Thursday, April 28, 2011


Image Courtesy Little Brown Pen
a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.

Yep, my recent trip to Paris has me' yearning' so I am 'visiting' anything Paris related whenever I have a moment to myself... to feed my wanderlust. 

The lovely Mel, from the sent me over to 'Little Brown Pen', to help me cope.

Oh my!....Nichole's delicious photos of Paris just stop my heart.  You can buy them HERE. Look at the blue set!... deep breaths.... (feeds my blue addiction, as well as my Paris addiction)... I just love the yellow set too and the pink one. Be still heart.
Aren't they just gorgeous!

I love how Nichole describes how she comes across her 'finds':
"We Stroll 
The French have a word for what we do: Flâner. It means to stroll with no destination in mind, simply for the pleasure of it. Our work is a record of the serendipitous discoveries we find by getting lost".

That's what I did for 2 glorious I skipped.

Tell me which set should I get?.... the blue or the yellow? Have narrowed it down.


  1. Beautiful photos. You get the blue and I'll get the green. Or the grey. Or the orange. Oh decisions..

    TDM xx

  2. If you don't buy the blue initially you would definitely go back for it Xxx
    The cure for your wanderlust is to go again REAL soon.
    Have a lovely day,

    (ps: I have an incurable mental wanderlust to live at the seaside - I think about it several times a day)

  3. You love blue so go with it.... ;-)

  4. Go for the blue. Or both!
    I'm not one to ask about shopping, I'm impulsive and will always say both if given two options.
    I was at a party the other night and a French guy was talking about how expensive McDonalds is over there. I told him I was confused how he knew that, why would you go to Maccas when the food is so amazing over there. That was my whole conversation with him. I don't think I can be friend's with someone who comes from such a foodie country yet complains about the price of Maccas?
    Can't wait to hear what Ken says. Give him my love xxx

  5. They're exquisite aren't they...and impossible to choose. Toss a coin!!

  6. A-M the photo's are stunning. I can see the blue calling out for you....I love the white, pink, hmmm all the colours are gorgeous.
    Have a beautiful day.
    Love you lots. xox

  7. Anything to help a severe case of Paris-wanderlust! Mel x ps I'd go the blue

  8. Oh just gorgeous!! Blue, go for the blue.

  9. Oh I think both! Aren't they divine....sigh....

  10. Oh we can feel you floating about your trip, keep it going until the next one. Love blues, that image is divine, love Posie

  11. If you've narrowed it down between blue and yellow then it has to be the blue. I love the black set with the nine prints too. Then again the purple one would be great in my girl's room and the brown one would look nice in the study, and I really like that shade of green.....or I could just get the lot!!

  12. I know the blue is beautiful and everyone else has said that one, but the yellow took my breath away, and made me smile...

  13. Blue Wanderlust, please take me there.

  14. You might like this blog:
    (esp this post.)

  15. Wanderlust..fabulous word!!..I would have to say Blue too xx

  16. Yellow!

    And thanks for reminiding me to finish my 'Souvenirs de Paris'- album which I started on after my trip to Paris last October. I did publish some of the photos in my blog back then.

  17. The blue is lovely though I also like the orange for some reason. IN the sets of 9 the pink really calls out to me. I think it looks so pretty and strangely enough I am not a pink person. :)

  18. A-M .... your trip sounds like it was so fantastic. I have friends heading there tomorrow. Little Brown Pen's site is fabulous! I vote for yellow!
    x trina


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