Monday, April 25, 2011

Unheard Of

All this was completely under in the flood... by miles... you could not see the trees at the peak. I kid you not. First suburb to be evacuated.
That rock wall has just been rebuilt. Water still laps over at high tide. My little one panics every time it is high tide and he sees water on the road, as he thinks the flood is coming again. Never stood a chance, this suburb.

Just look at the weather we are having at the moment. Unheard of at Easter. 

I never plan anything at Easter due to the usually, very predictable woeful weather. 

The sleeping boys don't know it yet but we are heading to the beach for the day. Last minute emergency trip to the beach! 

Have a great day.
P.S. I am thinking of you Pa-Pa, this Anzac Day. Lest we forget. My boys will say a prayer for you at the ocean. I wish they could have met you.


  1. Sounds like a good plan to head to the beach. Today is a day for doing special things and creating special memories. xx

  2. Lovely Mummy you are. Have a wonderful day..Rachaelxx

  3. Hard to believe... the beach is the best place for a bonus day of beautiful weather!

  4. Happy Easter friend. Heidi

  5. Yes A-M isnt it just a gorgeous day we have just got back from the Anzac march I tried taking pictures but my phone was playing up :(
    Have fun on the beach with the boys.

  6. Enjoy the beach.
    Not many days before we all go back to school / work / day-to-day life.

  7. Hope you and the boys had a beautiful time at the beach. Weather has been glorious.
    Love you lots. xox

  8. Have a great day at the beach A-M, wish our Sydney weather was that beautiful - rain, rain go away :)

  9. I hope you and your lovely boys had a great time at the beach :0)

  10. I hope it was a good day at the beach with your boys. Our weather over the Easter weekend has been marvellous too and even though I'm half a world way, that's kind of remarkable too! I'm hoping it'll hold this week as Wills 'n Kate have assured us another four-day weekend coming up. :)

  11. Oh i was there, in Brisbane too, yes, tripping to the beach too & South Bank. My husband pointed out where the waters were, horrified, SO high. Wishing you ANZAC Day memories too, i was very lucky to be with my soldier this year, unlike so many other years where he's been at war, which is where he'll be next year too. Totally loved me time in Brisbane, what a great city & my favourite, the beaches on the Sunshine Coast, love Posie

  12. gorgeous pic - i can't believe how blue the river is looking here, it was still very brown when i was up there at the start of march. Hope you are well darling a-m xx


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