Thursday, May 12, 2011

Will I Ever Need A Camera Again?

Been playing around with my new iPhone 'instagram' app. 
This is my boys beloved rock collection..... which is pottered with daily.
Sorry I haven't been around much this week.
Will catch up with you tomorrow.
PS Someone hacked into my facebook account and sent volumes of spam to all my followers. That's it for me. See ya facebook. Account closed.


  1. I prefer Hipstamatic, but yes, I've thought the same thing. I think though I'd still like a digital SLR with a good lense. Don't you just love how apps like Hipstamatic & Instagram can make the dodgiest of photos look really cool & retro?

  2. Good Morning A-M,
    Loving the little display of your boys rock collection.
    Have a lovely day.
    Love you lots. xox

  3. Good morning A-M
    I love the rock collection! My son collects rocks from camping trips that the family have taken. I will be looking for a display box similar, what a great idea. One little request can you please take a photo of a sunny day in QLD as today we have woken up to a winter wonderland. Snow is everywhere. I just need to know that is warmer somewhere in au. Have a great day.

  4. I'm OBSESSED with Instagram. So cool!
    We can gush over the awesomeness that it is tomorrow.

  5. I love all the things on your coffee table. I actually found a little box like that which I was thinking of putting all the little pieces from my travels into. It's so fun to sit down and touch and look at things that are special to you.

  6. Just gorgeous AM...Im thinking of getting myself the new White Iphone..the camera is just amazing on it. x

  7. So true! I want a display box like that now xx

  8. I know what you mean about the camera apps, I have them on my iTouch and I barely touch a camera now! I love hipstamatic and one I think is called picture show.

  9. I must admit to having my own rock collection, slowly but surely accumulating pebbles from all the places I visit, most famously the Hamptons! Your rock collection is gorgeous, such a great idea xx

  10. The best gift my son has ever given me was a collection of rocks and shells that he had found. Absolutely awesome gift.

  11. Hi A-M,
    I can not believe we were only just talking this morning in the office about hipster and instagram apps.
    Ive got to get one they look great. I have quite a few dodgy shots my-self that I have taken on the run and wished I had taken more care.
    I just love when kids get involved in a ongoing creative hobby, we all did it as kids I thought it was now old hat, but perhaps not!
    I think many of us have had a couple of huge weeks, still love to hear from you even only if its short.
    all my best Daryl

  12. Hi A-M, don't stress about the Facebook spam, it happened to me a while ago. I clicked on a link which someone had posted on my wall and it then sent it to most of my friends for them to do the same. I have now learnt never to click on any links that people post on my wall or news feed other than YouTube. Apparently, there was some horrible spam/virus occuring today on Facebook, and if you tried to close the app, it would post horrible things on your friend's walls. Such a shame to see you go, but I completely understand! We'll miss you! xo

  13. Oh, A-M. I had the same thing happen to me with that FB spam - most unpleasant and highly embarrassing to discover what had occurred. So know you're not alone. I'm also reconsidering staying with it as well. J x


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