Friday, June 17, 2011

Boys Rooms

One of my readers, Lisa, is looking for inspiration for decorating her son's room. She loves industrial accents.

Here are a few rooms that I love, that I have in my files. 

Have you any other links that you have found in your travels that you can share with Lisa? 

Lisa, you are going to have to work out how to comment on blogs now!

Via Restoration Hardware

Via Houzz

Blue Industrial Chair
Available at Cape Cod Designs

Back home today. Just about to board my plane....then off to the coast to play at a wedding this weekend. Going to dust the cobwebs off my violin.



  1. Oh be still my heart! I need those chairs A-M!

  2. Im more a french provincial gal for the rest of the house, but in the boys rooms, the industrial look gives it something a bit more masculine but still ties in with overall style - might just use this myself! Love the rope suspended bunks!

  3. how fabulous! i LOVE those suspended wooden crate bunks. Hmmm, that one is going straight into my ideas folder - thanks AM. This little Queenslander of ours is short on floor space, but plentiful in height - what a great way to put it to use. Jenxx

  4. I just love the idea of a 'dorm room' for kids - I suppose it means the room has to be fairly big, but a row of neat beds - wonderful!

    You play violin A-M? My daughter has just bought a viola after violin and guitar, she says practice is the only sane thing in her day!

  5. To Lisa,
    I used to own Little People's Linen in Brisbane so I've done my fair share of researching kids rooms - try these for starters

    Good luck. When they're little you can do what you like with their room but as they get older they want more input.


  6. I love the industrial themed rooms at restoration hardware :

    also I have a few industrial themed inspiration boards for kids bedrooms (and other postings relating to that theme, which I love) on my blog if you want to take a look there I hope it may help you...

    hope this helps you...happy to help with any questions, Jo

  7. What a great selection!

    If you want more inspiration, I have a blog dedicated the child with lots og lots of inspiration:|en&tbb=1&ie=utf-8

    Carina ;-)

  8. Looks awesome - I love kids rooms but it´s not that easy to get it totally right. Inspiration is always handy! :-)

  9. Beautiful ispirations!!!I'm in love with the first one and the Third :-)
    have a lovely week end darling!

  10. A-M - love these. Now that I have 3 boys I need some stylish inspiration. Loe that chair too! Your blog is looking so pretty, by the way!
    Have fun at the wedding!
    xo Trina

  11. Another great blog for all things kid/boy related is 'the boo and the boy' Great kids room inspiration from Julia the sister of the fab kim from desiretoinspire, cheers Katherine

  12. How multi-talented are you? Fiddling at a wedding on top of it all. I'm impressed. I love that blue chair too. Have fun. x

  13. Love that chair!

    Hope you are having a fabulous weekend :)


  14. It seems so much easier to get great images of girls rooms, as people seem to focus more on decorating the girls rooms. But, I am seeing more and more great boys rooms - I have one on my blog today that is quite simple, but very good looking.

  15. Loved the blue and green bedroom!

  16. Gorgeous pics! I am in love with that blue industrial chair!


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