Thursday, March 3, 2011

'Unsettling Times' Update

Good idea Martha., stashing the sheets inside the matching pillow case!

 ..... I moved. Problem solved.

As George Bernard Shaw said, "Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything".

I took your advice and hightailed it in to the RTA in person. They put me in the picture wrt my rights.
I was not going to live in a display unit, with buyers traipsing through all day at times convenient only for them.

So now they've got their display unit!, a non income producing one, with no furniture... was nice furniture too... left over from 'the house'. They didn't want to I had my tantrum and I moved. Feels good....and I tell you, I'm getting pretty good at it.... moving that is, not tantrums. I was either a 'pre-packer' or a cleaner in a previous life. I swear, I have it down pat.

I now have a linen cupboard... yay.... although not as pretty and organised as this one from Martha. Small blessings though.

...and I have 'lebensraum' ..... that's today's 'Word Of The Day', in my inbox. It means: 'space required for living, growth and development'. I highly recommend and subscribing to the 'Word A Day'. One day I am going to be so eloquent, my mother will not need to correct my grammar or pronunciation... .... at the tender age of 44!

Anyway......the removalists stacked everything to the roof in the shed so now it is going to take trolleys and blood sweat and tears to get to the pretties for my giveaway. I had them stashed in a little inaccessible pile off to the side. What was I thinking? It all happened so fast. Sorry about the delay, prizewinners. Actioning the prizes this week. Oh and custom lighting update over HERE.


  1. Well done A-M! bugger the *TA! oops, sorry....maybe not so much. lol

    You go girl.....just keep moving forward.....we, your readers rely on you to provide our daily pressure! lol

  2. Hi AM

    love the martha storage - saw that a while ago and always thought - her cupboards may only look that good as she probably has a housekeeper to do it all for her.

    Can I please offer you any help.
    Do you need a hand sorting the "shed"

    What can I do for you? Many hands make light work.
    My motto is pay it forward - so if I can help you in some small way - please say so.

    I was in a terrible time in my life some years ago now (I am the same fantastic age as you!)
    I did a lot of self healing and found a great few pieces of advice that I have taken with me forever.

    You only grow and change as a person when you are in a "pain phase", you will never grow or develop in complete comfort - it is a false security.
    From every breakdown comes an even better break through.

    take care always and once again let me know if you need, I am not that far located from you.

    HereIAmLouLou :)

  3. Onward and upward A-M! Martha unnerves can anyone be that organised?
    Have a lovely day :)

  4. Hey beautiful
    Loving the new Profile photo (cue Choir music).
    Now I get to see you every day!

  5. I'm all for sorted linen cupnoards but I hate the idea of putting sheets inside pillow cases- what it you want to mix and match?

    I also agree that Ole Martha must have a lot of Staff!! Jealous- wish I did!

    Anyway I hope you will be happy in your new digs and that you won't have to move again for a while.

  6. Yay, that's good that ur out of that ridiculous situation. I hope you and the boys will enjoy ur new home and that it will really start feeling like home too!
    Hugs, jxx

  7. Feels good to take charge doesn't it?! Well done you.

  8. Good work! Love your linen closet and the sheets inside the pillow idea!! Why didn't I ever think of that - Much good luck and joy to you in your new abode.

  9. That's great news, couldn't live without a linen closet! Rachael xx

  10. Good on you A-M for the move! You will have your new home looking fabulous in no time. I am very impressed with Martha's linen cupboard idea. Mimi xx

  11. Great news A-M, your space should be exactly that "your space" not a thoroughfare for perspectve buyers.

    Hope you are happy in your new place.

  12. I hope that now you are able to unwind in your new surroundings and enjoy more peaceful times. You deserve it darling.

  13. Good for you!!!
    Hoe you enjoy your new space!

  14. Dear A-M, Moving is so exhausting! I hope that you get a lot of pleasure in making this new space your own. Lebensraum is rather a loaded word what with World War II - are you going to be declaring war soon? If so, I pity the other side as you sound powerful and fantastic! Lindaxxx

  15. You are amazing A-M - still finding time to blog and move again as well!! You certainly must have it down-pat now! Enjoy your new relaxed space. Love a beautifully organised linen cupboard!

  16. Good for you A-M. You are such a 'do-er'. Despite Marthas instructions - I still cant master the folding of fitted sheets, I fear my linen store will never look so perfect!

  17. Thanks for your encouragement my friends.... a few teething problems, which I will have a slight whinge about in tomorrows post... but hey, at least it is not sewerage related. Hey, Ingy, that French course is phenomenal. Merci mon ami! OMG I am speaking French to everyone. I ordered my breakfast at 'The Office' (CC) this morning in French and the waitress kept coming back to practice her French with me. Did you know English is 60% the instructor said, "English is French but with bad pronunciation"! I so want to be bilingual... and ward off that Alzheimers. A-M xx

  18. oh gosh i think this roller coaster needs to stop soon so you can relax a bit. you deserve it. good luck with the move and enjoy your new space. Mel xx

  19. Gee A-M you don't muck around do you. Good on you. I hope you and the boys will be happy and comfortable in your new digs. I am sure the coffee machine made it in one piece. Poor removalists having to move the piano though. Hope Brian and Nigel approve.

  20. Deb, Brian and Nigel now have a perfect spot in the morning sun. We don't even need to have the UV light on anymore. They are so happy, they look like they are smiling... if that's what lizards do! A-M xx

  21. Ah, A-M, that must feel so empowering. I'm delighted to see you have the strength to take the tiller of your own boat now. Good for you, Lovely.

    And AWAD is one of my favourite all-time sites - I have its widget in my sidebar, even ☺. Oh, and I'm enjoying the German words week, as well. J x

  22. Yay for you! I hate the thought of people traipsing in and out of your home too!


  23. Good on you for exiting that drama!

    My worst record was moving four times in two years. After a while things just stayed in boxes as it was easier that way! First thing we did in our new place was build oodles of storage. Nothing like having none to make you appreciate having somewhere to stash your stuff.

  24. Hi A-M
    Well.. 'lebensraum' .. this is perfect!! I have just thrown out or given away more than 2/3 of my possessions.. so.... ready for????? trip to Europe? hehehe... I wish I had your talent at finding new places to live... I'm looking again myself and waiting waiting... should get you down here to pack!!! haha

    Thanks for kind comment... I really need to get back to blogging.. but sneaking time on someone else's pc is restrictive...

    Take care.. and hope you settle in to your new place quickly... ciao xxxx Julie

  25. Gosh, sorry to hear you have had to move yet again!!! I hope that you and the boys can finally settle for a decent stint in this place. Glad to hear you stood your ground though - go girl! ;-)

  26. Wouldn't it be nice if moving got easier? I'm really not sure that it does but there's consolation in finding new places for loved things don't you think? Hope this one has a very happy ending :)

  27. Hi AM, Havent been to visit you for a couple of weeks as i was travelling and such, so I am just trying to catch up.... so sorry that you have had another drama, and moving is very very stressful.. I love that you are always so positive ! I also love your photo!! I can see your boys in you!
    Laura xxx

  28. Learning French hey. I took night classes many years ago and now have forgotten 99.9% of the language because there is no-one to practise with. Actually I don't think my brain is wired for languages!
    I'll stick with trying desperately to perfect a few more Japanese words.
    Good on you A-Me for being proactive re ageing.

  29. A-Mi, learning aural French, via Michel Thomas. Brilliant! Je voudrais passe les vacances en France (don't know if that is how you spell it... but I'm getting the hang of the accent). Sitting at the dinner table with the boys spitting out the French as we eat! A-M xx

  30. Good on you A-M...and what's another move. I always think that moving house is like giving the time you vow you will never do it again but you get over it and yes usually do it again! I cannot believe that I have never thought to do that in my linen closet (in Aus, don't have one here in U.K.)...what a terrific, but obvious idea! Trust Martha! Thanks for sharing. Robx

  31. Well done. Hopefully the last move for a while!

  32. You are such a breath of fresh air each morning when I sit with my tea and visit with you at this blog. Your strength fuels mine as I struggle through the changes in my life. We can always tell ourselves that things are going to be fine. But deep down there is that quiet scared voice saying "but are you sure?". We gain courage from those around us, whether it is in the physical person or the words of a blog.
    I am so glad you have a new place to call your own and that you have a new outlook on life and that you are learning French. Keep opening the new doors and closing the old ones A-M.
    I LOVE the words of advice of P here in the comments. I have borrowed them and will post them above my computer.
    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. And know that you are not alone.

  33. Yay! Sorted! And not without some satisfaction if the owners were digging their heels in. I hope you'll be very happy in your new place.

    That storage idea *sounds* nice but as I usually end up swearing like a trooper just getting my pillows into their cases, I suspect an entire duvet set might just finish me off entirely!

  34. I organize my linen closet neatly so that I can see what I have and within 2-3 days it's a jumbled mess again thanks to my husband and youngest daughter. Youngest is about to move out on her own. When she does I will once again organize the closet and then prohibit husband to go in there. Towel to shower after work out? Oh, you have your own stash in some drawers in the Mom cave. The linen closet is off limits. :D

  35. congrats! + wishing my linen closet looked even remotely like this one!!

  36. Wow honey, I haven't been here for a week or so and so much can change! You've moved! I hope you can finally be settled. Loved reading all your posts and catching up. Your blog is like a place to come and smile and feel happy. I like that. xx


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