Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hi Sunday

Love that mantel... lots of detail but with a simple arrangement on top. Perfection.

A pretty Sunday vignette to make up for a not so pretty night. 

Fire alarm at 3am. Who knew the "evacuate the building, evacuate the building" siren would have such a refined British accent. My boys are walking around this morning saying "evacuate the building" in their best British accents. They're good with accents.

Yes, so we met all the neighbours at 3am. My boys were happy. They found 'the girls' who also live here in the complex and revelled in spending even just a little bit more time with them than the usual brief 'hanging out by the pool sessions' they have every other weekend. The rest of us just compared pyjamas. I was very impressed with some resident's attire. They obviously took their time to dress for the street meet. I just grabbed the fluffy bathrobe and my handbag (and the children) and ran. There were babies and puppies and kiddies... if I wasn't so tired I would have been more social.

It's raining here today so we are heading off to see 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. Yes, I know. I have read the reviews. Just don't tell the boys. Maybe they won't notice. Movie, sushi, swim (the pool heater that floated down the river during the floods, has been replaced). A perfect Sunday, hey boys?

I like the rain :)


  1. Here it´s still Saturday a while longer. :-)

    Well, that was a tough way to wake up, but I´m glad it wasn´t anything serious. I´m sure the movie will be entertaining at least - and hey; Mr Depp is not hard on the eyes (even as a pirate)! :-D

  2. It seems like you do have a happy day ahead AM in spite of the alarming start.
    Your post really does put a whole new spin on 'flight or fight'.

    x Felicity

  3. Sounds like the perfect day!! Might do the same with my two, before they destroy the home front. Have a great day!!!

  4. Hi A-Me
    I'm guessing it was a false alarm? Thats always good news.

    Sounds like a lovely Sunday for the crew and with Mr Depp thrown in the mix...perfect!

  5. Well, that was a bit of excitement for the night! Let us know how the movie was as we're thinking of going too....

  6. Maybe a British accent implies sang-froid? Perfect for an evacuation announcement.

    I'm going to see Pirates of the Caribbean even if it is awful!

  7. 'Pirates Update'... ignore the reviews.... it was wonderful! All that 18th century detail... oh the detail... and Johnny! A-M xx

  8. ... oh, and see the 3D one if you can. A-M xx

  9. I'm glad you enjoyed the movie A-M :)

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! My man thinks cornices might not look as nice with all those weird corners in our foyer. Would you recommend sticking with them regardless?

    I've got a few more photos here:

    Thanks once again!!!


  10. AM - What an exciting way to start your Sunday and meet all your neighbours ; )...You have me worried now about the POTC it THAT bad? Hubby Loves it and I was planning a romantic movie night for the two of us : /

  11. Aaaarggh what is it with alarms? We had some time in a 5 star resort of xmas and for three days in a row we had emergency evacuations between 3 and 6 am. All the while I had gastro. Fun times.

    TDM xx

  12. That happened to me once in Queensland. I loved checking out everyone's attire at 3am.
    Thanks for the running reply. Did my first 20min non stop run today. Am amazed I did it and loving it. It does help me sleep too.

  13. Oh, my neighbour saw Pirates, she said she nearly fell asleep. Hope the boys enjoy it.

  14. Sounds like a great way to put in a Sunday with your lads. I took mine to the park for a little impromptu bbq with our friends. The sun was shining and the lake was beautiful but the best moment was seeing my two year old's face light up as he held a fishing rod for the first time. He couldn't quite believe it and kept saying "I'm fishing! I'm fishing!"

  15. I love the soft pink flowers and the muted green of the leaves. Perfect for this cooler Brisbane kind of weather at the moment.

  16. oh you didn't say why the alarm went off, I'm assuming it's not burnt down!!

  17. Oh yes, no fire! My little one reckons it was the man smoking a cigarette's fault. False alarm. Still standing. A-M xx

  18. Let me just say that you make me want to create beauty inside my home.

    I discovered your blog reading my blog statistics, and finding one of my photos on YOUR blog. How great isn't that? Together with all the great photos you publish, you found MY mud room worthy. I'm so grateful.

    I've been following you since, and discovering that you're just as francophile as myself has inspired me further.

    We're just finishing our big makeover (which actually is just the beginning) and I wish I could hire you to come up above the Arctic Circle and help us develop our home. I guess that's just a dream.

    Thanks for inspiring me :o)


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