Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yesterday's Ponderings

Do you like my new boots? They were $40...I got them while I was away... yep, they are so not leather... for $40 how could they be... but they are perfect for knocking around on filthy, muddy soccer fields.
I only took my eye off the game to take this photo as big son was substituted off to take a puff on his ventolin (has inherited my tragic lungs).

'Little tacker' took a long shot for me. I think they are cool and comfy as.
Good advertisement for 'Pizza Capers'. They gave me that cooler for my birthday... so generous.

Speaking of 'tacker'... he got player of the week.... and big son scored 2 of his team's 4 goals. It was a big day. Another ad for Pizza Capers... they do a great Vegetarian Pizza... bit heavy on the garlic but super herbed up!

Now I did some pondering through my boys games yesterday. Conclusion and decision made. Life is short. I have a 'bucket list'. I am going to play soccer.

I never had the chance to play a team sport as a young girl. I so wanted to play hockey but I was never allowed to. It was music lessons for me. No sport. I do not want to leave this earth without having played a team sport. I want to be part of a sporting team, tackle the opposition, score goals and sit around and have a natter and 'after match drinks'... or whatever they do?.... tea and scones?

Fortuitous that the Division 7 Women's Team was playing after my boys matches. They're Mums and they're old.... like me! I had a chat to them and watched their game. They said I was welcome on their team. Hmm... and they have pink soccer boots.

I am purchasing a pair of soccer boots on Monday. I am going to start by training with my boys on a Thursday night. I love soccer. If I'd have had a girl, she would have played the game. 

My inner child is going to get her chance... finally... at the tender age of 44. I am so excited. Can I do this? Am I too old? Will it hurt lots? I hope I don't cry when I get tackled to the ground. 

Are any of you going 'radical' (my boys' assessment of the whole situation) as you get older too? Ticking off a bucket list?


  1. Gorgeous boots A-M! Fashionable on a soccer pitch ~ you never cease to amaze me.

    On to team sports. Do it. You will never regret it. I played ringette for 8 years in high school and recreational hockey in uni for two years. It will hurt yes but it will be so exhilarating. You'll be hooked for life.

    And you'll find that after games that girls like to have a few pints and talk about ribald things, just like guys. Oh enjoy! I'm so proud of you :)


  2. You go for it, A-M! My radical thing is taking go-go dancing classes at a burlesque dancing school. Seriously. Ha! There is a 50 year old and 60 year old doing it with me too. Hilarious!We are putting on an end of term show next week!! xx

  3. I'm learning to drive! Have never wanted to do that, but living twenty kilometres from town with a lousy bus connection, and pursueing a career as a freelance culture journalist makes it totally necessary.

    After eight or nine lessons I don't find it fun at all, but I'm forcing myself to do it. Boy, do I feel sorry for my driving teacher who has to stick with me.


  4. Go A-M! Good on you, I never played in a team, music, dance and art for me as a girl (I'm also a bit uncoordinated which doesn't help) but I think I'd like to join a team some day and sounds like the perfect timing when you can really get into it as a family. And how proud will your gorgeous boys be when they see their Mum score her first goal!!!
    Love the boots too, great buy!
    Have a lovely sunday my dear,

  5. This is so uplifting!! Congratulations on your brilliant idea & have to say, after watching my children zoom around to state finals in cross country, i should get my bottom out there & run with them too. Completely love that your going to wear pink soccer boots, just adds to the tea & scones at half time. Love Posie

  6. How wonderful that you are actually doing it! My daughter plays volleyball and I would love to have a go myself, but at 49 feel that it would probably do more harm than good. I've never been sporty, so it would be like starting from scratch. Ouch!

  7. Love this post darling.
    Those boots were made for walking and you must be the most stylish Mum on the sidelines.

    I played softball in summer and hockey in winter during my school years and I enjoyed every minute, even the training. Plus dance classes..I was a busy girl. I'll never forget the day my Mum came to watch a hockey match (she hardly ever watched, thought the game was brutal) and I was smacked in the jaw with an opponents hockey stick. Lets say she was not impressed.
    On my bucket list is Zumba classes, salsa dancing and more travel, Alaska is a must do before I die.
    Go for it A-Me or you will spend the rest of your life wondering!

  8. EXACTLY the time to go radical - I started climbing mountains and loved it, had some awesome adventures before just as suddenly, I knew that I was done. Wonderful memories!

  9. Hi AM

    Now, isn't it hilarious how we all love labels and designer - but there is something more thrilling about the bargain.
    It seems to create more talking points about how good they look, they only cost me ...., I couldn't believe it when I saw them blah blah blah.

    Oh the bucket list! I need an industrial bucket to carry my bucket list!

    Yes please do - go for it - go for whatever you want.
    You had to attend a funeral this week and how many items were ticked off on the deceased's list?
    How mind rearranging the important things in life become - are they really so important anymore or did they become even more.?

    What is the saying "reach for the moon; even if you miss, you will land among the stars"


    have a great sunday

    Loulou (lisa)

  10. Those boots are awesome!

    Go for it. I think the pink soccer boots were a sign :)

  11. yes it will hurt...and you'll love it because you're alive! I'm getting an acl reconstruction after years of netball as a young girl. I want to have a more stable knee so I can play tennis again and mountain hike and ride horses, which is something I've always wanted to do - it's on my bucket list. Good on you A-M for keeping the dream alive and reminding us all that we can't rest behind the tag 'I'm a mother' and let everyone else have the fun...

  12. What an inspiration you are, and such a fine example to your boys! The pink boots made me laugh...I dreamed of taking up hockey a few years ago after spying the cutesy pink hockey stick while rugby shopping for my boys in the sports store! Beck xx

  13. Good on you A-M! Joining the women's team sounds like a wonderful idea - how great to be part of a group like that. The pink soccer boots sound fantastic!!

  14. Excellent A-M. I am all for boots especially fancy pants (FF10) ones like those. I am also all for sporting triumphs. Pink soccer boots sound amazing. I think it is good for our kids to see their parents having a go at something new and being part of a team. Hope you have a blast!

  15. Boots are the only way to go at soccer. Keep your feet so warm and dry too!

    I LOVE that you are gearing up for soccer. It makes so much sense as you have been in training for ages!! My last team sport was touch footy years ago with a work team and I miss it. Great fitness and social benefits and I love exercising when you don't realise you're doing it!

  16. LOVE those boots .. hopefully you never have to worry about water rising high enough to enter the holes! Never, ever again.

    I have friends who began playing soccer in their 60s ... yes. You are a baby chick.

    Have fun and be safe ...

  17. How wonderful A-M - good for you! Wishing you all the best for a successful season with your team. I'm looking forward to hearing all about your soccer boot shopping expedition and first game!
    There is always room for you on my Netball team if you really get into the team sport thing!
    Those gorgeous young men of yours will be beaming with pride!!

  18. Turning 40 is a wonderous thing. Women become "radical". We finally think, what about me? As women we sacrifice for family and friends and community, it is our nature and we love it. But, something happens at 40, we think about us. Playing soccer will be so exciting, A-M. Will it hurt, you bet, but you will feel fabulous with every ache. You will make a new group of friends and new topics of conversations. And wait till you see how it changes your outlook on things.
    I took jazz dance lessons at 40 and despite the aches from my Fibromyalgia it was one of the best things I have done. It was the beginning of a wonderful second life, spurring me onto stepping outside my comfort zone more and more.
    I love the pink soccer boots. After all we still need to be girls! Keep us up to date with how things go. I am so excited for you.

  19. Brava A-M! If not now, when?

    and the grommet boots are tres chic!

  20. He's a doll. Love the boots.

  21. A-M, you go girl...I spent my childhood & lots of my adult years playing hockey, soccer, indoor netball & its fabulous, especially the after match social life, lots of laughs to be had & life long friendships to be formed. Love your new boots!!

  22. Good on you for taking up soccer. I'm awfully impressed that you have the stamina to do it. I'm fairly certain I couldn't last a whole soccer game. The closer I get to fifty the longer my bucket list gets. Learning to play the piano is on the top of mine. Always wanted to learn as a child and never had the opportunity. Never too late, I say. Hope you have fun.

  23. Love those boots! Why do I not have those boots??? Love ya! xoxoxox

  24. yay for you! I love that you're going to be playing soccer!
    and LOVE the boots!


  25. Hi,

    I'm just reading some old posts and I love this!! I played when I was a kid but picked it up again when older. (Admittedly I was 21 but it's scary playing with boys who have played their whole lives). Soccer is the best sport and go for it! Keep us in the loop on how the games go!



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