Monday, May 16, 2011

Inbox Delights

Every day I receive some sort of, 'Hi A-M, I thought you would like this' email.....lots of gorgeous images relating to my love of classical homes and interiors.

Cam, from Urban Images, often sends me pretties that he knows I will like. Cam is a photgrapher who specialises in residential and commercial architecture/interiors. This is a pretty kitchen he photographed recently. Thanks again Cam, I so enjoy your photography.

Love the high ceilings, colour scheme, blue accents, stove and tiled splashback, tapware and benchtops.

... and may I say, living in an apartment at present, I would never take that sort of space for granted again! I would be dancing in this kitchen!

Maybe this week should be 'Inbox Week'... I will have a rummage and get back to you with some more lovelies.

Happy Monday!
PS. Now, knowing that this beauty is currently on the market, I did a bit of 'realestalking'.... and yes, HERE it is! Be still my heart. Maybe I can help them find a buyer! Now that would make my day!


  1. Wow! Great kitchen!
    PS: I love to see you back to normal after all the disasters of late....
    Btw, I just learned, when you write your posts via livewriter you can back them up and even when blogger looses them, you still have them for re-posting! I never new this and will try this myself!
    Apparently you can download livewriter for free and off we go!
    I lost also a post, but as they promised it came back after two days minus the lovely comments! :(


  2. How fun to find such pretty pictures in your in box! And I love the whole thing, but the wood on the still my heart!

    Kat :)

  3. Nice kitchen... let's all dance!!


  4. I just adore white kitchens, classic all the way!

  5. Had fun looking at the whole house! Wow it is just beautiful. Thanks A-M Hope you have a lovely Monday
    Bev :)

  6. Gorgeous kitchen. Deep sigh.

  7. You'll get there A-Mi.. and soon I will be blogging about your gorgeous kitchen! A-Me xx

  8. Amazing. Love every single detail. Off now to stalk it (thanks for the link!)

  9. Love the floorboards, ours are a little similar in colour variation, but alot wider. The kitchen is just lovely, inspiration for our partial reno :)

  10. It is a lovely kitchen A-M, hope you have a wonderful day with your darlings. Emma.

  11. GORGEOUS kitchen, I love the handles.
    Have a great Monday A-M!

  12. *swoon* oh that is just beautiful! I have a file of roughly 10 zillion French provincial kitchen images that I wave in my husbands face when we discuss our kitchen reno plans. Now I have 10 zillion and one ;)

  13. This is a BIG WOW!! It's the kitchen of my dreams!!

  14. I really like the kitchen, but hate to be a party pooper, the floor is a little busy for me. I like my timber more cohesive. Love everything else about it.

  15. Just took a peak at the real estate listing for this house. WOW! What a gorgeous house. And all of the fabulous porch space is to die for. I am fortunate to have a large kitchen, though not as big as this one.
    I have lived in small apartments for 12 yrs with galley kitchens. Now that I am renting this wonderful big house, I can't imagine living in anything else. Crossing my fingers that life doesn't decide otherwise.
    Thank you for sharing A-M

  16. Wow - this kitchen is gorgeous and I am hoping that mine, which is currently in construction, will end up looking just like it! Do you happen to know what the wood is on the island top, as I have an option to change my wood style due to stocking issues, and thought I should pick this style/colour!

  17. I think it is rosewood Sarah. A-M xx


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