Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bye Bye Black

Image Courtesy Martha

Isn't this a great idea for chalkboard paint.... a wall calendar. It would come in very handy in a home office or kitchen. Martha shows you that 'chalkboard' doesn't have to be black or just shades of grey. She has a tutorial on how to 'chalkboard up' your house in any shade, HERE.

I haven't sat down and done the 'cyber home improvement rounds' for ages. I am finding lots of lovely things. I'll share them with you next week. Don't you love slow Sundays!

Another lovely day here in Brisbane. I'm off for a walk and then I'm going to hang out in my friend's home renovation/build. Are you ready for me 'Y'?... I tend to hyperventilate a lot when I live vicariously through friends 'builds'. 

Happy Sunday!


  1. wishing yo a lovely day there in Brisbane.. must be sunday morning chez toi now ;)

  2. That Martha is pretty clever, isn't she... and the fab desk lamp has not escaped my notice either. Have a great day A-M x

  3. i think the clock looks great!


  4. Have a lovely day A-M, xx Katherine

  5. I love, love, love this chalkboard idea. And your other post about your week. What a lovely, colourful set of pictures. Enjoy what's left of your weekend A-M!

    XO, Andrea

  6. That chaulkboard wall calendar is a fabulous idea. It is going right up on my studio wall. Thanks for sharing A-M.
    I love technology. The ability to network vast amounts of ideas and information just boggles the mind. I have already found this wall calendar, a new natural spray starch, and two new blogs this morning.
    Time to get back to work.
    Glad you are enjoying your weekend A-M.
    xxoo Rebecca


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