Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Week

Well that was interesting! Losing Blogger for all that time. I hear that some people lost reams of posts. I was lucky to just only lose all my comments from my previous posts. So if you can't see your comment from my posts this week, Blogger gobbled it. I'm sorry. But thanks for taking the time to visit. Maybe Blogger will give them back? Eventually? It's funny how we take a free service for granted. Glad it's back. I love this place.

Haven't been around much this week so thought I'd bring you up to speed. It's riveting!

Hung out with Clare at the Mondo Cherry stall at the Boutique Markets last weekend. Look at her gorgeous wares in her birdcage display. How fabulous is that birdcage!

My boys smothered me in pink things for Mother's Day. 
Not much pink around here usually... what with lizards and soccer boots and the like.

... and look at my tulips now!
.... elegantly 'non arranged' in the same garden pot they came in and an old saucer. 

We hung out at 'Gran's' ... by the dam.
Too cold for frogs.

... did some science experiments for school...

... and a 'persuasive argument homework task'. 
I would not have known what a persuasive argument was when I was in Grade 3... lucky boy.
Nice house. Pictures still come in handy.

... and went for lots of walks  .... marvelling at what is required to be preserved under DCP (demolition control) in this fair town... 'character code' ...and all that (oh Paris, I miss you and all your beauty). Yes, this eyesore was not allowed to be knocked down. The facade is being kept and some units are being put up behind it. Let's follow this one all the way. I will be so interested to see how this one pans out!

Oh, and I ate this. Every last lip smackin' calorie.

Off to soccer now. It's a glorious day here today.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.


  1. I´m so glad Blogger is up and running again, it felt so strange not being able to comment or write posts of my own.

    Seems like you´ve had a great time - and that was beautiful flowers they got you! :-)

  2. Looks like a good week!

    I'm loving that lamp in the third shot. Could you give me the details please?

    TDM xx

  3. Phew, back online! Fun pics of the week, we are also off to soccer. Have a nice weekend. ;-)

  4. You are right A=M, it is great Blogger is up. It is a beautiful day here off to Football and Dancing. Enjoy this spectacular day. Mimi xx

  5. Oh glory be, that 'character' shack sure takes the cake. Whats happened to commonsense in this town?
    Decandent desert A-Me and I'm happy you devoured the lot!
    K should get top marks for his assignment.

  6. Yay for blogger being back! I love the birdcage and your pretty flowers but what's with that crappy old facade? I'll be interested to see what they do with it :)

  7. All my comments are with yours somewhere in the Ether dear A-M - I hope they are enjoying themselves together! Glad your Mother's Day was gorgeous, loved the boys cards - their words were precious.
    Millie x

  8. That desert looks divine. I had such a lovely morning hanging out at the markets with you. Thanks so much for coming. Thought you might like to know that my children are now addicted to Letters and Numbers - we are downloading old episodes from the computer for when the series finishes!
    Enjoy this marvellous weekend.
    Clare x

  9. A week full of lovely things, especially that scrumtious dessert!! x

  10. I did get really nervous that Blogger would never come back. Great to see you all again!

  11. Oh Clare, Series 3 of 'Letters and Numbers' has just started on SBS, 6pm weeknights. We are overjoyed here at 'nerd central'. A-M xx

  12. That plate with icecream looks sooo nice! Let me get a magnum from the fridge ;)

  13. thanks goodness you're back- my morning routine has not been the same! hope that you are having a lovely weekend in the sunshine. Kx


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