Thursday, March 10, 2011


The lovely Jane, from Planet Baby, sent me something from this wonderful site just when I needed it and I have been hooked ever since. I thrive on their motivating daily emails and am going to take their advice today and spoil myself. I am going to treat myself to a coffee and a cupcake!

Do you treat yourself? Do you do nice things for yourself? A few months ago, my Mum sat down with me and forced me to write a list of nice things I could do for myself. I struggled. My repertoire is still quite limited: go for a run, stop for a coffee, meet a friend for a catch up.

Would love to hear what you do to spoil yourself. And it's guaranteed that I will then steal your ideas.

Happy Thursday my friends... and here's to passionfruit cupcakes. Yes, a trip to Bulimba Bakery is my soul purpose today (besides washing, ironing, cleaning, mothering, school runs, working, music lessons, soccer practice).


  1. It's very hard isn't it. People always say 'go and have a facial' or some such but I really struggle to do that. And when you do have moment of peace one tends to cook or shop or clean or work.....

    Personally nothing beats curling up on the outside couches reading a book. Completely unoriginal but there you have it.

    Hope you are well. xoxo

  2. I treat myself to a monthly facial and a massage twice a month because I work hard and hey, I deserve it! I figure that nobody else will look after me. I highly recommend it my dear A-M because you deserve it too. Take care of yourself. xx

  3. what a shame we can't be told to have a cupcake every day....
    i spoil myself with coffee out with girlfriends, a bubble bath complete with champas in hand, a stroll around the shops, and my favourite love- op shops on a Friday and my weekly Sunday market visit! oh, and that also involves coffee and a girlfriend ;)
    Kate :))

  4. A facial or a massage are two of the best things I love doing (although I only think to do them two or three times a year!)
    Or even going and getting my hair done is some nice time for myself and you always walk out feeling fantastic!!!!
    I think I could go a cupcake today :)

  5. You deserve so much to spoil yourself...enjoy !! Have a fabulous day

  6. How funny, I just posted about nurturing yourself.. I don't get much time to look after myself but when I do I like to visit my favourite shops, have a bath, go skating, watch old movies, laugh with my friends.. I'll have a look at the link you've mentioned, it sounds lovely. Rachaelxx

  7. I will second sitting outside with a cuppa and a nice book.

    My copy of " Reinventing your life" came yesterday. I will be taking it on a road trip tomorrow. Now there's another way to spoil yourself. A little flying visit to see friends and family several hours away. Is there anyone who could mind the boys for an overnight visit while you had a night out with the girls. Or a short road trip to visit some friends. Much though your boys are lovely having an over night visit to see friends can be a special adventure for you and a special time for them with Grandparents/family making it a treat for all.

  8. Pack yourself a lunchbox and go and sit on a bench in the sunshine/shade.
    Someplace with a view, the river, high up somewhere, overlooking something nice.

  9. I'm not a big cupcake person, I'd rather look at them than eat them, but you have made eating one with a rich cup of coffee sound very appealing!

    I like to treat myself to a new lipstick/gloss/eye liner or a pair of shoes if I can afford it. Otherwise, I like to make a pot of good quality tea and drink it out of a china tea cup and saucer.

    I hope you find some time for yourself today!

  10. I like to stop at a cafe by myself and have a tea. Not with friends, just by myself and read a rubbish mag, which I don't buy. I only buy the good ones of course. Ha! :)
    A massage is a favourite treat too.

  11. as anti-social as it sounds, I'm big on a coffee by myself too- a good opportunity to flick through a magazine- luckily my local cafe has a good supply of current House & Garden, Home Beautiful and Country Style mags- as I love the opportunity to totally switch off, not talk to anyone else and relax for just 30 minutes. By the way, I have the best recipe ever for passionfruit cupcakes if you feel motivated to make your own. Divine! enjoy your day xx

  12. Oh Kerry, hit me with your recipe. Please! A-M xx

  13. Usually for me its retail therapy! I love shopping but cant always do that.My other treat is a hazelnut ruffle from Miss Mauds.Fiona

  14. Hi A M I finali got back to the blogging world & managed to catch up with all your post I missed I really don't now how you do it you really put me to shame I think your amazing I need your organisation skills thats for sure :) So glad you are all well after being with cold's & you have moved already WOW!! I am so glad & hope you are more settled where you are. I loved the Villa Mason Picks one of my fav companies they just have style don't they! I so wanted to go but couldnt make it this year :( stuck at the shop.
    Cannot believe paypal thats a shame crazy how much paper work you have to go through when your being more quick to pay out to the people that need it then the flood appeal fund hope it all gets sorted.
    you made me smile with the kipper story books they are adorable arnt they I read some to my Joshua when he was little, I also loved the Hairy Maclary books about a dog from donaldson dairy & the adventures he got up to with his friend, well I hope you get to have a relaxing day I'm the same never seem to get round to it apart from when I go to the hairdressers I love that treat I was thinking of going to get a pedicure the other day so may be you have just made my disition for me :)))

  15. ok, here it is. It's from the recipes in the Weekend Australian magazine- can't remember his name but his recipes are always good...

    3 passionfruit
    1.5 cups SR flour
    125g unsalted butter, softened
    185g caster sugar
    1 tsp vanialla essence
    2 eggs, beaten
    1/3 cup milk

    6 passionfruit
    125g mascarpone
    4 tbsp sifted icing sugar

    Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Line 12 hole cupcake tin with paper cases. Scoop flesh of 3 passionfruit into a sieve set over a bowl and press to get as much juice out as possible. discard seeds. Sift flour into a bowl and add butter, sugar, vanilla, eggs and milk. beat with mixer on low speed for 2 minutes or until combined. Stir in the passionfruit juice. Spoon into cases and bake for 15-20minutes or until golden and firm to touch.

    To make icing, sieve the flesh of 6 pasionfruits to extract the juice. Add juice, mascarpone and sugar and mix. Chill for about 45 min and ice cooled cupcakes.

    These are easy and are always a big hit with kids and big kids. Enjoy!!

  16. Hmmm well yes I do spoil myself nowadays A-Me but it took a while to be comfortable with the notion after devoting many years to raising children and putting them first. Age also plays a part in realising 'I deserve to enjoy this me time'.
    Coffee, lunch, dinner with my beloved galpals, movie, a little purchase of whatever might take my fancy, sitting in front of tele painting my nails, flipping through a mag, lying in bed reading, catching up on blogs, walking the dog, sitting on the deck with a cuppa admiring the trees. All simple stuff but rejuvenating.

  17. A-Mi, have located your prize. Tell me when you are up for a visit. I will look out my hardhat, construction induction card and steel capped boots. A-Me xx

  18. I love to go to our Central Markets here in Adelaide and sit down at a table by myself (usually with a new magazine) and order a large coffee to keep me going for a fair while. Then when I'm done I wander around all the stalls and buy something for my lunch which I wouldn't normally buy and take it home for lunch. Sometimes it's simple ingredients or something pre-made.
    I love the way you said 'soul' purpose instead of 'sole'. Nice.

  19. Some lovely ideas here. I need to do the magazine in the coffee shop thing I think! A-M xx

  20. I wrote a list for my sister when she needed a boost, and I got nearly fifty items! I loved doing it, and of course because I know her well there were things on there which someone else might have thought dull or even weird. Stretched my mind.
    (Then I tried them too)

  21. A facial at the best spa in town = heavy duty stress release

  22. Your post has really got me thinking...spoil myself? what? how? I never leave the house, I am home alone for most of the day with my two year old who has her own set of problems, recovering from PND but not quite there yet, have no family nearby to lean on or take a time-out for myself. Oh I must stop this self pity, I thank God that I am alive, and for the resolve to get through it all.

  23. Let me see - treats, eh? Well I love a good book, a pretty magazine, some uninterrupted time reading blogs, a walk in the woods, a photo challenge, and sometimes even going shopping (especially thrift shopping). Yep I do love my treats. Speaking of treats - I did a little thank you shout out for you on my blog. Thought you might want to pop over and read it.

  24. I love this post A-M. And I really don't know how to treat myself besides with coffee or cakey sort of treats. I should do that, think about how else to treat myself. Thanks for sharing my dear! Big hugs as always,

  25. I'm a social worker so self care is very important to me. I've done an exercise before where I've written something nice I could do for myself for every letter of the alphabet- an A to Z of being good to yourself.

  26. lovely post today A-M..hope ur well.
    things I do for myself:
    - grab a cuppa and watch 20 minutes of tv when I first get home from work at 3.40pm before i have to head out and collect daughter from bus.
    - shower at end of the day.
    - day shopping up to Coffs 30 min away.
    - go for a ride.
    - water the garden after is most therapeudic for me
    - get the sewing machine out and quilt!
    love H

  27. Yes, sitting alone with a magazine and coffee is hard to beat. Also, buy yourself some flowers and put in your prettiest vase, a visit to your favourite home/clothing/jewellery shop for a look at what's going (no need to buy), a little sketch pad and drawing the scene in front of my (just for me, doesn't matter how amateurish it is), and a rather delicious treat to save at home for afternoon tea.

  28. Yes - I´ve been better at treating myself and for that I´m glad. It took an illness to get me to realize that though (I have MS), but since then I try to do something for just for me once in a while. The trips to America on my own (have friends there) are for instance a treat that I´d never would have done before my illness - but now it´s very important to me. :-)

  29. I buy colourful yarn, or a chocolate, or flowers, or I simply spend some time in the kitchen baking.

    I've spent some time reading your blog lately, and I sure enjoy it :-)

  30. I would so like to try a passionfruit cupcake. Sounds delicious. I treat myself by reading, gardening, photography, lounging by our pool in the summer and junking.

  31. I know, we tend to forget! What sweet advise, I will take a bath!!!!
    Pleasing oneself makes for wishing it for others too!

  32. I definately treat myself! When I became a single parent of 3 little ones about 14 yr ago, I learned that I had to have time to myself and little treats in order to refuel and get on with the "gettin' on"! So, I go for fancy coffee with friends, have long bubble baths with scented oils, music and glasses of wine; I drop into Home Sense and will buy little things for me (like a new $3 NY coffee mug or a $2.66 Paris clock). I sometimes buy a new tube of lipstick or a nail polish. And I always buy myself something really special for Mother's Day, b'day and Xmas.

    I believe that if we don't love ourselves and think we're worth a little extra every now and then, we can't put as much into our other loving relationships.

    I hope you learn to give to yourself!

  33. Oh, A-M, thanks for the sweet mention - I'm so delighted it lifts your spirits. I've actually now signed up for their newsletter, too, since you sold it so well!

    Hmm, learning to 'be kind to myself' is one of my goals for 2011 - very still much a work in progress. I need to work out what that means first! J x

  34. Brave girl messages are great fun, sometime around 2 in the afternoon in our time zone, just as the day is really getting me their message pops up and always makes me smile

  35. Wow, my ultimate treat to myself? A day spent with a coffee, on a park bench, listening to some good music and usually writing (journaling, poetry, whatever strikes me). Just a day with me and my thoughts....



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