Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Home Accessories

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I love trawling through 'how stuff works' websites and 'how to do things' websites. It is interesting to see what paid writers come up with! I came across an article on the "Top 10 Must Have Home Accessories" on www.tlc.discovery.com. Their list?

1. mirrors
2. candles
3. house plants
4. personal collections
5. rugs
6. art
7. nothing - I think this one is for the minimalists - they're saying choose quality over quantity
8. designer storage - such as closet organisers
9. vases
10. teapots

Hmm, I'd throw in cushions for sure... and flowers, books... and task lighting. What would you add to this list...or delete? I don't know about the teapots?... unless you collect them!... that's where the personal taste comes into it :)

Original article HERE

Happy Tuesday!

A-M xx
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  1. Hello A-M,
    mmm very interesting..I would most definitely add FRESH flowers...pamper-bubble bath soaps for my bathroom...and yes, I agree one teapot will be enough! thank you for sharing! much love~ Colette ~Afrique du Sud

  2. I think it's a pretty good list and I love your additions. And I'm with you on the whole teapot thing, and I love teapots, but don't collect them. I would add natural elements and pottery of some sort.

    Kat :)

  3. Tea pots certainly remind me of Nanas house!

    I would add photographs because I think that is what makes a house a home.

  4. I Loved loved the image above! What a dream home.
    And about the last post, yes Australia is way too expensive!
    You wouldn't believe the good prices here in US!

  5. Love the image... mostly for those bookshelves so would have to say books. And flowers. And candles too... my post just this morning is all about our candles... gxo

  6. Hi! My ten cents on this subject:


    I guess the last cent must be saved


  7. I'd put fresh flowers in the vases, lose the teapots and plants, and add cushions and lighting.

    TDM xx

  8. That beautiful, huge light looks like you A-M! It is a hard one: I am definately with you on the cushions, flowers and books. Yeah, if I had to cut something it would be the teapots, as cute as they can be. Have a good day, Becky

  9. For me it's definately my little pretties from travels and a must is a subtle hint of good luck Chinese red here and there.
    I would have to ditch the indoor plants.

    Love this pic A-Me, gets me all excited. We are slowly but surely steaming ahead!

  10. What's an accessory, and what's a necessity?

    I'm so pleased you spell it 'trawling' - Webster has subverted American spelling so the word here is 'trolling', completely wrong and makes me think of Billy Goat Gruff more times than I want to.

  11. Hi Lovely...yes cushions for sure...and champagne.

  12. Great topic AM,
    Love the photo also, look like we both love the sam esort of thing. :
    The writer's list is a little soft.
    Not quite there yet for me but then it is so personal at what makesa house a home,
    Some, I thnik they may want to add or swap-
    - Music,
    - flowers,
    - a pet, not really an accessory, but the way mine follow me around you'd think they were.
    - photos, (how could they forget this one)
    - yep books and lots of them
    -lamps for soft lighting
    must stop now before I get carried away, (its your blog).
    Thanks for your thoughts and images Am, always great to drop by for a look,
    Keep safe and happy,

  13. Oh i think "taste" should be on the list, i mean, you can't buy good taste, style or the ability to translate a lovely 'look' to suit your own, without it looking like 'page 15 of a homewares catalogue'. Knowing your style & what suits your family is hugely important. Love Posie

  14. I'm with you..flowers and books!!

  15. I would have to say cushions - I have many of them and they are ideal for transforming a room and changing from one look to another without huge expense. And lamps, definitely. Nice frames for your pictures are important too and I like anything that adds texture, wicker baskets/trunks, textured rugs etc.

  16. I think i'd have to add wine bottle and glasses :)


  17. *Teapots*!?! LOL, I think someone was struggling to come up with 10 items! Each to his own of course but I don't really place that much emphasis on rugs (maybe because we have carpets throughout) or vases (other than simple glass ones to hold flowers). I also don't get the current fixation with candles. For me, fresh flowers should definitely have been included, high on the list, as should books and a few photos in nice frames. Crumbs, I think we'd have done a much better job at writing this list. :)

  18. I really couldn't live without my lamps. I've got pineapple ones and silver ones and glass ones and vintage ones and modern ones. I use them a lot. Often without overhead lighting. Amber


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