Saturday, June 25, 2011

6 Months On

Yep, there's a lot of this going on in my suburb, following the floods, 6 months ago.

Remember chirpy, optimistic Karen?... 'Oh it only went 1 metre up the walls this time. In the '74 flood, it was right up to the picture rails Karen'? ... well the council finally gave her permission to raise her 100 year old (literally falling down) house higher. Her exterior walls had a very scary lean to them. I think she might be getting new walls! I ran past the other day. It's all happening. The garden has been cleared and the diggers are in! Yay.

Karen's porch 6 months ago...

... and her yard. 
See that green wall in the background? I had my eye on that during the river rising. There were time action photos of the water rising up it on flickr during the flood. I was extrapolating from the green wall to my ground floor apartment next door to the left as there was no footage of our place available. We were all guessing and calculating. Centimetres. Within centimetres.

Karen's place - now a lot higher than this picture!

Remember Sharon's shop? after the water receded?

Well she's back.

All good. 
But business is slow.There are less customers as the walk by ferry traffic does not exist anymore. 
Hurry up with the ferry terminal please, Brisbane City Council. 

Sharon has her flood photos up on the wall of the shop.
This year's flood....

... and 74's flood. See the Billy Tea sign? Just? To the left of the dinghy.

Sharon used to live here. Next to the shop. 
She lost absolutely every belonging she ever had. She's too traumatised to move back in... just in case. So she tells me she now lives "on a hill". 

More house raising.
There's one street near Sharon's shop that has a workman's ute out the front of every house.
You cannot think.... the construction noise is so loud. I run fast down that street, especially on Thursdays (bin day)... double whammy.... bins and noise!

There's lots of this too.

Haven't gotten around to putting those sandbags away yet....

....or the dinghy.

Oh and there is still a massive bun fight trying to extract funds out of the 'Premier's Flood Relief Appeal'. Millions of dollars (of your generous donations) are still tied up and thousands of flood victims are still waiting for funds from 'The Premier'. Ken included! 6 months on. Millions of dollars. 

Speaking of Ken, I am taking my boys down to see him next week, during the school holidays. Will show you his new kitchen and some of his new walls. It's all moving too slow for his liking but he is in better spirits. If it wasn't for YOU, and your generous donations, he wouldn't have a new kitchen or any walls..... as he hasn't received a cracker from the government yet. 6 months on!

James is good. See him most weeks. He's at the bus stop as there is still no ferry terminal/business. Some weeks he's not there as business is slow without the ferry passengers anymore.

Today, you'd never know there had been a flood from where I am sitting at the moment. The river banks are green as the grass has grown over the mud. 

It's a beautiful day. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Six months has FLOWN by! It's sad that there are still people hurting from it. It's good seeing people raising their houses though, they are so lucky they have the money to do so!

    Can't wait to see your update on Ken!!

  2. you are a generous spirit A-M, helping your fellow 'man'....after all, that's what we're here for isn't it? How could we leave God's earth without trying to make a positive impact before we go.
    Blessings to you and your boys.

  3. A-M, We are still yet to find someone to take the washing machine. The few flood people we have asked have all said they are OK with insurance or gifts.. so Ken really IS the most deserving (we all knew that tho!) Feel free to ask him when you are down there and if need be I will work on someone helping to get it there for him.

  4. Lanne darling, I will work on him. He gets all flustered with offers of goods as he wants to get walls in downstairs before he fills the place up with 'things'. I will survey the scene and get back to you. A-M xx

  5. Thank you HMB. I wish I could still do more. Let's see if Ken will take Lanne's washing machine! Tutu, I need to get a photo of Ken with your tupperware! A-M xx

  6. AM - how did you go with Paypal?

    You are wonderful.


  7. Paypal shut down my account with funds still in it... which I could not withdraw.... but I could refund. So I refunded the remaining donations back to the generous 'donators'... donations which Ken did not get in the end. Paypal still think I am a money launderer and I can not prove otherwise as the paperwork they want, I do not have. I am not a 'charity' and cannot prove so. I have spoken to everyone at PayPal. They couldn't give a $%&#.

    A-M xx

  8. I can't believe the money raised hasn't been given out to the people in need, that sucks !

  9. I'm so angry that we raised funds for and donated to the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal believing it to be the safest way to get assistance to those in need and yet, 6 months later...
    I have to admit that my one-time dream of living riverside has vanished. I am happy being on higher ground so I don't blame Sharon for not wanting to move back to her own place.

  10. It is frustrating how bureaucracy takes so long! While we are starting to see signs of builders in our area after the September earthquake claims they are telling us it could take 3-5 years to get our houses fixed....looks like none of us are going anywhere in a hurry!

  11. Thanks for the update A-M. Good old Brissie - my stomping Uni ground. So nice to see pics of the recovery. Best wishes to you. Deb

  12. What a star you are dear A-M - this piece should be on the front page of the Courier Mail. What is going on with the bureacratic b-s surrounding the Premier's Flood Appeal money?! Shame, shame, shame.
    Millie xx

  13. Wow. Six months already. I can hardly believe it. But yet I am amazed, humbled and touched by the hope and true spirit of the people you showed us A-M, moving forward, rebuilding and moving on. Thank you for giving us an update, I truly feel like you are all part of my extended family.

  14. I am so pleased that you posted this. I was wondering how Ken was doing. It makes me so angry that these people are still waiting on money from the relief fund. And that well meaning people, like you, who genuinely are trying to help are put under such scrutiny. So wrong.

  15. Any chance you could take over & get things rolling, cash & decorating wise, you'd be so ace!! Love Posie

  16. Great post, A-M!

    Regarding the "round 3" government payouts, it took us about a month to gather all the quotes, information and declarations together and get them signed by a JP. There is so much stuff you need to organise. However, once we lodged the application, the powers that be came through with the goods very quickly and the money was in our account within a week.

  17. A-M - I had listed the washing machine on a charity site and they found a charity yesterday - so it is off to a good home. Paypal is ridiculous! if you see anything you think Ken needs and would accept.. please let us know :)

  18. My heart goes out to them A.M. so glad sharon is back in her shop & Ken is getting his kitchen fitted.
    Can not believe PayPal to much bloody paperwork in this day an age :(

  19. Hi A-M,
    yes I know a few people who are suffering still from the floods aftermath.
    Double income with two kids under 5, lost every thing, insurance companies not paying a cent because it came up the road from the creek in Oxley and they just heard this week the are over the thresh-hold with income to get any of donated premiers package.
    Very sad for them. They have said this will put them back 8-0 years. Just got carpet for the bedrooms to the kids and but still living with concrete floors over winter in rest of house. Think the income thresh-hold for a family is abit low, allowed at $50,000.00 per income earner. With a morgage and two kids its still hard on $100 GRAND.
    Sorry comment so long.
    Keep up the great work,
    Daryl Wark


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