Saturday, April 30, 2011

Diet History

As an ex-Dietitian I really do love this. It's so true. No getting around it. Sorry. Cold hard fact.
Simple. Not rocket science. Confronting.

... and just for the record... next week I will be 'wearing' 3 glasses of champagne, a whole tray of Coles home brand oriental nibbles and 2 chocolate easter eggs. Yep, you can see why I sort of changed professions. I am working on it. 

Happy long weekend! ... well for Queenslanders I think... anyone else have a holiday this Monday? I don't even know what it is for. Another day of school I paid for that I am not getting!
Hmmm, cheers!



  1. So true A-M. I have lost count of the chocolate, bubbles and wine from Easter that will be swimming its way to my trouble spots. But Im back to bootcamp and fitness class this week - hopefully it catches up with the intake. No holiday here in SA - labour day in Qld, ours is in October. Enjoy
    Rebecca x

  2. Ah, Labour Day , thanks Rebecca! Boys are happy at least. A-M xx

  3. Well the gorgeous creature above sure isn't on my diet. I'll have what she's having thanks!

    My excuse will be over once we move A-Me. I will need to don my walking shoes again unless stress does it for me.
    Enjoy the long weekend darling.

  4. It's too late, I should have read that before the royal party I went to last night! Never mind, I have started the Couch to 5 k and loving it. I just hope it works on my belly!

  5. LOL.. so true. But for you, I think you can afford it :-)

  6. This post has made me unsubscribe from your blog.

    This kind of shame based 'thinspiration' crap is SO boring and SO wrong and has nothing to do with your house.

    Very disappointed. How about being happy you had a great time and happened to eat some food and drink some champagne??

    It's NORMAL to eat like that sometimes. None of you should feel bad about it. I could go on, but I know i'll be wasting my breath. Enjoy suffering through a life of dieting and yoyo weight. I don't want to watch it though.


  7. Kate, I was a bit confused by the tone and venom of your comment, given that this post was an obvious lighthearted post. It would seem that your hyper-sensitivity to this non event post is perhaps masking issues that are a little deeper than first meets the eye. Unsubscribing and looking harder at why you are so upset is quite appropriate. No offence was intended or taken. Good luck on your personal journey. A-M xx

  8. Love that one. I also love Kate Moss' quip - "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels". I say that to myself often.. Rachaelxx

  9. A-M your response to 'Kate' was perfect.

    Your strength is shown by letting through 'comments' like that :)

    Just from breakfast this morning I'll be 'wearing' coffee, two caramel Tim Tams, roast chicken (from Woolies might I add) and a large can of V.

    Oh and I'm skinny so HA HA 'Kate'. I am THIN and I eat like SHIT!


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