosier


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