Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Reading

If you are looking for some great Sunday reading, check out this wonderful new online mag, 'House Of Fifty'. It has a little bit of everything....home, design, interviews with some of our favourite bloggers, food, fashion, beauty and shopping. Love it!  HERE.

Happy Sunday!



  1. Thank you so much for featuring House of Fifty on your blog today! It was such fun to put together and busy working on issue 2! I hope your readers will enjoy...


  2. Oh A-M, thankyou so much for posting this. I am so out of bloggy touch at the moment I could easily have missed it. What a wonderful e-zine and so nice to see familiar names and faces. I am about to head off to church and I have the "50 Ideas We're Thinking About" running through my mind, very uplifting.
    I do admit, at times I wanted to reach into the computer screen and physically handle the material as with a magazine - call me old fashioned.
    Enjoy your day :o)

  3. Thanks for the link! Nice photos there. Love the inspiration :o)

  4. Hi A-M! Just catching up on your posts. Glad that you had such a lovely Easter and that your boy's guitar came back.

    I know how you feel with the wanderlust, once you have traveled you can never go back. Hence why I am always spying on your blog to feed my Australia habit.

    Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!
    XO, Andrea

  5. I am off to check this one right now. Love online magazines.
    Have a wonderful Sunday A-M

  6. I read this last weekend & loved it! Janell has done an awesome job & produced a winner.
    Millie x

  7. I read this last week...fab mag!! xx

  8. Hi A-M
    Wow - what a beautiful read, thanks so much for sharing the link. Great news about the guitar too!!
    Jojo xx

  9. Oh thanks for the tip, will check it out, love Posie

  10. Will check it out love. Have a glorious May Day, what a stunner day!

  11. Thanks for the link A-M. Goodness, I am learning so much from blogland!
    Hope you're having a relaxing Labour day holiday.

  12. Thanks for the link A-M. Love the wall paper on the cover. And the lights on page 28. A treat for my peepers xx


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