Tuesday, June 21, 2011

'The Block' Ponderings

Image Courtesy Channel Nine

Oh boy, am I going to learn heaps from this show, especially since I have been considering a reno rather than a build next time. I found myself asking 'WWID' (What Would I Do) questions all the way through the first elimination round.


1. If given only 24 hours in which to totally create a room (not that I could ever imagine only having 24 hours in which to do so) would I shop first or paint? Considering the shops close at night and one is on a deadline, could I cope with the stress of last minute shopping. OMG she was buying things in the last 30 minutes of the challenge. I would be beside myself with stress and probably lose consciousness.

2. Would I paint the skirting boards before nailing them on? Not the best technique... but I didn't see the judges on their hands and knees examining the paint job. I think I would have gotten away with painting first. That's difficult for me to admit... considering you all know how I feel about dodgy paint jobs. Lets not go there.

3. If my adversary lost his tape measure, would I share mine with him? .... considering that if I gave him help, he could win and I could lose the only chance I had to progress to the next round, i.e., like to actually get onto the actual show and get to renovate a house. The sharing of the tape measure was touching.

4. Considering the limited budget, would I purchase and then attempt to assemble flat pack furniture? This for me was the most distressing thing to watch...... oh the time required to put that stuff together. I could feel myself losing consciousness with anxiety just watching the whole thing.

5. What sales techniques would I use (from the many damn pharmaceutical rep 'role plays' that I had to suffer through all those years ago) to sweet talk the retailers into giving me discounts to keep within the budget? Correct me if I am wrong but the contestants weren't allowed any freebies.

6. Would I find the whole experience so stressful that I would leave the actual tin of paint I purchased in the shop and not realise it until I was back on set looking for the paint? Oh dear. I can't imagine.

Katrina, I can't wait for your elimination round on Thursday, you brave thing! Good luck! We might have to have a serious 'post elimination discussion' here on Friday morning.
PS My boys are joyous... they have TV viewing rights every night now. We all sat and giggled, covered our eyes (when the flat pack stuff didn't work out)  and yelled our opinions at the TV. This is going to be 'healing' for them. I am sure there is some psychological damage there from all the days I made them sit for hours in camp chairs in the garage of the house build (the only safe place on site) while Mummy had meetings with tradespeople. Good way to get back on the 'building horse'. Boys, how do you feel about doing a reno next time?!

CLICK HERE for link to 'The Block' website.

PPS Go Katrina!


  1. Renos are fun and a little bit addictive! Go for it. I've taped The Block, I'll watch it tonight. I don't know how they do it, very brave indeed! Rachaelxx

  2. I say go for the reno A-M, you will have so much fun!
    Loved the first episode, totally agree with evereything you had mentioned in your post about the show!

    Have a lovely day.

    Lotsa Love xox

  3. It was great wasn't it! Lesson one, never purchase flatpack if on a deadline - honestly it took Ben and I nearly a whole day to construct a wardrobe from Ikea. A lesson to be aware of when doing a reno on an old house is that nothing is square and window/door sizes are far from standard so most have to be custom made if replacing. Then you need to consider if you are dealing with lead based paint and asbestos! Other than that, the rewards are pretty special. So which room on the block was your preference??? I have to admit that although retro/vintage is very big at present, I still preferred the bold and more classy style of the black bedroom. Can't wait to see what Katrina and Aimie do. ;-)

  4. Hi A-M my daughter and I were glued to the telly last night. Loved it! It was very tense, I was exhausted at the end. The perils of flatpack furniture became very evident. Mind you, I loved the white bed, it was delicious. Can't wait to see what is dished up for tonight and definitely can't wait for Katrina and Aimie.

  5. So agree my heart is beating ten to the dozen again reading your post oh I love it!! do the reno I'm going to do that next it was so stress full my last house build trying to sort out the site managers mess all the time I want to be in control loking forward to seeing Katrina's. :)

  6. Ahhh I cannot wait until you see my challenge on Thursday night! There are a couple of stuff-ups haha! I guess I know the answers to your questions (or ponderings) A-M but that would spoil the fun of you wondering why certain things happen! Anyway, I blogged about the start of my journey and I have lots more to share! xo

  7. It was such a great first episode! Like you, I also found myself asking 'what would I do' throughout the show. I wasn't entirely convinced that the winner team put together the best room....the black & white bedroom looked amazing (even without a wardrobe &/or chest of drawers) Can't wait for tonight's ep!

  8. I can't believe that I missed last night- I've been waiting for weeks for this to start and then I miss it! like you, I think I'll find the whole thing stressful but addictive to watch!! will set phone to remind myself when it's 7pm tonight! and no, I wouldn't buy flatpack if my husband and I were on a tight timeframe..

  9. Ahh love your comments and completely agree! Can't wait to see Katrina, so exciting for her and such a great show xx

  10. My friends call me the
    "Flat Pack Queen"...
    But even I wouldn't consider trying to do it on a limited time frame...
    I loved the idea of finding vintage bargains and sourcing online...
    I think the winners were great...I will be watching next week...

  11. OH for me, it's like watching The Amazing Race, i decide which challenges i would do, how i would fare in each country, knowing full well if anyone in our family got the opportunity to to The Amazing Race it would be my husband & he'd take his best mate!!
    For something like this, i would gladly be the 'first mate' & happily be bossed around with the technical stuff like how to paint, hammer & hang stuff, saving all my power for the choice of colours, style & design. I run the house & am kind of sick of all the responsibility so in a situation like this, just point me in the direction & don't let me think too much. This will be so much fun, love Posie

  12. here's my thoughts to your questions:
    - paint first - def!
    - reno'ing, def paint before put down skirting (undercoat & top coat) but once they are nail gunned down you gotta go round and cover every bloomin nail hole over and touch up - arragghgh!!
    - share tape, why not!
    - Yes flat pack, usually very easy, occasionally baffles the best, but hey, still the cheapest option by far! (see my kitchen in www.mytowncottage.blogspot.com) I just did, that's IKEA, i put that together in a day.
    - haggling you mean? you can only ask!
    - forget the paint, when you've reno'd a few weeks, you'll find you focus so much on the reno that you can't think of anything else effectively, and even then you'll forget the paint! def.

    Now go and get your hands dirty woman!!!


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